What Is A Questioned Document? Essay Sample

1. What is a questioned papers? Describe at least one illustration of something that might be a questioned papers. A questioned papers is any papers with script or typed composing that is questioned to its genuineness. One illustration would be a missive that was written from the suspect or anybody. 2. What is an example? What are the best types of examples?

An example is an reliable sample that is compared to the questioned papers. The best 1s are the 1s that are most similar to the questioned papers.

3. What are natural fluctuations? Describe how these may go on.

Natural fluctuations are little differences that show up in script. For illustration. if person were to follow a signature. some of the letters might hold letters that do non fit with the scripts

4. How are stamped signatures different from written signatures?

Stamped signitures are stamped while written signitures are written. 5. What are some of the typescript machines that document testers may hold to look into? Choose one of these machines and depict what papers testers may look for when comparing the machine to a questioned papers.

Critical Thinking Questions
1. Why are questioned paperss of import in forensic scientific discipline? What is one illustration of a state of affairs where a questioned papers might be an of import portion of a condemnable instance?

They are of import because they can be hints in work outing a offense. An illustration could be a will.

2. What are some of the ways that a papers tester might seek to fit a questioned papers to a specific typewriter? What aspects might they look at?

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Type authors have little things that desquienish them from others. They may look at how they write one missive compared to others.

3. Imagine that you have been asked to find whether a signature on a cheque is reliable or a counterfeit. What stairss would you take in making this? What aspects would you analyze?

I would foremost happen an authnic version of the individuals signature. Then look into the two for little differences such as how they write certain letters to others.

4. Imagine that you have been asked to find whether a will written fifty old ages ago is reliable or a contemporary counterfeit. How would you travel about making this? What aspects would you analyze to assist you do your finding?

I would prove the ink to see what is in it. Besides I would look into the age of the paper. You can see a noticeable difference in the two im sure. 5. A jurisprudence enforcement agent is in charge of acquiring a composing sample from an uncooperative suspect. The agent puts the suspect in a comfy room and has the individual choose from a clump of pencils and ink pens. The agent takes the questioned papers and dictates the information to the suspect. holding the suspect compose down what she says as she reads from the questioned papers. After several paragraphs. the agent Michigan and has the fishy revision the stuff two more times. What did the agent do incorrectly in this state of affairs? What did the agent make right?