Understanding Leadership styles Essay

1. 1 Describe the factors that will act upon the pick of leading manners or behaviors in workplace state of affairss ( 24 Markss ) There are several factors which influence the pick of leading manner in workplace state of affairss.

A chief factor which will act upon the pick of leading manner is the kind of individual you are covering with. depending on the individuals accomplishments or how willing that individual is at making a occupation. Harmonizing to Hersey and Blanchard cognizing which manner of leading to utilize is mostly dependent on the adulthood of the individual or group your leading.

An single with low adulthood missing accomplishments. cognition and assurance is M1 on Hersey and Blanchards adulthood graduated table this individual will necessitate counsel and directing leting him/she to do errors and learn from them ( every bit long as there is no money lost ) . A relaxed control over this individual whilst they are larning is good to construct their assurance. shadowing the person is good to place what they need training in.

An person who is high skilled but low will ( non willing to work ) will necessitate a different attack. exciting and back uping a low willed individual is of import. Identify issues for low will and seek to rectify this or offer your aid and aid. Monitoring public presentation and giving feedback to these persons is critical as they will be cognizant you are detecting them. Giving these persons an inducement to work is besides a good thought as this may actuate them and give them some will to make more work. If there are certain factors of the occupation which de-motivate the single attempt to cut down this or alter how they can make it i. e. longer clip graduated table. less force per unit area. take bends with person else to make the occupation. Another of import factor is your company policies. organizational civilization and construction. this influences your pick of leading manner as your policy may hold rigorous guidelines on how to cover with state of affairss.

If your policy has strict guidelines you will necessitate to depute by supplying clear instructions based on your policy and explain effects. James Macgregor Burns describes Transactional leading which would be appropriate to utilize in a rigorous policy work topographic point i. e. civil retainer. You must supervise work carefully and implement alterations if demand be so reexamine advancement so all guidelines are being stuck to. You must be prepared to penalize squad members if work doesn’t meet criterions by giving appropriate countenances. they must be made cognizant of this. If it is a private company and the company policy is somewhat less rigorous you can hold a more relaxed attack to your workers and promote new thoughts and methods of ways to work. The working environment in which you work in is another cardinal factor which influences your leading behavior.

Once work squads have been established indivduals must set to each others personalities every bit good as acquiring used to working in a squad to accomplish a commong end. Team members may come from different sections and assorted backgrounds therefore it is of import for a director to place the demands of the squad and adjusts their leading manner to make squad consistence consequently. The external macro environment is besides another factor which influences the manner of leading. Legslation. competition. alterations to ordinances. provider and client activity are all factors that can impact the leading manner. Flexibility of leading manners is of import so you can use the correct manner where needed.

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1. 2 Explain why these leading manners. or behaviors. are likely to hold a positive or negative consequence. on single and group behavior. Building accomplishment through guiding and training a individual can hold a positive consequence if you allow errors to go on as the single gets to see the impact or effect of their error i. e. they have to make it once more. they have to make it out of work. Once they have experienced the impact of their error one time or twice they will take more attention to guarantee it doesn’t go on once more. The negative consequence of this is it might keep a squad up if an single supports doing a error which may anger a group and cause jobs and isolation for the low skilled worker. Building accomplishment through shadowing an person will besides hold a positive consequence as you are continuously available to back up the worker which is of import in the early phases of employment and larning new accomplishments.

Whilst shadowing a worker you may place countries in which the person is missing cognition or fighting. one time you have identified these you can so take action to better doing your clip efficient. Unfortunately this can hold a negative consequence as they wont derive assurance to work unaided. the person could go dependent on you and may non utilize his enterprise. When you are shadowing a low skilled single your attending could perchance be taken off from the remainder of the group so work may steal and jobs may happen doing the company to lose money. The positive consequence of edifice will through exciting persons is to actuate them. they will portion your exhilaration one time you have given them a new manner of working or an enterprise to work.

Exciting new thoughts and end devising with the person will give them a new rental of life and something to work towards hopefully increasing their work load at the same clip. Once an person is motivated and working hard they may animate others in the group to make so. increasing work burden and doing the work topographic point more efficient. Exciting and end devising with workers can hold a negative consequence on the person as sometimes they may anticipate a wages or an enterprise for all work they do.

If the person does non run into a certain end they may be disheartened and hold even less will to work. Other members in a group may go covetous and annoyed they have non been given wagess or motive to work. they may decline to work unless they are given an enterprise. Building accomplishment through back uping an person may affect offering them aid or aid. this can do the worker feel they have care although sometimes you may non be able to suit their demands which could go forth them experiencing even worse.

