US History DBQ Essay: New England and Chesapeake Essay

The New England and Chesapeake part developed otherwise by 1700 chiefly due to differences in spiritual backgrounds. These two parts may hold shared the same beginning and spoke the same English linguistic communication. but they barely of all time came to an understanding. Because of this civilization barrier. a detached North and South was created. doing two clearly different societies to germinate. New England was a safety for spiritual separationists go forthing England. while people who immigrated to the Chesapeake part had no spiritual motivations. As a consequence. New England formed a much more spiritual society so the Chesapeake part. While faith shaped the day-to-day life in New England. money. gold. and baccy agriculture dominated the Chesapeake.

Puritans flying spiritual persecution in England settled in New England. They were a extremely spiritual group of people. The Englanders who saw the chance to take advantage of the popularity of baccy they had discovered settled the Chesapeake country. These “gold diggers” were chiefly coming to the New World to make a big net income. These settlers were non flying England seeking spiritual or societal freedom. but obviously merely to derive prosperity. The New England colonists were hankering to happen a more appropriate land of chance where they could better their lives and gain spiritual freedom. They fundamentally wanted to make a society where they could concentrate on their households. faith and instruction. Where as the Chesapeake colonists. they were evidently encouraged to the wealths in the New World. In New England. Puritan values created close- knit communities ( Congregationalism ) . In these communities. schools were established and trade flourished in contrast with the South.

Besides. New England was founded by households. non individual work forces looking to acquire rich quick ( influenced societal values. ) In Governor John Winthrop’s. A Model of Christian Charity. he states that their end was to organize “a metropolis upon a hill” . which represented how the Puritans wanted to make a settlement that would be a theoretical account for all the universe to see and follow. John Winthrop used words from the Bible to depict their settlement as “a metropolis upon a hill. ” In many ways their dream came true. Massachusetts Bay Colony had began with about 700 people in 1630.

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Ten old ages subsequently. the population had grown to over 20. 000. Massachusetts Bay had one of the largest populations of any European settlement in North America at that clip. And despite differences in societal position. or power. John Winthrop wanted the people to be knit together. They were really closely knit people. they traveled as large households and from clip to clip as communities. [ Doc B ] In contrast. Immigrants destined for Virginia were going non as households. but were grouped as work forces and adult female. [ Doc c ] In the Articles of Agreement in Springfield Massachusetts 1636. it is shown their towns were really planned out with everyone holding a portion of the hayfield whether rich. or hapless.

Another cardinal factor in the differences between the North and the South was how the Northerners stood house to their belief that every adult male shall be equal and no 1 should be enslaved. while the Southerners in the Chesapeake country strongly believed in the usage of bondage. The baccy industry required extended labour which ab initio was non available. To work out the labour deficit issue. assorted methods were attempted. One of them were indentured servitude. the headright system. and bondage. Apprenticed retainers would work on the plantations for about four-seven old ages in return for land. At the terminal of there work period. they were gained their freedom and either worked for rewards or obtained land of their ain to farm. The headright system was a method used to pull people to Virginia which were offered 50 estates of land to each immigrant who paid for their ain transition to the Americas. Slavery was different from apprenticed retainers in that they had no terminal to their work. Labor wasn’t much needed in the north due to set down differences. Due to swampy land in much of the country. towns were non portion of the landscape or life style as they were in the North.

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Two established churches were enacted in 1775. the Anglican and the Congregational. The Church of England. Anglicans. became the functionary religion in Georgia. North and South Carolina. Virginia. Maryland. and a portion of New York. The College of William and Mary was founded in 1693 to develop a better category of churchmans for the Anglican Church. The Congregational Church had grown out of the Puritan Church. and was officially established in all the New England settlements except independent minded Rhode Island. Presbyterianism was ne’er made functionary in any of the settlements. Religious acceptance had made enormous paces in America. There were fewer Catholics in America ; therefore anti-Catholic Torahs were less terrible and less purely enforced. In general. people could idolize or non worship as satisfied.

Education was of import to the Puritans who believed that people should be able to read the Bible. The Puritans reinforced schools that were free to all the kids of the community. Free instruction was unheard of in Europe at that clip. Geography of the Southern settlements differed every bit good. In the early 1700s. agribusiness was the major manner of life in the English settlements. The hot. humid clime and good dirt of the South was good suited to turning harvests. They grew and exported baccy. rice. and indigo to England. In the bouldery dirt of New England. husbandmans hardly grew plenty harvests to tip themselves. As a consequence. many New Englanders turned to the thick woods or the sea to do a life. Waters off the seashore of Massachusetts were among the richest fishing countries in the universe. In the north the population of enslaved people remained little. Most farms in New England weren’t really big. Without a batch of land. husbandmans did non utilize many workers to run their farms. In the South. little farms and plantations made up the largest portion of the Southern Colonies’ economic system. Planters brought Africans to direct of import hard currency harvests. such as baccy. and rice.

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Different causes lead to different effects. These two parts of the New England settlements and the Chesapeake part did in fact portion the common truth that their colonists were all of English beginning. Of class when they foremost set canvas. even before they reached the New World. they began to divide into two clearly different societies already. The clearly apparent ground is because these “pilgrims” came to the New World each prosecuting something different. The New England colonists were hankering to happen a more suited life manner and free spiritual persecution. However. the Chesapeake colonists. they were clearly trusting to “strike gold” in the New World. Clearly spiritual backgrounds played a important function in the diverseness of New England and the Chesapeake part.