What is teamwork competency? Essay Sample

1. The accomplishment I want to develop and my apprehension of this accomplishment.

The accomplishment I want to develop is the teamwork competence.

What is Teamwork? I look up the Webster’s New World Dictionary. teamwork is defined as “a joint action by a group of people. in which each individual subordinates his or her single involvements and sentiments to the integrity and efficiency of the group. ” This does non intend that the person is no longer of import ; nevertheless. it does intend that effectual and efficient teamwork goes beyond single achievements. The most effectual teamwork is produced when all the persons involved harmonize their parts and work towards a common end.

In the text. it says that carry throughing undertakings through little groups of people who are jointly responsible and whose occupation requires coordination is teamwork competence.

Related to the text. the undermentioned sentiments are my apprehensions of the teamwork competence. Team is a group of people. each member of which are complementary. united and harmonious plenty to trail and give to the same end and criterion that they are presuming the duty. It stresses non merely the result of a peculiar person. but the overall public presentation of the whole squad. It relies non merely on the treatment and determination of the squad. and information sharing and standard intensifying. but the existent fruit of the whole squad by co-contribution of the rank. This fruit exceeds the sum of single public presentation. that is. the public presentation of squad is larger than that of the sum of every portion. Co-contribution is the nucleus of the teamwork. which requires puting a convincing end. It is because every bit long as a operable and ambitious end is set. could the possible and temper of part be exerted among the squad. so as to convey useless power to work.

Co-commitment is the necessity of the teamwork. which means the duty of the whole squad is shouldered by all. Should no co-commitment is made. the squad is merely like a tray of fragmental sand. while it is made by all. the squad will do conjunct attempts to turn out to be a strongest of all time entity. Many people frequently confuse teamwork with working squad. but really the two are basically different. An first-class working squad. like teamwork. is evidently typical for sharing information. point of view and thought. doing determination together to assist its members work better every bit good as strengthen the working standards of the person. Working squad. though. chiefly allocates the work purpose to persons. focal point on single purpose and duty being its kernel. Its purpose is the mere amount of all single 1s. Its members will neither shoulder the duty that surpass their responsibility. nor seek those value-added effects brought by the cooperation by many members. Additionally. working squad is ever related to construction. while teamwork could interrupt the bound of ranks in endeavors.

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2. Why I want to develop this accomplishment.

After making the self-assessment trials in the text. I found that during the six competences of direction. I got the lowest mark for teamwork competence. it is excessively bad. My tonss for the three dimensions of this competency–designing squads dimension. making a supportive environment dimension and pull offing a tem kineticss dimension are 3. 2. 2 individually. so my overall mean self- appraisal for teamwork competence is merely 2. 3.

Before that. I have ne’er thought about the importance of teamwork. As I merely graduated from university. holding no work experiences. I have ne’er realized that the person could barely undertake all sophisticated information and work out the most effectual solution to a undertaking. Most of the clip. I do all the things by myself because I seldom meet with some sophisticated work and I have few opportunities to work together with others. which lead to my failing in this feature.

Another ground that I want to develop teamwork competence is that the undermentioned instance in the text tells me that the best managed companies used employees in squads. In a survey of more than 400 organisations and 80. 000 directors. the Gallup Organization. a public sentiment poll-taking company. found that the best managed companies used employees in squads. Bettering client service was the chief ground given for their usage. followed by diminishing absenteeism and bettering productiveness. At Southwest Airlines. effectual teamwork makes it possible for land crews to turn around a plane at the gate in less than 17 proceedingss. Regardless of their occupation rubrics. all employees work together to acquire riders unloaded. When necessary. pilots. flight attenders. and whoever else is available pitch in to guarantee that a flight leaves the embarkation gate on agenda.

Nowadays. concern can’t be run all-rightly without the spirit of teamwork. Therefore. I am to the full convinced that developing teamwork competence will make me good and lend a batch in my future calling in the concern field and my dream– to be a competent director will be realized every bit good since competent directors are able to cultivate an active web of relationships and to work good in diverse squads. This is the 4th ground for me to develop this accomplishment.

Besides. being witting of that teamwork competence is my weak point. I begin to read books and stuffs related to this accomplishment. I bit by bit realize that the upcoming of the clip of cognition economic system brings uninterrupted upgrading of cognition and engineering. fiercer competition in the society and gradual variegation of market demands. which consequences in the incredibly complicated conditions and fortunes that the directions of the endeavors are under. Most of the clip. the person could barely undertake all sophisticated information and work out the most effectual solution to a undertaking. It needs farther trust. connexion and cooperation amongst a certain squad of undertaking. from which the spirit of teamwork gives birth. It aims at screening out the divergencies on an issue. organizing the needfully. in order to keep the ability of contingency-meeting and unsustainable creativeness.

