Why I want to become a Social Worker Essay

Ever since I was a immature male child I have been interested in assisting people who have been less fortunate in life.

Populating in a country which is effected by poorness. drugs. high offense rates and bad instruction has motivated me to go a societal worker so that I may assist the community in bettering on the issues I have mentioned and assist people unrecorded life the best manner possible and better the society and environment they live in.

My chosen calling which is to go a societal work requires a good established background. non merely in academic accomplishments but besides in relevant work or voluntary experiences which I possess.

I have worked in assorted topographic points from which 1 was a young person piquing administration which works closely with societal workers to forestall immature wrongdoers from re-offending and I am presently working as a attention support worker who besides works with a societal worker to supply support for people who are mentally or physically disable.

Working as a attention support worker and young person worker has given me a good apprehension of a societal workers function in society which makes me more eager in prosecuting my calling as a societal worker.

In my old topographic point of survey the university of Central Lancashire where I was analyzing societal policy. British public assistance and assorted other topics. I realised that I have strong sentiments on certain issues and the desire to larn more about these topics which will be covered in the societal work grade.

I feel that by going a societal worker it will convey many wagess because I feel great satisfaction in assisting people through at that place difficult times. and I would wish to them making good one time they have overcome there jobs.

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