Why People Study History Essay Sample

History. a set of record that interprets past events in the development of human existences. Each war. revolution. reformation. invention. and motion has altered history and lay the foundation for the present and the hereafter. We are what we are. and where we are. because of our ascendants. For illustration. during 500 B. C. to 1400 A. D. . the Renaissance contributed to an rational motion. and from 1400-1900. the industrial revolution spurred a production and engineering revolution. Each of these alterations advanced the manner world lives. and think. Like Neil Armstrong said. “That’s one little measure for adult male. one giant spring for world. “

Some people said history is like a mirror. it helps people understand human behaviours. By looking at the mirror. we can better and larn ourselves through the past events. At the clip of convulsion. pestilence. and abhorrent sanitation. a gradual alteration took topographic point from the medieval times to a period of resurgence and a transition to modern times begun. This passage bit by bit started from 1350-1600 and is known as the Renaissance. Contrasting with the yesteryear. long traditions are being questioned and instruction became indispensable to human betterment. Art. literature. and architecture all took new signifiers during the resurgence. Art started to show emotion and personality in contrast to spiritual affairs. The new attitudes about instruction and individuality developed in the civilization transmutation have lasted and is the belief we lived by today. From the Renaissance. history Teachs us how be more tolerate of other civilizations and inventions. Besides it helps people recognized the importance of instruction.

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By analyzing history you can analyze anything for the simple ground that everything has a history. Even history itself has a history. It is besides a manner we can cognize ourselves. the true ego. To cognize yourself means to be cognizant of what it is that makes you who you are. By cognizing yourself. you can better yourself. And by bettering yourself. you can better others. Human lives in a society. which is built up by single semen in contacts with other single. History teaches how people would consequence on others. Each person would act upon and interact with others human being in some ways. For illustration. Hitler used his address and authorization to act upon all the German and even the control the whole Europe. By analyzing this. we could understand the power of address. and the cognizant the influence of others.

We can ne’er foretell when or what is traveling to go on. The alteration throughout history happens like a immense temblor. It comes so unexpected and speedy. yet the impact it has can change everything to the hereafter. From history the grounds of political. societal. economic and cultural alterations are clearly seeable ; nevertheless we can merely read and larn about. Whether the alteration was good or bad. history will be an waking up for us. The present and the hereafter all depend on the determination we make in the yesteryear. Hopefully from the universe events. we can recognize our errors and maintain history from reiterating itself.