Values & Ethics Essay

Within this essay I will look at my ain personal and professional development in relation to the instance survey of Mrs Begum. a British South Asiatic adult females aged 79 who has been diagnosed with vascular dementedness. Although I recognise that there are many more values that could be explored I have chosen the following values to discourse ; regard. self-government and authorization. I will besides research anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory values in footings of age. disablement and race as they are all included within the instance survey.

I will analyze my acquisition in respects to personal and professional values and the reading undertaken to back up my acquisition. Throughout this essay I will place countries of development personally and professionally in order to utilize values successfully within societal work pattern. To day of the month I have learnt about societal work values through assorted beginnings. how they apply and how they can be implemented. I will sketch some of these beginnings and their value guidelines which will foreground the values that I have chosen to discourse in relation to Mrs Begum’s instance survey.

The British Association of Social Workers ( BASW ) has a Code of Ethics which every societal worker who becomes a BASW member is required to be committed to. This Code of Ethics comprises of five basic rules ; societal justness. human self-respect and worth. unity. service to humanity and competency. These rules all include cardinal societal work values such as ‘respect the diverseness of the societies in which we practice’ . ‘respect. promote and support people’s self-respect and right to do their ain pick and decisions’ . ‘uphold and promote human self-respect and well-being’ BASW ( 2012 ) [ on-line ] .

The Code of Ethics is at that place to guarantee that service users receive a quality service. It does this by supplying societal workers with a guideline and checklist to enable them to supply the best service possible. As Parrott ( 2011. p. 17 ) states ‘The intent of societal work values is to supply a common set of rules. which societal workers can utilize and develop as a agency of working in an ethical manner with the service user’ . Parrott continues to travel on and state ‘The importance of holding a value base for societal work is that it is intended to steer the action of societal workers and protect the involvements of the service user’ .

The National Occupation Standards for Social Work ( NOS ) besides set out cardinal values that societal workers must adhere to. These are ; have regard for the users and their carers and the expertness and cognition they may hold about their ain state of affairs. empower users and carers in determinations impacting them. be honest about the power invested in them and their function and the resources available to them. esteem confidentiality and inform them when information needs to be shared with others. be able to dispute prejudiced patterns impacting users and carers and set them foremost. The TOPSS ( 2002 ) [ on-line ] .

The Health and Care Professions Council besides provide a clear guideline on how to use the pattern. Some of the values I will be discoursing in relation to Mrs Begums instance survey such as self- finding and regard were spoken approximately by Biestek ( 1961 ) over 50 old ages ago but they remain relevant today. Biestek writes about seven traditional values and they have been cited by Thompson ( 2009 ) and Dominelli ( 2009 ) . These values are Individualisation. Purposeful look of feelings. Acceptance. Non-judgemental attitude. Client self-government. Confidentiality and Respect for individuals.

First I will look at Mrs Begum’s instance survey in footings of the value regard. A value that is included within NOS. BASW and Biestek’s set of values. NOS sets out that as a societal worker I will necessitate to esteem the service user regardless of their age. ethnicity. civilization. degree of apprehension and demand. besides the cognition the service user may hold about their ain state of affairs TOPSS ( 2002 ) [ on-line ] . Therefore I would demo Mrs Begum regard by handling her in a manner I believe all people should be treated and in a manner that I would wish to be treated myself. As stated by Thompson ( 2009. p. 35 ) ‘the basic point is a simple one truly. viz. the importance of handling people with regard – non handling them in a manner that you would object to if other people treated you like that’ . On run intoing Mrs Begum her age. ethnicity and civilization would non be an issue. More significantly I would handle her as an person in order to be able to measure the services that can be provided to her to assist her better her quality of life. Mrs Begum has an penetration into some of the troubles she has been sing and is cognizant of the danger she faces should she hold another autumn. Mrs Begum’s boy has said that his female parent ‘must go into a home’ .

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While I would take his concerns and the information he has provided me with really earnestly. it would be my occupation to esteem the fact that Mrs Begum has expressed on a figure of occasions that she wishes to return place and I would concentrate on the aid she would necessitate and work with Mrs Begum in order to carry through her wish. Respect is a value that I’ve ever held and pre-course I still would hold treated her with the regard she deserves. The following value I would use is empowerment. ‘To give service users a meaningful pick of classs of action for the present and to enable them to make valuable options for their future’ ( Clarke. 2000 ) .

As a societal worker it is of import to seek and supply community attention where possible. In order to do Mrs Begum feel empowered plenty to populate every bit independently as possible and remain in her ain place. I would concentrate on her. listen to her and esteem her wants while demoing her compassion. empathy and apprehension of her state of affairs. I would discourse with Mrs Begum what aid she thinks she needs in order to accomplish her want of life at place. for illustration repasts delivered. aid with mobility. place aid. assist with medicine or direct payments.

It is suggested by Adams ( 2008. p. sixteen ) ‘the capacity of persons. groups and/or communities to take control of their fortunes. exercising power and accomplish their ain ends. and the procedure by which. separately and jointly. they are able to assist themselves and others to maximize the quality of their lives’ . I would move as an advocator for Mrs Begum by supplying her with every bit much information and reaching relevant service suppliers on her behalf. This would guarantee that she was cognizant of the services that are or are non available to her.

To authorise Mrs Begum it would be of import that she knows that I have taken her wants earnestly and in order to make this I would summarize the points she has made to me so that she has a opportunity to add or rectify anything that I have said but at the same clip it will allow her cognize that I have listened and understood what she has been stating me. These actions will assist to construct a good relationship with Mrs Begum and assist her to experience that we are working in partnership towards accomplishing her wants. I would besides hold to esteem that non all persons wish to be empowered.

