What is reflective practice? Essay Sample

Brooding pattern is when you look back and at your work ( experiences ) and analyse it. You assess your determination making/actions/performance and associate it to your working pattern. Brooding pattern helps to make new thoughts. To concentrate on how you are able to transport out your occupation function more efficaciously and derive a more in deepness cognition.

Why is brooding pattern of import?
Brooding pattern is an of import portion of working as a societal attention worker. This is because it assists an single to place their countries of strengths and failings. So they are so able to work on such area’s or derive farther support. It helps societal attention workers to develop and apprehension of pattern events.

How brooding pattern contributes to bettering the quality of service proviso? Brooding pattern is indispensable to guarantee all service users are supported to the best of our ability’s. Brooding pattern helps to better our services and guarantee high criterions are achieved through of all time altering fortunes with each person we care for. Social attention workers are able to construct on their strengths. By looking at how they can get the better of and better on failing in contemplation of their experiences. This will enable us to run into service users’ needs more suitably and expeditiously. Which ensures a service which is ever altering for the better. How criterions can be used to assist a societal attention worker reflect on their pattern? Social attention criterions are agreed codifications of pattern for societal attention workers and employers of societal attention workers. They define the rules of good working pattern of which all attention workers should adhere to. A societal attention worker will hold an in deepness cognition of the attention criterions. They can utilize these criterions to reflect on their on the job function. As these are the guidelines that should be followed.

a ) It is of import for a societal attention worker to seek feedback on their public presentation. This is because they may non be cognizant of what countries they need to better on. They may non besides be cognizant that they are transporting out something that possibly incorrect. For illustration they could be traveling and managing a service user falsely. If they were non corrected on this it would go forth both them and serve user at hazard. It is besides of import to advance the societal attention workers assurance with positive feedback and do them experience good about their function. This enables a societal attention worker to experience that they are making good within their occupation function and want them to better further.

B ) People may take constructive feedback in different ways. Some people may take it in a negative manner and experience that they are being criticised. Other’s will take it in a positive manner and see it is to assist them better for the better.

degree Celsius ) It is of import for a societal attention worker to utilize feedback to better their pattern. This is because it supports the societal attention worker in going more knowing and experienced. They are able to work confidently within different state of affairss back uping services users from different back grounds with a huge scope of disablements. A societal attention worker who has an in deepness cognition is able to work on their ain enterprise and will work safely following policies and processs. This besides enables the societal attention worker to join forces efficaciously with staff members every bit good as GP’s. Nurses. societal worker’s. OT’s and other outside bureaus. The societal attention worker would hold an consciousness to place hazard. maltreatment. medical issues and describe this farther. This is good for the service user and creates a high criterion of work moralss for the company.

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Personal Development Plan.
How can a Personal Development Plan identify betterments in a societal attention workers understanding and pattern? Bii ) If a societal attention worker has a development program it allows clip for contemplation of their ain pattern. They are able to place countries where they feel that they may be fighting with in respects to their on the job pattern. They are so able to work on these countries and better on them to go a better societal attention worker. Identify beginnings of support used for planning and reexamining a attention workers development? Biii ) There are a scope of different beginnings of support in planning and reexamining your development. A societal attention worker can look at the Social Care Code of Practice. Laws and policies. The societal attention worker can read books and expression on the cyberspace. The societal attention worker can besides utilize old supervisings which identify countries that need to be improved on. Idenitfy people who can assist you develop your cognition. apprehension and pattern. Biiv ) . Peoples who can help to develop a societal attention workers cognition and pattern are ; Service users

Team Leaderships
Care workers
Care Trainer
Tax assessors
Occupational Therapists
Social workers

How can the identified people help you to appreciate your strengths and area’s for development? Bv ) A a societal attention worker we are ever larning from experiences and reflecting on our pattern with every service user. Each service user is an single with different attention demands. Our experiences with each service user helps us to larn and derive in depth cognition of a scope or different backgrounds/ disabilities/ demands and life state of affairss. The service users help us to develop our cognition and pattern on a day-to-day footing. We are able to join forces with other staff members such as Directors. squad leaders. attention trainers and other attention workers. They support us with regular advice on different state of affairss. We have regular supervisings which help to place countries we need to work on. A societal attention worker goes on regular preparation which besides ensures the development and high criterions of our working patterns.

