Websites Essay

Web sites are an built-in component in guaranting proper electronic communications between assorted entities bearing in head that the universe is quickly traveling high-tech. Web sites may therefore be categorized into 3 groups viz. : bad ; good ; or ugly. Good sites guarantee fast manoeuvrability besides offering accurate and relevant information. Ugly sites are those that appear plain silly owing to assorted skips or unneeded add-ons. Conversely. bad sites have the features of being inefficient to utilize owing to hapless design.

The Department of Homeland Security web site is an illustration of a good site because it is both synergistic besides supplying original and believable content. Sing interactivity. the web site has commissariats for visitants to subscribe to electronic mail qui vives ( Department of Homeland Security. 2010 ) . This aspect ensures that visitants are up-to-date sing the organization’s activities. Refering credibleness. the website provides current intelligence about activities that have been carried out by known fatherland security functionaries.

This facet makes the site believable with respect to information. Conversely. the Space Is the Place website appears ugly owing to its atrocious colour combination. For illustration. the colourss blue and yellow are placed side-to-side ( Harman. 2007 ) . The contrastive nature of these colourss makes the site rather off-putting particularly to color-sensitive visitant. To rectify the site’s visual aspect. the interior decorators should make several things. For illustration. they should modify the colour strategy to integrate more complementary colourss.

Furthermore. they should set the visual aspect of the suspended saint to demo that he is comfy. This will do the visual aspect plausible by altering the current visual aspect whereby the saint is polemically happy while hanging in infinite. Furthermore. by doing the website’s content less crowded. the interior decorators will do the web site more acceptable. Conversely. the Ling’s Cars web site is ill designed. To get down with. the advertised autos are hardly seeable due to obstructor by immense adverts.

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Further. legion eerie images litter the site. doing it unintelligible. To crest it all. the websites’ agreement of assorted elements is merely hideous ( Biz/ed ) . To better the site. the autos should rule it since it is meant to sell them. Furthermore. the images on the site should be systemized. possibly. supplying them in slide signifier. so as to heighten readability. To better overall quality. the hit-or-miss agreement of the site’s many characteristics should be overhauled by making definite subdivisions that hold specific elements.