They would be happy for the societal worker to take control of their state of affairs. I believe that all people should be empowered but some to a lesser grade than others as some people’s abilities are stronger than others. The value of self-government is a bit more complex. As suggested by Beckett & A ; Maynard ( 2010. p. 130 ) ‘it would look that a service user’s right of self-government should be respected. but merely every bit long as it doesn’t harm others. struggle with the involvements of society. or harm the service users themselves.

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The service user’s right of self-government is hence. probationary. and a societal worker is really frequently placed in the place of make up one’s minding whether or non the service user’s wants are permissible’ . As a societal worker it is my responsibility to care and non set the service user at hazard. it is besides my responsibility to put on the line buttocks and should the appraisal show that there is a possibility of important injury to the service user or others it would curtail the service user’s right to self-determine.

I would hold to take in to account that Mrs Begum had been found walking in the street near her place appearance lost. As a societal worker I would play an active function in assisting the service user to understand the hazards. Therefore. I would assist Mrs Begum recognize the picks that were available to her to assist her remain at place. as mentioned before place aid. assist with mobility etc. I would supply adequate information so that Mrs Begum and her household can do informed determinations about the options and resources available to her and to assist her explore these options.

Supporting her and promoting her to do her ain determinations. As mentioned antecedently within my essay. one of BASW values is to ‘respect. promote and support people’s self-respect and right to do their ain pick and decisions’ BASW ( 2012 ) [ on-line ] . I believe it is a person’s human right to be able to show and give their sentiment every bit good as brand determinations even if they are unpopular or seem unwise to another person. This belief has developed during my clip on the class.

Other factors that Mrs Begum may see are agism – society’s positions that older people can be a load or nuisance in bend being treated insensitively by being shouted at. excepting them from conversations and being patronised. As Butler and Lewis ( 1973 ) suggests ‘ Ageism can be seen as a procedure of systematic stereotyping of the favoritism against people because they are old. merely as racism and sexism accomplish this for skin coloring material and gender’ . Due to Mrs Begum’s disablement premises can besides be made such as. she isn’t as capable. her sentiment isn’t as valid and her cognitive ability may be questioned.

These are all based around dominant thoughts within society which makes things acceptable or unacceptable. Harmonizing to Disability Rights Activist. Justin Dart ( 1992 ) [ on-line ] ‘The difficult world is this. society in every state is still infected by the ancient premise that people with disablements are less than to the full human and hence. are non to the full eligible for the chances which are available to other people as a affair of right’ . Mrs Begum is of South Asiatic decent she may see racism due to tereotypical believes formed by society about an individual’s race/ civilization. ‘The belief that races have typical cultural features determined by familial factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic high quality over others. Abusive or aggressive behavior towards members of another race on the footing of such a belief’ ( Collins English Dictionary. Standard Sixth Edition. 2003 ) . These factors and society’s influence can take to oppressive or discriminatory behavior.

While looking at the instance survey in footings of values it has become evident to me that prior to making the societal work grade I did believe in an oppressive and discriminatory manner even if it was non consciously. I would hold been looking at the facets that Mrs Begum could non make for herself and the troubles she would confront instead looking at it from a can make perspective. Stereotypes would play a function. In footings of aged people I thought they could be stubborn and didn’t ever know or want to listen to what is best for them.

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In footings of a disablement such as dementedness I would hold thought that person was practically incapable of doing a rational determination as to what was best for them in certain state of affairss and would perchance necessitate full clip attention and supervising and likely necessitate to travel into residential attention. Since being on the societal work class. I have been able to develop my apprehension and alternatively of sympathizing with an person I empathise with them. I am able to work in a much more anti-oppressive and anti-discriminative manner by seting stereotypes to one side and non doing premises about an or a peculiar group of people.

By making so it redresses the power balance within society and enables the societal worker and service user to work in partnership. As Parrott ( 2011. p. 23 ) provinces ‘AOP represents a general value orientation towards countering subjugation experienced by service users on such evidences as race. gender. category. disablement. etc. On the other. it besides contains specific pattern values ; these are values of authorization. partnership and minimum intervention’ .

Besides larning about what services are available to persons such as community attention and direct payments I have realised that people of different ages and disablements are able to accomplish a batch more and have their wants met. To guarantee that Mrs Begum did non see any accidental favoritism I would make research in to her civilization and her faith if applicable as she is a British South Asiatic adult females and hence. may hold different thoughts from myself about household and the manner society works. Age. disablement and race are all features that are protected under the Equality Act 2010.

In decision I feel that from the beginning of the class until now I have developed personally and professionally in footings of values and being able to implement them by looking at and seting aside stereotypes I had which in bend has helped me to work in a less anti-oppressive and anti-discriminative manner. When I foremost started the class I thought equal chances was about handling everybody the same but I have since learnt that as everyone is an single each person’s instance should be treated harmonizing to their demands.

This is done by giving them the same chances available to everyone in order to supply them with the best service. I have besides become cognizant of how complex values can be as they are personal beliefs that vary from individual to individual. Some of the values such as self-government and the regard for people to do their ain determinations may non be able to be fulfilled due to the degree of hazard to the service user or others involved.

I am now able to look at myself critically and can recognize countries that I need to develop. My self-government will necessitate to be developed farther because there will still be a portion of me that will experience that some service users may be doing the incorrect determination but I will hold to esteem this as a societal worker. I will necessitate to go on to be cognizant of my development when confronting new state of affairss. I believe the manner in which I have developed my original value base will assist my calling as a societal worker.