Victor Sabani Essay Sample

Given the scenario of a healthcare organisation. reply the undermentioned assessment inquiries from a hazard direction position:

1. Of the listed hazards. menaces. and exposures identified in the tabular array above. which one requires a catastrophe recovery program and concern continuity program to keep continued operations during a ruinous outage? The one menace that would necessitate a DRP or a BC would hold to be if a fire destroyed the primary informations centre.

2. Which sphere represents the greatest hazard and uncertainness to an organisation?

The sphere with the greatest hazard to an organisation is the user sphere.

3. Which sphere requires rigorous entree controls and encoding for connectivity to corporate resources from place? The distant entree sphere should hold stringent controls.

4. Which sphere requires one-year security consciousness preparation and employee background cheques for sensitive places to assist extenuate hazard from employee sabotage?

The LAN sphere because you have users and workstations below it and if security clearance to manage server information is needed it can be obtained.

5. Which domains need package exposure appraisals to extenuate hazard from package exposures? Workstation sphere

6. Which sphere requires AUPs to minimise unneeded User initiated Internet traffic and can be monitored and controlled by web content filters? The WAN sphere

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