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Delegating an person by supplying clear direction and giving freedom can be positive as it could do the worker’s occupation easier as they will cognize what they have to work towards. giving them freedom could do them experience more relaxed and under less force per unit area. Praising the person will do them experience rewarded and affecting them in determinations could perchance do your leading function easier and do them experience higher up. The consequence on a group would be positive as workers could make up one’s mind between them egos who does what if freedom has been given.

On the other manus this could hold a negative consequence as an person may go lazy and take things into his ain custodies if excessively much freedom has been given. the worker may go vocal if they are involved in determination doing excessively much and experience as though they are higher and have more control so they should. On a group graduated table delegation may be a negative thing as some people may non understand instructions. it is easier explicating to one individual instead so a whole group. Peoples in the group may experience left out or may experience they are less skilled so others if some people understand and some don’t. Monitoring an persons work can be positive

2. 1 Assess ain leading behaviors and potency in the context of a peculiar leading theoretical account and ain organisation’s working pattern and civilization utilizing feedback from others. In my administration I work as a floor and saloon supervisor. I invariably use my leading accomplishments in order to pull off members of my squad on the floor and saloon to guarantee the restauraunt aims and mission statement is achieved. From my saloon and floor experience and by finishing a questionair and construing the replies into a situational theoretical account I believe my chief leading manner is the coaching manner. However I may alter this leading manner or behavior on a day-to-day footing depending on the state of affairs given. For illustration if a extremely skilled and experient worker joins my squad I will perchance depute them by giving them clear instructions and freedom to acquire on with the occupation because they don’t need framing.

Since we are a free clasp public house /restauraunt our direction differs from a leasehold public house as they normally need to describe and liase with a caput office or brewery. As we are privatley owned we have a general trough onsite who uses a somewhat more relaxed attack to managment so a caput office or brewery. She uses a direct manner of leading which reflects how we all work. For illustration if the general director often recites our mission statement to the squad or an person to assist develop a clear vision or end I must make the same within my group. I use the undermentioned accomplishments when taking within my group on the saloon and floor. Creating and sharing a clear vision affecting all the group. puting aims to make a end utilizing our mission statement and apportioning functions and duties judging on my experience within the group to make this.

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Giving undertakings. observation of single & A ; squad public presentations by shadowing an person to develop their accomplishment and give support. monitoring public presentation to give support and constructive feedback. leting errors to go on so persons can larn from this. The feedback from my squad has besides suggested my ruling leading manner is to train nevertheless there were certain elements of direct and back uping manners present. My group referred to the follwing leading accomplishments such as deveolping a vision with an indivdual. regular interaction. praising an indivdual and monitoring public presentation. These accomplishments are non normally categorised as coaching.

Taking into consideration all my feedback and questionaire consequences my chief leading manner is training in most state of affairss. The usage of this peculiar leading manner is linked across the company which I believe to be created by our in house general director. Although my director uses chiefly a direct manner of leading she like myself changes depending on the state of affairs and enviroment which reflects on all of us. As a supervisor and sometimes moving as a director I believe it is of import to get the hang every leading manner and cognize when to utilize them apporiately. I besides think the more verstile you are the better.

2. 2 Describe appropriate actions to heighten ain leading behaviors in the context or the peculiar leading theoretical account.

Taking into consideration my ascendant leading manner is training there are several ways which to heighten my leading behavior. My ain manner of bettering would be to practic self-knowledge and guarantee I am continousley making so. besides rehearsing self consciousness is cardinal as these are of import qualities in a director. Developing these qualities is non easy so moving on all constructive feedback is critical. Feedback can be attained from squad members. other co-workers and their leaders. Another manner my leading accomplishments would greatly better is if I found an appropriate function theoretical account to larn from. this theoretical account must be person I respect and admire.

If the function theoretical account agrees to mentor me this could be really good! Regardless of which leading manner I use a cardinal manner to heighten my leading behaviour is lodging to my rules and ‘praticing what I preach. ’ By myself’ and maintain the same high criterions I set myself. Always maintain a high degree of unity and if this is ever kept employees will be more likely to accpet you and the manner you work. ‘ As a concluding point to do myself a better leader is to put myself a end and stick to it. this long term end is important and non the little jobs which occur along the manner. Concentrating on a end can set things into prospective and motivate you.