Why Pro Athletes Get Paid Too Much Essay Sample

“Baseball is the belly of society. Straighten out baseball and you’ll straighten out the remainder of the universe. ” Bill Lee People have a inclination to pay for things they love to see. but has it gone excessively far? Bill Lee thinks it has and so make many other baseball fans. There was one time a clip where a male parent could travel to the ballpark with his household for $ 10 and see their favourite Yankee drama. but now things have changed. For a household of four to travel see a Major League Baseball game it will be them anyplace from $ 200 to $ 250 to sit in tight. compact seats. while seeking to watch the same adult male as everyone else is. Peoples ask why professional jocks get paid excessively much ; it’s because we allow it. What we pay for. why we pay. and where our money goes are merely a few of the ways we know that professional jocks are paid excessively much.

Large names in the athletics concern get paid a batch of money to play about and entertain the crowds. Meanwhile. the crowd pays a batch of money be entertained. The crowd is full of physicians. attorneies. instructors. and mechanics that have paid 1000s of dollars to gain the money to acquire to the game in the first topographic point. The participants that are being watched usually haven’t worked difficult towards a good instruction. Some have been recruited right out of high school. while most got immense scholarships to play athleticss at esteemed schools. These schools will make about anything to maintain their best participants in school. So they jocks can finally do it to the professional degree. with or without a grade. One might reason that some people get money for being good with their encephalons. why shouldn’t people get money for being good with their organic structures ; on the other manus. since when have we paid person $ 12 million to believe and hold fun? It’s non all the athletes’ mistake though. Once the participant becomes good. many different squads will seek him or her after. Soon after. the highest bidder will acquire he or she on his squad. What is the difference between $ 80 million and $ 90 million? Players will even halt playing wholly if they think that they aren’t doing adequate money. So much for the thought of playing for merriment. The universe of athleticss has become another concern universe. which is the ground why jocks get paid so much.

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Alex Rodriguez. Michael Jordan. and Roger Clemens will do a combined $ 12. 500 an hr over the class of the following 5 old ages. That’s $ 547. 500. 000. adequate to back up 100 households for at least 50 old ages. ( Peden. 2000. Sept. 29 ) Yes. I know that they are good at what they do. but so are the trash work forces that semen and make our dirty work. These people all had to work hard for many old ages to acquire the occupations they have. and even if they could make the highest degree of wage for their occupation. they would still merely do a little fraction of what athletes do. Be it just to state that acquiring a good instruction and acquisition are worth less than being able to hit and throw a baseball?

A individual that spends 1000s of dollars towards an instruction so that they can go a chemist and finally happen a remedy from some awful disease. should be paid much more than a individual who is able to hit 2 place tallies in one game. It is the witnesss who are willing to pay the money to see Alex Rodriguez. Michael Jordan. and Roger Clemens drama. If the people wouldn’t wage. so the jocks wouldn’t get paid. I think the participants demanded more money. and the witnesss agreed because they didn’t want to lose a minute of the action.

In the 1920s a newsman told Babe Ruth that he was gaining $ 5. 000 more than President Herbert Hoover. Ruth’s response to this was. “So what? I had a better twelvemonth than he did. ” ( Burrow. Dec. 12 ) Babe Ruth ran baseball. Hoover ran the United States. I’m pretty sure there is a difference at that place. Teams complain about the jocks doing excessively much money. yet continuously maintain passing out these wages like vouchers. The larger market squads such as the Northerners do non care about the smaller market squads and they should. because it is impacting the full athletics by holding all of the “All Stars” on one squad. Therefore giving them an unjust advantage. In 1994. pro baseball dug its ain grave with a drawn-out player’s work stoppage. which forced the cancellation of its World Series for the first clip since 1904. ( Peden. 2000 ) All of this because the participants thought they weren’t acquiring paid plenty.

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Come on. what will 2 million dollars do when they earn 10 million dollars every twelvemonth? Before the first decennary of the twenty-first century is over. we can expect the sign language of the first one billion-dollar athletic contract. Don’t believe me? Just delay and see what Alex Rodriguez re-signs for. The lone inquiry is. will at that place be adequate money to travel around? “At some point. fans will hold to purchase Pay Per View in order to watch the games. The fans are already being priced out of watching a game in individual. ” James Jurik. Now. participants seldom stay really long after the games. and if they do. they charge $ 10 for an autograph. which the fan buys out of the keepsake store. No longer are athleticss played for the merriment of it. My how the game has changed.