We should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think Essay Sample

We should Care for Our Childrens Freedom to Think In Kie Hos essay We should Care for Our Childrens Freedom to Think. Ho argues that America instruction is non every bit advanced in faculty members as other states but it is certainly much better in other ways than many states in the universe. Holmium shows that American instruction tends to learn immature kids to develop their ain creativeness more. instead than seeking to make full their encephalon with cognition. like a can of sausage. The essay consists chiefly of the personal experience of Ho and his boy in American school. When Ho was immature he ever had to memorise things. such as all the major metropoliss in the universe. lines from Hamlet. and a batch of math expressions. In contrast. his boy in California learned everything through experiences. for illustration. when he was six he had to pull a map from his place to school and label every streets and edifice that he passed. Ho supports his statement about creativeness and memorisation really carefully. but it was non based on sufficient research. Some of his statements are uneffective because he merely used his ain personal experience and his boies experience in the American school.

When my brother An. he foremost went to the American school. he was impressed with the development of the creativeness. Most of Hos personal experiences are really similar to my brother personal experiences when he was in his American simple school. Hos statement on the development creativeness is true. to my brother. He himself was truly impressed by the manner American school offered many different chances to the pupils to make whatever they wanted. For illustration. I recognized when An in simple school. he knows how to make an apple bug. and cognize how to call it. Its organic structure was made from an apple. apple bug eyes were made from two ruddy cherry and its pess were made by many toothpicks. It was the weirdest and unusual bug in the universe. An delighted experience was really closely related to the manner Ho admires that the public school had provided these kids with chances and way to carry through their creativeness. ( P. 126 ) However. Hos statement on the memorisation is deficient.

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In other state Vietnam. pupils have had to memorise things such as generation tabular array and the Periodic Tables of Elements. Ho concentrated on an facet of creativeness and practical basic basicss of USAs instruction. Ho besides believes that inquiring pupil to take memorisation earnestly will retard their urges and frustrated their chances for self- look ( P. 126 ) . I believe memorisation in an of import portion of our instruction system. If it were non of import. so it would non still exists today. I remember when I was in simple school I had to memorise the generation tabular array. because I could non utilize the reckoner to work out jobs on the math trial. so in order to make the trial I had to memorise the generation tabular arraies by bosom.

Sometime in category the instructor asked me an unwritten test on the generation tabular arraies. I ne’er felt retarded or frustrated like Ho was adverting in the essay. But instead liked it that manner and besides felt merely the opposite as Ho did. Consequently. every pupil should be encouraged by instructors to be originative and memorise every individual thing. In a manner. memorizing is good because pupils need to turn out some theories to cognizing the expression such as physic mathematics. and chemical science. which are of import for pupils to construe the consequence of certain exercisings.

On the other manus. for college pupils if you memorize all of the elements in the Periodic Tables and cognize how each component react to each other so you can salvage a batch of clip in the category and labs. Kie Ho said: When I was 18. I had to memorise Hamlets to be or non to be soliloquy cleanly. ( P. 126 ) Writer compared his early instruction in his state. Indonesia. with his boies American instruction. I would wish to state that Americas manner of instruction makes pupils believe and show their ain sentiments ; this is the good manner to develop pupils believing. and this method is effectual in instruction.

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In decision. Hos statement had some points effectual and some uneffective. But through the essay I found Hos statement more uneffective than effectual. He supported all his statement with a sympathetic personal experience. but that was non everyones experience. Because everyone has a different experience and position. I strongly believe that Ho is inaccurate. because he merely used his ain position and his boies experience in the American school.