What makes a good leader? Essay Sample

There are a myriad of qualities that form effectual leading. It may ne’er be agreed upon whether leading arises from a set of unconditioned features ( “leaders are born” ) or. instead. from discernible actions ( “leaders are made” ) . Some basic leading qualities. nevertheless. seem about cosmopolitan. no affair the leader or type of group they head: Good communicating accomplishments. the ability to constructively cover with a assortment of personalities. and the mental stamina to shoulder duty and conditions unfavorable judgment. Certain personality traits are besides required. such as. holding a sense of wit. trustiness and general good people accomplishments. The traits of a good leader. and the common yarn in any leading theoretical account. is that the traits of a leader are the merchandise of one of three wide bases of cognition: First. cognition of the group ; following. cognition of the ends of the group ; and eventually. and possibly the most of import. the leader’s cognition of his or her ego.

“Leaders must hold cognition of the group’s members ( Happy Atom. 2003 ) . There’s no manner a leader can acquire a squad to work together without first larning how to work with each individual as an person. Leadership is a one-on-one sport” . In any group. all of the members have different personality traits. occupation accomplishments. and sentiments that they bring to the tabular array. While it is the duty of each squad member to lend to the common ends of the squad. it is the leader’s undertaking to measure the strengths. and failings of each member to see how they would outdo contribute to the ends at manus. An effectual group leader will take clip to larn about each person. in an attempt to maximise each member’s part to the group. Bing an active subscriber to the group’s ends allows each member to see a echt sense of achievement when they are able to utilize their endowments. every bit good as regard toward their leader for esteeming them and acknowledging their abilities. This component of regard is of import. even more so than group members wishing their leader: It isn’t of import that people like you. It’s of import that they respect you. They may wish you but non follow you. If they respect you. they’ll follow you. even if possibly they don’t like you. ” ( Smith 1996 )

Closely related to the thought of cognizing one’s squad good. is to cognize the ends of the squad. All groups have common ends they set out to accomplish ; this is the intent of a corporate attempt instead than a lone 1. The effectual leader must hold a clear sense of these ends and what is expected of the squad. If the ends are non clear. the squad leader is responsible for clear uping the ends in order to give the remainder of the squad way. Once the ends are clear or agreed upon. the group can so concentrate on explicating a program of action to achieve these ends. Leaderships frequently utilize methodological analysiss such as brainstorming to assist a group gather thoughts.

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Leaderships have the duty of being able to prioritise group ends and form methods to achieve them one time a group procedure. such as brainstorming. has occurred. With so many possible thoughts. suggestions. and solutions being offered up by the group. the leader must keep focal point in order to prioritise what needs the most immediate attending ( Aldrich 2003 ) . Leaderships invariably feel the bang of the challenge to accomplish ends. They must run with a “constructive spirit of discontent” to invariably arouse new thoughts and fresh positions from the remainder of the group. ( Smith. 1996 )

Finally. and the key to the success of any single. leader or otherwise. is a strong apprehension of who he or she is. Self-knowledge. particularly in footings of personality strengths and failings is indispensable. A group leader must be tough-skinned and mentally tough. He must be willing to knock and be criticized without going discouraged. A group leader must hold the regard of his or her equals ( Smith. 1996 ) . Smith goes on to state. “Peer regard doesn’t reveal ability. but it can demo character and personality. Tramell Crow. one of the worlds’ most successful existent estate agents. said that he looks for people whose associates want them to succeed” . An effectual leader must do themselves portion of the group. non distinguishing his or her ego from the group because of group leader position. Most significantly. they must take with unity to keep credibleness and surrogate trust with the other group members.

A group leader must hold the forbearance to train. every bit good as lead. A sense of wit and a positive out expression are indispensable. peculiarly when squad morale is low or squad members are defeated or discouraged. There is nil actuating about a group leader who ever looks at the glass half empty. One individual’s hapless attitude. peculiarly when it is the group leader. can convey down the full squad. Finally. an effectual group leader must be non-judgmental and ne’er allow personal feeling overcast his or her professional attitude. Leaderships are good tuned to their ain lacks in character or in accomplishments and can set them aside for the larger end. They may even derive strength from other group members who are stronger in certain countries than they themselves are. In this manner the leader can non merely lead by illustration. but besides follow the good illustrations of his co-workers.

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The subject of group leading is of peculiar involvement to me. As. I write this paper I am in the thick of a group leading crisis. I will give some background on the group’s formation and dynamic. It is December 2002 and I am a Human Resources Assistant. I have three coworkers who portion the same occupation rubric. One coworker has been employed in her current place for six old ages. one for two old ages and the last has been employed in Human Resources for near to twenty old ages but is new to this place ; she is a former secretary. The four of us report to the Manager of Benefits. In January 2003 the Manager of Benefits is laid away. Hence. my four coworkers and I become the HR Support Center. now describing to the Director of Human Resources. A few hebdomads subsequently. our Director calls the four of us together and provinces. “With so much on my home base. I’ve decided to name a leader in the HR Support Center” . This is where the problem begins. She decides to name our coworker who has the most senior status in her current place. She has a high school instruction and no leading experience.

The staying three of us seek to take the intelligence in pace. We are really discerning of this new agreement because through the old ages we have witnessed many behaviours from our group leaders that are non contributing to group leading. First. our group leader has made no attempt to acquire to cognize us as persons. She briefly knows our strengths and rather by accident. non by any meaningful communications between her and us. She hasn’t taken the clip to larn our failings and the failings that do come up go a job for her. She is really easy frustrated and lacks the forbearance for training us through new state of affairss. Our group leader makes has no purpose of sharing the group’s ends with its members.

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We learn of undertakings and deadlines in crisis manner. There is no planning between the group members and the leader. lone instructions given to us. She has a really low emphasis degree and intolerance for errors or larning curves required to hold on a new accomplishment. This has led to quite a few hostile and verbally aggressive incidents between her and the three of us. Last hebdomad. the three of us had eventually reached our bound after one of these peculiar incidents and called and exigency meeting with our Director. We voiced our concerns and she was really receptive and listened to us quite the manner a good leader should. She told us that she did hold our group leader signed up to go to some group leading seminars. but admitted it may non be plenty or it may be excessively late for the group. As. there was no immediate redress she allowed the group leader to run into with her in private and show her positions on the occurrences within the group. The Director. has let us cognize that after hearing everyone’s point of position. she will be doing alterations within the group. whether they be organisational. physical or occupation related.

I believe this is a perfect illustration of why it is so of import to take a group leader sagely. Group leaders need to cognize their group. their ends and themselves. There needs possess certain personality traits. A group leader needs to cognize the persons within a group before he or she can no what a group can carry through. There needs to be a desire to take but at the same clip Teach with forbearance. A leader can non allow their ain desire to take overcast the ends of the group as a whole. An effectual group leader must be able to acknowledge his or her failings and be volitionally to invariably better. I have experienced how rapidly a group can be turned in the incorrect way through uneffective group leading. Some leaders may be born. while others may be made. but any leader is merely every bit good as the group he or she leads.


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