Working with Communities Essay

Community: A common bond by which people choose to tie in around. It is a really slippy thought. Sociologically it is about nonmeaningful. It can be based. for illustration. on: topographic point. ethnicity. spiritual association. leisure involvements. work. traditions. political relations. category. age. The list is about eternal. Vicinity: A residential country where those who live at that place see it to be their vicinity. ( Hawtin et al. 1994 )

The more complex reply is that it depends on the community and the issues involved. In general. a sustainable community is a geographic country and includes everything in that area–human and nonhuman. animate being. vegetable. and mineral. In some instances. political boundaries such as town. metropolis or county bounds might be most utile in defining a community. In other instances. water partings or other natural boundaries might be most utile. What is of import is that the members of the community be involved in make up one’s minding the boundaries of their community and how to do that community a sustainable community. ( Hart. 1998 )

Within any country. the ‘community’ is likely to be made up of many different involvement groups. which will come together for a whole assortment of grounds. Community groups may concentrate on ‘place’ – the country where they live and work ; or may concentrate on involvements. rules. issues. values or faith. Both types of group may hold an involvement in be aftering issues. Some of these groups will be good established and represented. In other instances. nevertheless. involvements may non be homogenous. for illustration big and little concerns. Effective engagement can non go on without a good apprehension of the brand up. demands and involvements of Al those different groups and their capacity to prosecute. An inclusive attack is needed to guarantee that different groups have the chance to take part and are non disadvantaged in the procedure. Identifying and understanding the demands of groups who find it hard to prosecute with the planning system is indispensable. ( Communities and Local Government. 2004 )

The Welsh Assembly Government proposed that each local authorization in Wales works collaboratively with the matching local wellness board to fix a Health. Social Care and Well Being Strategy. the local public wellness manager in Swansea undertook an appraisal of the wellness and societal attention demands of the population life in the City and County of Swansea. Needs appraisal is a method of placing unmet wellness. wellbeing and societal attention demands of a population in a systematic manner. It provides the information upon which determinations about undertaking those unmet demands can be made. Demand is an uttered demand.

Separating a privation from a demand is non a simple undertaking since many people may desire things they do non necessitate. ( National Health Service. 2003 ) Needs assessment involves epidemiological. comparative and corporate methods to depict the jobs and issues confronting a population. Besides turn toing the proviso of and entree to services. activities. installations and comfortss. which are needed to react to these inequalities. The needs appraisal will pull on both quantitative and qualitative beginnings. It should inform Strategy precedence scene and determination devising which will necessitate to take history of the most effectual usage of resources. clinical and cost effectivity and the positions of patients. service users and carers. ( NHS. 2003 )

Each needs appraisal should turn to wider demands in add-on to wellness. societal attention and well-being demands. A good demands appraisal should show information on: • Mortality. disablement and health-related quality of life ;

• Education. accomplishments and preparation ;
• Income ;
• Employment and the economic system ;
• Housing ;
• Physical environment ;
• Community safety and offense ;
• Social capital/ civic battle ;
• Geographical entree. ( Welsh Assembly Government. 2003 )

Factors impacting the wellness and wellbeing of communities are ; societal. economic and environmental factors. wellness publicity and instruction. wellness protection and nutrition. the safety of nutrient. community development and regeneration and sustainable development. inequalities in wellness and wellbeing. entree to wellness and wellbeing services and inequalities in entree to such services. the handiness of and entree to public and community conveyance. the handiness of and entree to instruction. preparation and employment. the criterion and status of lodging. ( NHS. 2003 )

The local authorization and local wellness board must guarantee that needs assessment screens:
• Children and immature people. including immature carers ;
• Disabled people ;
• Carers ;
• The demands of nucleus groups identified in statute law. in peculiar subdivision 17 of the 1989 Children Act ;
• Vulnerable Adults ;
• Older people ;
• Adults with mental wellness demands ; and
• Children and immature people with mental wellness demands.

This list is non comprehensive but identifies cardinal client groups whose demands should be included in the appraisal. ( Welsh Assembly Government. 2003 )

The Health. Social Care & A ; Well Being Strategies ( Wales ) Regulations 2003 besides province that Local Authorities ( LA’s ) and Local Health Boards ( LHB ) have a responsibility to co-operate with a broad scope of spouses during the readying of the scheme. including:

• NHS Trusts
• Community Health Councils
• County Voluntary Councils
• Health Commission Wales
• Any private. concern. voluntary or other administrations with an involvement in the proviso of wellness and good being services.

