United Parcel Services Essay Sample

History: Founded in Seattle. Washington in 1907 by Jim Casey and Claude Ryan.

Products/Services: Courier Express Services. Freight Forwarding Services & A ; Logistics Services.

Employee turnover: US $ 54. 10 billion ( 2012 )

Pre-tax Net incomes: US $ 1. 34 billion ( 2012 )

Entire Assetss: US $ 38. 86 billion ( 2012 )

Entire Equity: US $ 4. 73 billion ( 2012 )

Employees: & gt ; 400. 000

Headquarterss: Atlanta. Georgia

Business Area: Worldwide

Current Standing: – World largest land and air package-delivery service World 9th largest air hose
Delivers 15. 6 million packages/documents day-to-day
Operation in USA and & gt ; 220 countries/territories

Major Rival: FedEx. DHL Express. US Postal Service. Japan Post & A ; etc.

Business Scheme

“Best Service and Lowest Rate”

– High degree client service
– Keeping costs low
– Offering client lowest rate
– Streamlining overall operation

Technology Applications

I ) Delivery Information Acquisition Device ( DIAD ) version IV or DIAD IV for Delivery/Pickup Staff or Driver

Handheld Device with multiple wireless connectivity. GPS. CDMA wireless. acoustical modem. wireless local country web connectivity. Bluetooth wireless personal country web and infrared ( IrDA ) port.

Supply driver with his/her day-to-day path. pickup and bringing information. gaining control client signature. transmit bundle tracking information to UPS computing machine web & A ; etc.

two ) Automated Package Tracking System

– Monitor and re-route bundles during bringing procedure.
– Provide Customer entree to on clip information on bringing position.
– Enable client to look into cost and bringing agenda prior to prosecuting UPS service.

three ) Web Based Post Gross saless Order Management System ( OMS )

– Manages planetary service orders and stock list direction for critical parts i. e. hi-tech electronics. aerospace. medical equipment & A ; etc. – To guarantee clients are able to beginning their critical parts rapidly i. e. optimum routing scheme from provider to client.

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four ) UPS Supply Chain Solution

– Manage logistics and supply concatenation activities for other companies.
– Service includes logistics services. supply concatenation design & A ; direction. cargo send oning. custom securities firm. mail services. multimodal transit & A ; fiscal services.

Strategic Business Aims

1 ) Information Technology ( IT ) has enable UPS to cut down its overall cost as follows: –

I ) Paperless operation. Estimated salvaging about 59 million paper sheet per twelvemonth. two ) Fuel cost. Estimated salvaging about 3 million gallons of fuel per twelvemonth. three ) Vehicle care cost. Estimated millage salvaging about 28 million stat mis per twelvemonth.

2 ) The lower overall cost has enable UPS to offer competitive/lower pricing to its clients.

3 ) IT has besides enable UPS to supply superior service to its client i. e. high degree of client satisfaction.

4 ) IT has besides enable UPS to spread out its scope of products/services i. e. logistic & A ; value concatenation services direction for other companies.

5 ) IT has besides enable UPS to increase gross & A ; optimize profitableness.