Watching TV Makes You Smarter Essay Sample

Steven Johnson’s statement in “Watching Television Makes you Smarter” that telecasting increases rational and enhances our cognitive modules. hence doing us smarter Johnson’s provinces that. “For decennaries. we’ve worked under the premise that aggregate civilization follows a way worsening steadily toward lowest-common- denominator criterions. presumptively because the “masses” want dumb. simple pleasances and large media companies try to give the multitudes what they want. But as that 24 episode suggests. the exact antonym is go oning: civilization is acquiring more cognitively demanding. non less” ( 278 ) . This turning complexness involves three primary elements: multiple threading. flashing pointers. and societal webs ( 280 ) . One component the Jonson studies as his primary elements is “multiple threading” as the most famed structural characteristic of modern telecasting drama” ( 289 ) .

Johnson states that multiple togss “multiply secret plans where the episode will besides expose a chordal manner of storytelling” where some shows will frequently link to three different togss at the same clip. layering one secret plan atop another ( 283 ) . These multiple togss is what makes people to be engage in the show and excite their encephalon. which is nurturing. Johnson uses this component “flashing arrow” as a metaphorical audiovisual cue and with this Johnson explains how. “popular amusement that addresses proficient issues – whether they are the elaboratenesss of go throughing statute law. or of executing a bosom beltway. or of runing a atom gas pedal – conventionally switches between two manners of information in duologue: texture and substance” ( 286 ) . Another component that he reports “social network” explicating how. “when we watch these shows. the portion of our encephalon that monitors the emotional lives of the people around us – the portion that tracks elusive displacements information and gesture and facial looks – scrutinizes the action on the screen. looking for clues” ( 291 ) .

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If the modern spectator selects shows that does non excite your encephalon so that show is non doing you think and non holding to believe is tiring. Good Television shows like 24. Survivor. The Sopranos. Alias. Lost. The Simpson. E. R. . the opposite attack. Harmonizing to Johnson. can be described as when. “you focal point on the secret plan. and in concentrating you’re exerting parts of your encephalon that map societal webs. that fill in losing information that connect multiple narrative threads” ( 292 ) . He argues that is of import for people to take the shows that will do them prosecute and plunge themselves in the secret plan even though they are violent. tasteless. or even if they contain disgusting linguistic communication and the true trial in cognizing if the show is doing you smarter if the given show engages or sedates the head. I agree with Johnson in a sense that the “right” Television will increase encephalon activity and do people think while they are watching Television. Children and striplings need to be exposed to telecasting good or bad the pick is theirs. because it will assist them larn about societal issues as they go through life.

Watching Television can do anyone smarter. Shows like the News. CSI. Law and Order. and Dexter largely geared toward grownups. Watching the intelligence is being smart because it lets us cognize what’s go oning around the universe and most of import in our community. It gives us an thought what we are covering with around the universe. Adolescents can besides larn about societal issues by watching Teen Mom. Switch at Birth and Glee. Glee gives you illustrations of the lives of high school pupils and struggles between them and besides how music plays a large function in their schools. How there are many adolescent mas and the battles they go through particularly if they are individual parents. And allow us non bury about the kids that between Caillou. Dora the Explorer. and PBS shows are all educational for them. These shows help kids to read. learn linguistic communications. and write. I agree that watching Television can do a individual smarter and be more cognizant of their societal environing if they choose the appropriate Television shows to watch.

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