What is your view of Professional Nursing? Essay Sample

What is your position of “Professional Nursing” ? Nursing is a profession that has its deepness and comprehensiveness in run intoing different wellness attention demands of the population ( American Nurses Association ( ANA ) . 2010 ) . What is it that makes a professional nurse? Is it caring for the patient with compassion and devotedness? Based on the interviews conducted among the three classs of staff. it was echoed that professional nursing takes a batch more than merely go toing to the demands of patients. From a professional position. nursing has a complex natural history of designation as a career with aspiration of being a profession from a long clip ( Brown & A ; Libberton. 2007 ) . In the yesteryear. the image of a nurse was every bit clear as. “the nurse is one whose surveies give him or her merely plenty cognition to follow and use the determinations taken by the physician or surgeon” ( Gordon. 2000. p. 218 cited in Harmer. 2010. p. 295 ) . Today. with the diverseness of the nursing profession and the extension of the function of the nurse. specifying a professional nurse is going complex.

The individuality of nursing is going blurred while seeking to progress the profession ( Harmer. 2010 ) . Harmonizing to Styles ( 2005 ) cited in Allen ( 2007 ) . the properties that are expected in professional nursing are higher academic instruction. a research based specialized organic structure of cognition. distinguishable service to society. a codification of moralss. liberty. answerability and authorization over work. Be this as it may. the International Labor Organization ( ILO. 2005. p. 12. L. 20 ) described a professional nurse as “having the instruction and developing recognized as necessary for presuming extremely complex and responsible maps with authorization to execute them” . Much of the literature claims that a cardinal feature of professional nursing is being knowing in nursing ( Smith & A ; Godfrey. 2002 ) . Knowledge is of great importance. but nurses need to possess specialised cognition in the country in which they pattern in order to pattern professional nursing ( Rush & A ; Cook. 2006 ) . Based on the interviews. it was agreed by all respondents that while comprehensive cognition of the individual’s needs. personality. and state of affairs would be an plus for the nurse lovingness for the patients. empirical cognition based on research should be conducted and shared with co-workers. patients and patients important others ( Titler. 2008 ) .

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Not merely is it of import to be knowing in the country in which the nurse works. but nurses must seek professional growing by being unfastened to new thoughts and new cognition ( Liver. 2009 ) . It was agreed by all interviewed that this new cognition can be obtained through go oning instruction enterprises such as journal reading. go toing workshops and conferences or by practising grounds based nursing. When a professional cognition base and experience have been obtained. the nurse will be progressively competent harmonizing to criterions of pattern and more accountable to the nursing profession. Another position strongly echoed by those interviewed is that in order to perpetrate to practising professional nursing. nurses must possess assurance and competency in supplying safe attention that is skilled in leading ( Smith & A ; Godfrey. 2002 ) . In the public presentation of professional nursing attention. the nurse must be committed to following the Code of Ethics. criterions of pattern and. act as a function theoretical account to the nursing profession and the patients ( Smith & A ; Godfrey. 2002 ) .

This codification is the foundation of professional nursing and obstetrics pattern. and is a cardinal tool in safeguarding the wellness and well-being of the clients ( Nursing Times. 2011 ) . The codification of moralss provides a societal contract with the society served. every bit good as ethical and legal counsel to all members of the profession ( Lachman. 2009 ) . Harmonizing to Stone ( 2000 ) . such a codification is of import as it promotes unity. award and truthfulness in all clinical and academic duties. Standards of pattern lineation what the profession expects of its members while advancing. guiding and directing professional nursing pattern ( Perry & A ; Potter. 2007 ) . Stott ( 2007 ) highlighted that effectual verbal and non-verbal contact with patients. households. and healthcare suppliers is besides a major portion of professional nursing. Some communicating patterns include being able to use nursing cognition and accomplishments with assurance and showing enthusiasm in the occupation ( Davis. Hershberger. Ghan & A ; Lin. 2009 ) .

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Bing accessible agencies assisting the patients move frontward during times of difficultly in a positive mode by being supportive. taking clip to listen. and assisting the patients to acquire through a clip of trouble ( Resnick. 2002 ) . Harmonizing to Tomilinson ( 2005 ) . “To be a good nurse you need to be at that place for all your patients. no affair how little their jobs because you do non cognize how difficult it has been for each of them to acquire there” . Similarly. teamwork is about working together to accomplish a common end. Although Rush and Cook ( 2006 ) and Smith and Godfrey ( 2002 ) argue that the full squad of medical professionals collaborate with the household members to supply the best quality attention for the patient. a nurse’s specific relationship with the patient is besides an of import and alone part within the squad ( Davis et al. . 1990 ) . Nevertheless. research on professional nursing did research the world that a nurse must cognize how to job work out through critical and brooding thought with other co-workers in doing wellness attention determinations.

As described by Paul and Elder’s ( 2005 ) . in practising professional nursing. nurses must disputing his or her ain thought. be able to oppugn a state of affairs. analyse its result. and arrive at a decision that will profit the patient and their households. Critical thought therefore means utilizing cognition and believing accomplishments in order to pattern. job solve. and reflect on the clinical determinations that were made. Reflection helps to work through issues. doing sense of the experience and leting for positive alterations ( Liver. 2009 ) . Nursing Standard ( 2010 ) . explains that answerability and liberty are cardinal constructs that are in the head of professional nursing. The article farther added that these issues are addressed by the new functions occupied by nurses such as Nurse Consultants. Nurse Practitioners ( NPs ) and Clinical Nurse Specialists that supply a high grade of liberty in their work ( Williamson. Jenkinson & A ; Proctor-Childs. 2008 ) .

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With the grounds brought frontward in the above literature. a theoretical and operational definition of professional nursing is one that takes a holistic attack to nursing ; utilizing evidence-based patterns. elaborate communicating accomplishments. the application of critical thought accomplishments. along with being accountable. independent and showing one-self as a professional both on and off the occupation. Benner. Hughes & A ; Sutphen. ( 2008 ) reiterated that it is of import for nurses to capture the kernel of taking attention of the whole individual. head. organic structure. and psyche while go oning to progress professionally. Furthermore. the interviewees all shared a common belief that nurses should consort themselves with other professionals by fall ining nursing organisations that promote grounds based patterns through research. Harmonizing to the Canadian Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses ( 2008 ) . nursing organisations promote nurses well-being by recommending for nurses and patients’ rights. and back uping new clinical surveies that promote patient safety and good wellness patterns. All these steps harmonizing to Rummel ( 2001 ) . let an sharp nurse to go a professional nurse through ongoing critical thought. strong communicating accomplishments. nursing associations and caring for the patient which is built-in within the construct of professional nursing.