War Driving Essay Sample

With the technological progresss in the manner we transmit information over the past 40 old ages have come new challenges for security experts. None of these challenges have been more complicated than that of procuring information saved on a computing machine or a web of computing machines. It seems with every new security step implemented to protect this information. there is person who discovers a manner of pull stringsing this new step to derive entree. One of the technological progresss that have created a immense challenge for security specializers is the usage of wireless cyberspace connexions.

Wireless cyberspace connexions began in the 1970’s with the creative activity a radio web in Hawaii called the ALOHANET. which connected seven computing machines on four separate islands ( Goldsmith ) . Comparing this system to the 1s we use today would demo many progresss in engineering since the creative activity of the ALOHANET. Though this is the first recorded radio web put in usage. the thought of the World Wide Web began twenty old ages before with a group of scientists in the United States who saw a demand for such a web ( Goldsmith ) . With the innovation of wireless transmittal came the dangers of information being corrupted and/or intercepted by people who did non hold permission to entree such information and the conflict to forestall such actions began.

Today one of the dangers faced by anyone utilizing a wireless connexion without the right security protocols is the act of war drive. War drive has a connexion to war dialing which was seen in the 1980s film. War Games. War dialing is a procedure of dialing all the telephone Numberss in a certain country seeking for those incorporating computing machine connexions via a modem. As a research undertaking. Peter Shipley showed the exposures in unprotected modems by war dialing phone Numberss in the Bay Area of San Francisco in the late 1890ss ( Poulsen ) . This war dialing experiment led to his find of many unprotected modems belonging to Bankss. hotels. and personal computing machines ( Poulsen ) . Along with his war dialing undertaking findings. Shipley is believed to be the individual who introduced war drive to the universe. In July of 1999. he presented the findings of his war driving experiment “to the wider hacker community at DEFCON 9 in Las Vegas” ( Berghel ) .

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The thought behind war drive is to turn up wireless cyberspace traffic on the 802. 11 networking protocols which are used by most internet users and companies. This is accomplished by driving. biking. or walking a to a great extent populated vicinity or metropolis streets while utilizing a wireless device such as a laptop computing machine using assorted types of “sniffers” to seek out vulnerable connexions ( Berghel ) . Upon find of an available unbarred web. the war driver ( biker/walker ) will be able to link to the internet service of the unbarred radio connexion. Once entry is gained to the web. the war driver could hold entree non merely to the cyberspace but besides the other computing machines utilizing the connexion. This presents a security hazard to any personal information contained on the computing machine. and besides a hazard of the war driver executing illegal activities while connected to the wireless cyberspace connexion.

With the pattern of war driving come the hazard of holding personal information such as societal security Numberss. recognition card Numberss. and banking histories falling into the incorrect custodies. In August 2008. there was an indictment for 11 felons charged with stealing bank card information from several big companies in the United States by the Justice Department ( Molvig ) . The persons charged were believed to hold gained cognition of the exposures of these companies utilizing the war drive technique. therefore enabling them to short-circuit security within the vulnerable computing machine systems and install plans which would garner bank and recognition card information ( Molvig ) . Most felons carry oning such an operation do non mean to utilize the information gathered for their personal usage. Alternatively. the information is sold to other persons or condemnable organisations that will utilize the information for purchases and other deceitful activities ( Molvig ) .

This is non merely a job for companies within the United States. this is an international job. The 11 people charged with the offense included a individual from of an unknown citizenship. one individual from Belarus. two Chinese. three Ukrainians. three United States citizens. and one from Estonia ( “Card” ) . The estimated figure of recognition or debit card Numberss stolen was 40 million ( “Card” ) . Consumers do non anticipate to hold their information stolen when covering with reputable companies such as these when purchases are made in individual instead than online. This shows the demand non merely for persons to take steps to guarantee their ain safety. but besides the demand for companies to hold security steps in topographic point to forestall such activities from go oning.

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Another manner for war drivers to do personal harm is by utilizing vulnerable wireless cyberspace connexions for illegal intents. One of these illegal activities is the transmittal and receiving of kid erotica. Greer McDonald of the Dominion Post provinces. “Thousand of Internet users are at hazard of going embroiled in kid erotica trafficking because of insecure security scenes on their wireless connexions. ” In Idaho a adult male was charged with having a laptop which contained kid erotica. of which he admitted geting by the procedure of war driving while he was at work doing bringings ( Gates ) . It is stated in Gates article that people use war drive as a manner to “mask illegal activity. ” Though the usage of the cyberspace by this felon in Idaho did non straight affect the proprietors of the cyberspace service he accessed through the unbarred radio connexions. it gave him a manner of traveling undetected increasing the opportunity of future condemnable Acts of the Apostless.

The act of war drive is a condemnable discourtesy and prosecutable by jurisprudence. but war drive could besides be made usage of by companies to guarantee the security of their wireless connexions. For illustration. a concatenation of convenience shops that may utilize wireless cyberspace connexions to supervise stock list. gross revenues. employee clip cards. and other assorted operations associated with concern may profit from the usage of war drive by the information security officer guaranting that their assorted locations are non accessible by person unauthorised. While non all war driving operations conducted are of a malicious purpose. the illustrations of recognition fraud and kid erotica are strong reminders as to the importance of wireless security steps.

There are stairss one can take in effort to forestall such activities from happening. The first measure to take in procuring a personal radio connexion would be to follow the instructions set Forth by the radio modem maker ( “Criminals” ) . By following the manufacturer’s instructions you are guaranting non to change any of the set protocols made at the mill. With most apparatuss. there will be a measure involved in which the user will come in a watchword for accessing the connexion that uses WEP encoding. When taking a watchword. take a random array of Numberss and letters utilizing both big and little instance. Second. disenable the SSID ( Service Set Identifier ) and the characteristic which broadcasts your SSID to the cyberspace. or if used. make non utilize any easy searched names or watchwords such as household pet. your child’s name. etc. ( “Criminals” ) . By disenabling the SSID or utilizing a random web name. you are doing it more hard ( if non impossible ) for felons to place your connexion and get such information.

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The 3rd measure in trying to procure your wireless connexion is guaranting that firewalls are in topographic point for both your router and computing machine ( “Criminals” ) . A firewall restricts or blocks inbound traffic by supervising web ports. Another utile measure you can take to guarantee the security of your system is to supervise its use. By gauging the sum of clip you utilize the system in a month. you will be able to acknowledge any additions ( “Criminals” ) . Along with taking these stairss. another manner of protecting personal information on your computing machine is by disenabling file sharing. If file sharing is enabled. any aggressor that additions entree to your wireless connexion could perchance entree the information on your computing machine including usernames and watchwords.

The innovation of radio communications has propelled us into the 20 first century. while at the same clip showing a hazard to the protection of our personal information. By taking the appropriate stairss in puting up a wireless connexion. doing certain of updates to your computing machine and antivirus package. and supervising your systems use. you can minimise the hazards of unauthorised usage of your wireless connexion every bit good as entree to your personal information. As the old expression goes. “an ounce of bar is worth a lb of cure” . but in this instance it could be worth a batch more. Identity larceny is a turning concern in the universe we live in today. non merely for grownups but besides for our kids. It is our duty to do every effort at protecting this valuable information.