In co-operating with voluntary and other administrations with an involvement in the proviso of wellness and good being services. the Local Authority and LHB must include groups and/or administrations stand foring the involvements of patients. service users and carers. The local wellness board. local authorization and the local NHS trust. together with the community wellness council and the Council for Voluntary Services in Swansea are members of a Strategy Board. created to supervise the production of the Swansea Health. Social Care and Well Being Strategy. ( NHS. 2003 )

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To accomplish this end both spouses had to set about a system known as “Community Profiling” . Community profiling is recognised as a critical phase in be aftering a service that will run into the demands of a community it serves. Community profiling is a systematic procedure of roll uping. organizing and analyzing informations about a given community and its environment. The analysis of the information collected will let services to do illations refering a peculiar community’s demands and involvements. merely so can custom-make services be designed by choosing the appropriate stuffs targeted to those inferred involvements and demands ( Hawtin et al. 1994 )

Community profiling involves constructing up a image of the nature. demands and resources of a community with the active engagement of that community. Greer and Hale ( 2002 ) suggest that it is a utile first phase in any community planning procedure. to set up context which is widely agreed. A scope of methods are used to enable the community to develop and apprehension of itself. these methods combine group working and group interaction techniques with informations aggregation and presentation techniques ( Greer and Hale. 2002 )

The City and County of Swansea has many contrasts. It has big rural countries. a important urban Centre. and countries of wealth and of want. Most of the population is concentrated in the urban countries which are chiefly focused on Swansea. The latest estimation of the population of the City and County of Swansea stands at 231. 300 ( Mid Year Estimate. 2009 ) . Swansea has the 3rd highest population of the 22 Welsh Unitary Authorities. stand foring about 8 % of the entire population of Wales ( 2. 999. 300 ) . The 2009 Mid Year Estimates were released by the Office for National Statistics ( ONS ) on 24 June 2010. The migratory flow is comparatively stable. The figure of unrecorded births for the county has besides remained comparatively changeless at 54. 6 per 1. 000 females and has by and large mirrored the Welsh norm at 56. 7 per cent. ( Office of National Statistics. 2010 )

Projections for Wales point to a 2 per cent autumn in the under-16 age group portion of the population and a 2. 5 per cent addition in the portion of the population of retirement age by 2011. It is likely that this form of age will be reflected in the county. an country that already has a lower proportion aged under-16 and higher proportion of people of retirement age than in the UK as a whole. 14. 3 per cent of Swansea’s occupants can talk Welsh which is lower than the all Wales figure of 26. 7 per cent. ( Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales. 2009 )

The huge bulk of the population of Swansea ( 97. 8 per cent ) is white. The local black and cultural minority communities comprise of 2. 2 per cent of the population. The largest minority cultural groups are Bangladeshi. Pakistani. Indian. Chinese and Arabic communities. The figure of refuge searchers accommodated by private suppliers in Swansea in December 2002 was 384. drawn from 40 nationalities with about 31 per cent aged between 0-16. Swansea experiences comparatively high degrees of homelessness. In 1997. 3. 2 people per 1. 000 population were reported accidentally stateless and in precedence demand. compared with a Welsh norm of 1. 5. ( Office National Statistics. 2010 )

Using the wellness position rankings from 2005/2007. the rate of restricting long-run unwellness in Swansea was reported as 24. 7 per cent. This compares with a Welsh figure of 23. 3 per cent. The entire unemployment rate for Swansea at October 2002 stood at 3. 8 per cent compared with the national rate for Wales of 3. 6 per cent. The work force of Swansea is chiefly concentrated within the service sector. which accounts for about 85 per cent of all employees. The metropolis and council of Swansea is the individual largest employer in the country with more than 11. 500 employees. The lower Swansea Valley was the location of the first Enterprise Zone in the UK and as a consequence it is estimated that over 8. 000 occupations have been created in more than 400 houses. The European Union has now granted Objective 1 position to West Wales and the Valleys. It is anticipated that in surplus of £1. 2 billion in grant assistance will be attracted to the country over the net five old ages. ( CSSIW. 2009 )