Social attention workers ever communicate to one another and have their ain experiences and cognition. By speaking to one another we are able to go through on information that can assist development. GP’s. Nurses. dietitians. societal workers can rede societal attention workers on the best ways on how to back up and care for a service user efficaciously. They have a huge cognition base and can portion this with a societal attention worker. If a societal attention worker is transporting out something falsely they will rede the societal attention worker the right manner to care for the service user. Describe how your ain values. beliefs and personal experiences affect you working pattern?

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Ci ) I have my ain values. belief system and attitudes which have developed throughout my life-time. The people who are a portion of my life and my experiences have contributed to how I see society. These experiences and people have shaped me into the individual that I am today. I have been a societal attention worker for the past 11 old ages. In this clip I have developed and built upon my ain values and beliefs. I have ever had a caring nature and a echt involvement in assisting others. When I foremost became a attention worker I was rather naif to the fact that non everyone has the same values as me when it comes to caring. However. I have learned that this is non ever the instance. Some household members do non hold much of a relationship or involvement in the service user. This used to truly upset me. However. I have had to develop a professional apprehension and a non-judgemental attack.

This is because this is the world of the universe we live in. Not everyone has a good relationship with individuals in their households for a assortment of different grounds. As a attention worker I am at that place to supply support to the best of my ability. I have empathy for my service users but this is on a professional footing. I will non do emotional fond regards with service users. However. I still carry out my function with the same lovingness nature. In the old ages I have been working as a carer I have supported and worked with a diverse scope of people with different cultural backgrounds. I worked for a twelvemonth in an African Caribbean Day Centre. All of the staff members and clients were black and were from Africa or the Caribbean or were of decent of these states. I was the lone white staff member within the squad. I was born in Dublin and raised by my Irish parents as a Catholic. There were huge differences within our civilizations and heritage. The service users and staff were Christian and really spiritual. They would transport out forenoon worship every twenty-four hours.

The staff besides worked at a really slow gait which I was non used excessively. However. after a small while I calmed down and realised the clients were besides really relaxed. I found out. this is a portion of the Caribbean civilization they do things in more of a relaxed mode. The repasts at the twenty-four hours Centre were besides really different to what I was used to eating. The clients ate caprine animal curries. yams etc. . I loved the nutrient. This was the chief portion of the client’s twenty-four hours and they truly enjoyed their repasts. Some of the clients had really strong Caribbean speech patterns and talked glib talk. Bing born in Dublin and raised in England in a really white country. I was non used to West Indian speech patterns. At the beginning I did fight to understand what some clients were stating to me. However. after a short sum of clip I understood the client’s speech patterns.

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Even though I have different civilization and spiritual beliefs I got involved in all facets of the twenty-four hours Centre and really much enjoyed and respected the Caribbean civilization. I was moved to the twenty-four hours Centre from one that was nearby. Some of the workers were non impressed that I had been chosen to work at the Centre. There was one peculiar person who went out of their manner to know apart against me. This one staff member ever made remarks in respects to the coloring material of my tegument. This staff member went out of her manner to seek and except me. I did describe this excessively my trough as it was set uping my working pattern. This experience has enabled me to experience what it is like to be discriminated against. This has ensured that I ever guarantee I use inclusive pattern and esteem the beliefs and civilizations of others.

Inclusive pattern.

Inclusive pattern is to advance equity and indiscrimination for all individuals. It is used to advance diverseness and equality for service users and care staff. This is irrespective of a person’s race. gender. age. sex. beliefs. disablement. sexual orientation. and cultural background. Inclusion refers to supplying chances to everyone. A successful and dependable attention worker will advance equal chances by understanding that every person has different demands. When an individual’s demands are acknowledged and understood it helps a individual experience a sense of belonging. By so run intoing the demands and giving chances we are supplying just rights and inclusive pattern. Inclusion pattern is used within the attention sector to advance self-esteem and assist a individual to make their full potency. So they can place their ain rightful topographic point in society.

ciii )
Exclusion is prejudiced pattern where persons or groups are denied their rights. Peoples can go excluded because of many grounds this could be because of poorness. disablement. unwellness. race. sex gender. sexual orientation or beliefs. Social exclusion prevents just intervention and equal chances. It prohibits people to hold feelings of dignity. apprehension and a sense of belonging within society. Examples of exclusion ;

Not holding handicapped entree in edifices for individuals with a disablement. Having separate twenty-four hours Centres for people with dementedness. To non take service users on a trip because they are unable to call up independently. To non include all service users in watching a movie because they may be visually impaired. To believe a individual does non hold capacity because they are handicapped or aged. To do premises or stereotypes in respects to a person’s civilization. back land or beliefs. To non hold an apprehension and to be nescient of the different demands persons have.