What is that one emotion that everyone mystified? Essay Sample

What is that one emotion that everybody seems to experience? What is that emotion that has started to do you experience covetous and enviousness? What is that emotion that makes enemies to friends and friends to enemies? Is that what they called LOVE. I am ever oppugning myself before. what does it feels like to be in love? They say that if you were in love you’ll ever feels great and fantastic. you’ll ever experience the sky’s bound and every good things is yours for the grasping and your dreams will be heavenly and all you can believe about is the 1 you love and you will experience dramatic and you’ll see the stars in the sky as approachable and all nature will look more facile. The flowers. birds. sundowns at the beach and trees you will see as things of beauty. You will be more loveable. And to everyone you meet. you will hold a smiling. Because love is shacking in your bosom and your love is radiating out to all. I have my first love since I’m Grade 3 – Grade 6. it has started with a crush so I began to fall for him as clip base on ballss. I get butterflies every clip I see him.

I can’t speak usually when I’m looking at him. I ever compose his name all over in my documents. I ever think “if he will wish my outfit? ” . And I ever want to look my best when I see him. I ever dream about him. I feel sad all twenty-four hours when I don’t see him. And I ever want to pass every second with him. That’s why I noticed myself that I am falling in love with him. Then I thought. so that’s what they call love. But still I’m really immature to fall in love. So I stopped wishing him so and now I am seeking to bury that experience of love for him. So now I know what love feels. In the beginning I feel great. but now I know that love can besides be really painful. That’s why until now. I am afraid to be in love.

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