The Better Swansea Partnership includes Swansea’s chief public service suppliers every bit good as representatives of the voluntary and concern sectors. Its intent is to guarantee that determination shapers work together to undertake the issues that affair for Swansea. The Better Swansea Partnership has two chief functions ; As Swansea’s Community Strategic Partnership it aims to do Swansea a better topographic point by taking the development and bringing of ‘Shared Ambition is Critical – Swansea’s Community Strategy’ . This is a strategic function which means guaranting that cardinal programs are delivered and that cardinal partnerships work every bit efficaciously as possible ; As Swansea’s Local Service Board it acts as a job convergent thinker and aims to undertake a little figure of service bringing issues. These are typically issues where there is a high figure of suppliers and where citizens may happen services confounding and hard to entree. These are besides issues which are of import to the community but which have proved hard to decide. ( City & A ; County of Swansea. 2010 )

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The Youth Offending Team is strategically managed through the authority’s Chief Executive who chairs a multi-agency maneuvering group including Police. Probation and wellness spouses. Oversight of the Supporting People Programme has been undertaken by a cardinal Supporting Peoples Planning squad with representatives from local lodging associations. big service suppliers. the Probation services and the Local Health Group. The Social Services Department is host to The All Wales Support Unit and has contributed significantly to a figure of policy and service enterprises at national and regional degrees. The Voluntary sector in Swansea scopes from really little administrations. self-help groups and associations run entirely by voluntaries to big bureaus that employ over 80 members of staff.

The Swansea wellness. societal attention and well-being scheme group claim there are over 800 voluntary administrations that work within Swansea take a firm standing that they make a critical part to the wellness and wellbeing of the population every bit good as the economic system of the metropolis. They argue that voluntary sector administrations can undertake demands which may be beyond the capablenesss and resources of public sector administrations. Both the Local Authority and the Local Health Board committee a scope of services from the voluntary sector to congratulate bing statutory services. Family carers besides make a considerable part to wellness and wellbeing by supplying an estimated 800. 000 hours of attention a hebdomad in Swansea which has been given an estimated value of 187 million a twelvemonth. ( City & A ; County of Swansea. 2010 )

In relation to this. meeting service user’s demands and turn toing their concerns can be implemented by professionals through the usage of authorising the service user. Malin ( 1999 ) states that authorization is by and large known to represent a alteration or addition in power by the service user. Authorization can be seen as a procedure of engagement. democracy. audience. pick and independency for the user. Malin explored the forces that community services could implement to advance authorization. They argue that user/self protagonism authorizations professional/practitioner persuasion. legal and policy jussive moods are required. ( Malin. 1999 )

The reappraisal found that some people in the City and County of Swansea are served good by Social Services and the chances of services bettering in the hereafter are judged to be assuring. The authorization has made good advancement in children’s services. where there have been betterments in societal work pattern and in the overall quality of services provided. Child protection services are diligently delivered and there is a broad scope of antiphonal and inventive household support services. Looked-after kids are having better services although betterments are needed in their educational attainment.

The authorization needs to rush up the clip taken to complete appraisals on kids and turn to the figure of kids without an allocated societal worker. ( CSSIW. 2009 ) Social services for kids are led by the Head of Service ( kid and household ) who reports to the corporate manager of societal services within a distinct societal services board of directors. The kid and household senior direction squad comprises four principal officers. the safe-guarding children’s coordinator and the concern director. The director of the multi-agency young person piquing services besides reports to the caput of service. Child and household services portion. with grownup services chief officers for staff preparation. forces and communicating and strategic direction. Teams for appraisal. attention direction and service proviso are located over 10 sites within the metropolis of Swansea. There are 378 employees within the children’s division. ( CSSIW. 2009 )

The authorization continues to supply straight an extended scope of well-regarded household support services. All referrals for the authority’s household support services go to one beginning. so that support may outdo be targeted to the identified demand and to avoid duplicate. The increasing demand for support services means that it is non ever possible to offer the sum of support a household might genuinely necessitate. There is a go oning tenseness in household support between early intervention/ bar and kid protection and services have to be offered to households in greatest demand. Core services have to be targeted to kids on the kid protection registry or who have late been de-registered and are sometimes needed 2 or 3 times per hebdomad. There were concerns at the clip of the last reappraisal that some households were losing out on services because they did non hold an allocated societal worker.