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3. Specific larning aims.

Teamwork has become an of import portion of the on the job civilization and many concerns now look at teamwork accomplishments when measuring a individual for employment. Therefore. it is of import that we pupils learn to work in a squad environment so that we will hold teamwork accomplishment when we enter the work force. Besides. some surveies tell us that pupils learn best from undertakings that involve making undertakings and involve societal interactions.

In order to do the teamwork I take portion in more effectual. I should larn how to plan squads decently. how to make a supportive squad environment and how to pull off squad kineticss suitably. which are the really three dimensions of teamwork competence in the self-assessment trials.

My specific learning aims are as follows:

( 1 ) The squad must hold a clear end. Avoid fuzzy. maternity statements. Team ends should name for a specific public presentation aim. expressed so briefly that everyone knows when the aim has been met.

( 2 ) The squad must hold a results-driven construction. The squad should be allowed to run in a mode that produces consequences. It is frequently best to let the squad to develop the construction.

( 3 ) The squad must hold competent squad members. It means that the job given to the squad should be one that our members can undertake given their degree of cognition.

( 4 ) The squad must hold unified committedness. This doesn’t mean that our squad members must hold on everything. It means that all persons must be directing our attempts towards the end. If an individual’s attempt is traveling strictly towards personal ends. so the squad will face this and decide the job.

( 5 ) The squad must hold a collaborative clime. It is a clime of trust produced by honest. unfastened. consistent and respectful behaviour. With this clime our squad performs good ; without it. we would neglect.

( 6 ) The squad must hold high criterions that are understood by all. Our squad members must cognize what is expected of us separately and jointly. Obscure statements such as “positive attitude” and “demonstrated effort” are non good plenty.

( 7 ) The squad must have external support and encouragement. Encouragement and congratulations works merely every bit good in actuating squads as it does with persons.

( 8 ) The squad must hold principled leading. Teams normally need person to take the attempt. Our squad members must cognize that the squad leader has the place because they have good leading accomplishments and are working for the good of the squad. Our squad members will be less supportive if they feel that the squad leader is seting himself or herself above the squad. accomplishing personal acknowledgment or otherwise profiting from the place.

4. Stairss to be taken.

It is of import for us ( the squad members ) to cognize that squads do non merely organize and instantly get down working together to carry through great things. There are really several stairss and squads must be given clip to work through the stairss and go effectual. Following several stairss should be accomplished to better teamwork if I want to be a competent squad member and carry through effectual and outstanding teamwork.

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( 1 ) I should work interdependently with other members during teamwork and work towards both personal and team ends. and I should understand these ends are accomplished best by common support.

( 2 ) I should experience a sense of ownership towards my function in the squad because I committed myself to ends I helped make.

( 3 ) I should join forces with other members together and utilize my endowment. cognition and experience to lend to the success of the team’s aims.

( 4 ) Team members including myself should establish our success on trust and promote all our members to show different sentiments. changing positions. and inquiries.

( 5 ) I. as a squad member. should do a witting attempt to be honest. respectful. and listen to every person’s point of position.

( 6 ) I would see struggle as a portion of human nature and should respond to it by handling it as an chance to hear about new thoughts and sentiments. Everybody wants to decide jobs constructively.

( 7 ) Team members including myself would take part every bit in decision-making. but should understand that the leader might necessitate to do the concluding determination if our squad can non come to a consensus understanding.

5. Appraisal of advancement.

Since working as portion of a squad can better acquisition and is a much needed accomplishment in today’s workplace. I should do usage of every chance to take portion in every bit much teamwork as possible including some squad exercisings in the schoolroom. With good planned out undertakings. careful counsel. and close observation. we can do our schoolroom squad exercises highly valuable acquisition experiences.

Besides. I learn from the text that more and more organisations are trusting on squads to better quality. productiveness. and client service. it becomes progressively of import for us to develop our teamwork competences and go a productive squad member.

I believe that through survey. preparation. and experience. I can develop my teamwork competence markedly. My end is that when I do the self-assessment trials in the text once more. I would acquire the overall mean mark of 5 for my teamwork competence. that is. I would be outstanding on this characteristic. I am certain I can accomplish my mark.

At last. I would wish to state that this mid -term undertaking is merely the incarnation of the spirit of teamwork. Our professor. all my fellow schoolroom co-workers and I are all the members of our teamwork. We all seek our best to do the teamwork perfect. I am steadfastly positive that during the whole procedure of this teamwork. all our squad members of class including myself would hold a better apprehension of the spirit of teamwork. besides we would do a important advancement for our teamwork competences.