Why The Spanish Came To The New World Essay Sample

The background of the Spanishs journey to the new universe is one of personal addition. geographic expedition. and spiritual transition of the indigens. In the 1500s the first Spanish colonists set canvas for the New World in hunt of the chance to get down a new life. What they encountered was a friendly welcoming from the indigens. Amongst the grounds Spanish colonists left their ain state to travel to a foreign land was in hunt of hoarded wealth. enlargement of their imperium and transition of the indigens to the Spanish version of Roman Catholicism.

The Spanish were in a race with the English. Gallic and Dutch to claim the New World and extend their imperium. As it is. the Spanish landed foremost because Christopher Columbus discovered the New World whilst seeking for a westbound transition to India on behalf of the Spanish Crown. The first lasting colony in the present twenty-four hours United States was St Augustine. Florida. founded by the Spanish in 1565. It is the oldest metropolis in the United States of America.

The Spanish sent anyone who wanted to travel to the New World. but mainly soldiers of luck looking for gold or any money devising activity and missionaries ab initio went. The Spanish were besides accompanied by many members of the clergy purpose on change overing the indigens to Spanish Catholicism.

A centaury after Columbuss set downing some 200. 000 Europeans. chiefly Spaniards had settled in the New World. and another 125. 000 Africans had been forced to go from their fatherland to work on Spanish plantations. This awful act of discourtesy for human life and freedom was the slave trade. This non-selective procedure which the Spanish used was likely to their advantage. but besides came with disadvantages. The chief one being with all the soldiers of luck and clergy nowadays. there was really limited cognition in the community. and one time they discovered that non much was being found. they didnt have a backup program. Many Spaniards took up farming from abrasion ; this did non turn out to be the best manner of making it. but they survived.

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The impact that the Spanish had on the indigens was immense and underestimated at the clip. The Spanish brought many diseases from Europe. every bit good as many of the common viruses. e. g. . colds and grippe. Many of the diseases brought by the Spanish would turn out to be lifelessly to the indigens because they ne’er encountered such diseases. and their immune system could non protect them against the new diseases. The diseases the Spanish brought to the New World finally killed off half the native population in 125 old ages. However. the Spanish brought more than merely diseases: they brought the establishment of bondage. which would take to ill will.

Not all the Spanish induced impacts were bad. The Spaniards brought new nutrients. grains. farm animal. pieces. and a host of other things. All these points could be used to merchandise with the indigens. and proved to be a good manner of obtaining what they needed. Besides. with the debut of pieces to the indigens. nutrient from the hunting of animate beings became more plentiful and easier than with bow and pointer and caparison.

The Spanish did non set out with the right purposes. but they were successful even though many of them had to fall back to doing a life making things they had ne’er done earlier. The Spanish should hold sent more people of different abilities and accomplishments with the adventurers. soldiers of luck and clergy. In so making. they would hold had an alternate settlement/survival program to fall back on if the original one did non turn out feasible. As history shows. they managed. but it is besides obvious the Spanish were non prepared for the undertakings of endurance and colonization that lay in front.

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The indigens. although badly disadvantaged by conquering and many deceases due to diseases brought by the Spanish. were finally able to derive some advantage when they could merchandise whatever was needed by the Spanish for arms which they could utilize against other. tribal enemies.