This has changed slightly because of the decrease in the sum of unallocated work and because of an moderation of demands for some services – services from the Child and Adolescent Support Team ( CAST ) . community twenty-four hours attention and flexi attention place support can all now be offered in the absence of go oning instance direction. CAST provides a scope of groups for immature people and a considerable sum of their work is with schools ; the squad can work with the whole household and do links to the children’s instruction.

CAST workers can negociate with schools to set a bundle together to maintain a kid at school or return a kid to school. There has been an addition in referrals and PARIS ICT system has assisted in this. CAST squad can see the initial appraisals on the system and the referral signifier to the squad is self-populating. Social workers and service-users praised the flexi homecare service. in peculiar. for its velocity of response to a petition for service. Services’ staff records their engagement with households and the coming of the electronic recording system has meant that societal workers can hold rapid entree to these records. ( CSSIW. 2009 )

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Good quality services for kids and households are provided by spouse bureaus and the followers are some illustrations. Barnardo’s runs a Children Matter service in Penlan. This is a tier 2 service. based around rearing and emotional literacy. Swansea Young Families is a occupancy support undertaking. set up by funding from Cymorth and Supporting Peoples Revenue Grant. Three new Flying Start strategies are up and running. This is a combined service with wellness visitants and includes accomplishments and linguistic communication development.

The authorization has 161 approved Foster carers supplying 305 arrangements. including short interruptions. The One-to-one specializer furthering service has non been every bit successful as had been hoped and this is being reviewed. alongside all household support and residential services. as portion of a new bar and arrangement scheme. The authorization is still doing extended usage of independent fosterage and residential arrangements although it has non formalised any agreements for preferable buying or block catching. Because of the high demand for surrogate arrangements for looked-after kids. it is hard to supply a service for reprieve attention for kids in demand. where shared attention with parents may be an alternate to the kids going looked-after by the authorization full-time.

The authorization owns and manages three little community places on sites at Cockett and Blaenymaes. the latter holding opened since the last reappraisal. Both CSSIW and the authorization have had concerns about these constitutions. peculiarly associating to behaviour by immature occupants. the inappropriate mix of occupants. breaches of the statements of intent and incidents of self-harm by immature occupants. ( Welsh Assembly Government. 2003 )

The authorization does non lose many carers to private bureaus ; and attacks are made by carers from outside Swansea to fall in the service because of its repute for support. There has besides been a high profile enlisting run which has had some success in enrolling adequate new carers to maintain overall Numberss stable. This needs to be sustained and recruitment farther developed to accomplish a net addition in both the Numberss of carers and the pick and accomplishments they provide. Although the overall per centum of looked-after kids in household arrangements is equal to the Wales average excessively many kids are waiting for reprieve attention or being placed out of the county through deficiency of local specializer and pick.

A reappraisal of Children’s Social Services in March/April 2007 concluded that ; “Swansea is a big metropolis. with the diverse scope of challenges normally present in such communities. Social services have enjoyed the support of council members including fiscal support. The authority’s societal services
hold traditionally relied on a staff civilization of good professional pattern. Like all local governments it has experienced the turning demands of outlooks of vulnerable people in a complex modern society. Like others it has besides seen the leach of skilled and experient staff to the turning service sector and the breakability of the newer inexperienced childcare work force.

The authorization has possibly been slower than some in recognizing the impact of these alterations. It can no longer rely on civilization but must set up robust systems to guarantee sound pattern and procedures. Wherever households live within the metropolis boundary they are entitled to a similar and satisfactory criterion of service from the local authorization. There is still a nucleus of good staff employed by the authorization and they are the cardinal resource for alteration. They need to e engaged in a procedure of re-establishing safe and sound child care services and the old “sparkle” which one staff member said had been lost. ” ( CSSIW. 2009 )

Social services have benefited from competent direction and stronger corporate leading is now emerging across the council. There are some first-class partnerships. a healthy degree of be aftering capacity and an constituted concern planning civilization. Swansea has a major plus in the quality and committedness of its work force. The authorization is beef uping its audience with service users and has positive programs to modernize its information engineering systems. Swansea’s overall strengths. nevertheless suggest that a faster gait of alteration could be achieved in some cardinal countries to guarantee that aspirations are more rapidly turned into consequences.


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