Understand health and safety in social care settings Essay Sample

1. 1 Identify statute law associating to wellness and safety in a societal attention puting. Health and Safety at work Act 1974
Data Protection Act 1998
Human Rights Act 1998
Disability Discrimination Act 1995
Health and Safety First Aid Regulations
Manual Handling Operations ordinances 1992 ( amended 2002 )
Coverage of Injuries. Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations ( RIDDOR ) Care Standard Act 2000
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ( COSHH )

1. 2 Explain how wellness and safety policies and processs protect those in societal attention scenes. Policies and processs are in topographic point for all employers and employees to follow. The Health and Safety Act 1974 is like the overall “umbrella” that holds all the guidelines and ordinances that extend it. including ; Manual Handling Operations Regulations. which ensures all employees are trained right under these ordinances. maintaining themselves and others safe in the work topographic point. and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health ( COSHH ) which protects employees and service users from any unsafe substance in the work topographic point. including any cleansing merchandises. which will be kept locked under these ordinances. If these substances were non locked under COSHH ordinances. so there will present more hazards to each person. for illustration. a service user whom I support can be an self-seeker. and besides lacks capacity to understand what may be unsafe and have damaging effects on his ain wellness. so may try to imbibe any substance he finds. Policies and processs protect those by placing important hazards and seting controlled steps in topographic point to guarantee in agreement ways of working.

1. 3 Compare the differences in the chief wellness and safety duties of:

The Social Care worker
To take sensible attention of your ain wellness and safety
To take sensible attention non to set other people – fellow employees and members of the populace at hazard by what you do or make non make in the work topographic point. To co-operate with the employer. doing certain that you receive right preparation and follow the companys wellness and safety policies. To describe any hurts. strains or unwellnesss you suffer as a consequence of making your occupation. To state your employer if something happens that might impact your ability to work ( for illustration. going pregnant or enduring an hurt ) The employer or director

Make the workplace safe
Prevent hazards to wellness
Provide adequate fist assistance installations
State you about any possible jeopardies from the work that you do. chemicals and other substances used by the administration. and give you information. instructions. preparation and supervising as needed Set up exigency programs

Make sure all installations meet wellness. safety and public assistance demands Check that the right equipment is provided. decently used and on a regular basis maintained Prevent or command exposure to substances that may damage your wellness Provide PPE

Ensure that the right warning marks are provided and in topographic point right Both employer and employee are jointly responsible for safeguarding the wellness and safety of anyone utilizing the premises.

Others in the Social Care puting
Respect and obey the regulations and ordinances and statute law imposed by authorization Follow direction and counsel provided ( for illustration. no smoke on the premises. or do non utilize the lift in the event of a fire etc ) Co-operate with the employer and workers if anything has been noticed that may do injury to others or concern to others’ wellness and safety

1. 4 Identify state of affairss in which the duty of wellness and safety lies with the person

It is the duty of any single to keep general wellness and safety within the workplace. for illustration. if you were to see an object prevarication on the floor which another person could steal. trip or autumn on. so it is your duty to pick up said object and put in an appropriate topographic point in order to forestall a jeopardy doing accident or hurt in the workplace. .

1. 5 Explain why specific undertakings should merely be carried out with specific preparation

Specific undertakings should merely be carried out with specific developing to follow with statute law. to pattern safely and right. to understate the effects of unwellness or hurt. and to handle unwellness and hurt efficaciously. If you were to transport out a undertaking that you had non received appropriate preparation for and became injured. you would non be lawfully covered in the work topographic point. At the same clip. if you are asked to finish a undertaking that you are non trained to make. you can decline to make this undertaking until you have received equal preparation.

1. 6 Explain how to entree extra support with information associating to wellness and safety

There are many ways to entree extra support and information on wellness and safety. this could be accessed by speaking to supervisors or direction within the place. or more experient co-workers. Reading the company wellness and safety policies and processs can give you excess information. or you can seek extra support from outside administrations.

2. 1 Explain why it is of import to measure wellness and safety hazards It is of import to measure wellness and safety hazards in order to cut down or extinguish them. Hazard appraisals are vitally of import in order to protect the wellness and safety of both you and the individual’s you support. You should ever look into that a hazard appraisal has been carried out before you undertake any undertaking in order for you to follow the stairss identified and cut down any hazard posed. There are many ordinances that require hazards to be assessed. including ; Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 ( amended 2002 ) . Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. COSHH Regulations 2002.

2. 2 Explain the stairss to transporting out a hazard appraisal
There are five cardinal phases to set abouting a hazard appraisal. which involve replying the undermentioned inquiries: 1. What is the intent of the hazard appraisal?
2. Who has to measure the hazard?
3. Whose hazard should be assessed?
4. What should be assessed?
5. When should the hazard be assessed?

2. 3 Explain how to turn to possible wellness and safety hazards identified The direction of wellness and safety at work ordinances 1999 province that employers have to measure any hazards which are associated with the workplace and work activities. This means all activities. from walking on wet floors. to covering with struggle and force. The employer must so use hazard control measures. This means that actions must be identified in order to cut down the hazards. For illustration. CCTV cameras put in topographic point. dismaies. excess staff employed. every bit good as stairss taken such as supplying excess preparation for staff or written guidelines to follow on how to cover with a peculiar jeopardy.

2. 4 Explain how hazard appraisal can assist turn to quandary between an individual’s rights and wellness and safety concerns A hazard appraisal can assist turn to quandary between rights and wellness and safety concerns as the hazard appraisal supports the persons to hold their picks met in the safest manner possible ways. Each person has the right to hold their life infinite the manner they wish. nevertheless. if it was to go a healthy and safety hazard for illustration. tonss of wires. stumbling jeopardies. dirty environment. so it is our responsibility of attention to at least rede the person to stay by wellness and safety ordinances as they are seting other at danger.

2. 5 Explain how to advance wellness and safety within the societal attention scenes In order to advance wellness and safety you can supply all new staff members with a cusp of wellness and safety information. before supplying them with the right preparation. and guaranting that they read the company’s wellness and safety policies and processs which can be found in the staff office. Keep regular staff meetings. doing clip to discourse any late discovered wellness and safety issues. or any issues that have late been rectified. Make certain all staff are cognizant of all current hazard appraisals in topographic point for wellness and safety. and besides carry out every twenty-four hours hazard appraisals in the workplace.

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3. 1 Describe the different types of accidents and sudden unwellness that may happen in a societal attention puting. The types of accidents that could happen could be anything from faux pass. trips and falls. to cuts and Burnss possibly if utilizing the kitchen. A service user may fall ill for any ground. even if they do non hold a medical status. Sudden unwellness could include ; epileptic ictuss. asthma onslaughts. bosom onslaughts. shot etc. Besides. this could include more minor unwellnesss such as. coughs. colds. grippe. illness bug. or even irregularity may do them experience ill.

3. 2 Explain processs to be followed if an accident or sudden unwellness should happen. If any signifier of accident should happen. whether it be service users or staff. so an accident signifier should be completed and the accident should be reported to a Senior or direction. If the accident is more terrible than what can be dealt with in house by a qualified fist aider. so the determination would be made either to name NHS Direct for advice. travel to the infirmary. or in the most terrible instances call an ambulance. This would be the same process for a sudden unwellness. except if it was a more terrible unwellness eg. Heart onslaught. shot etc. so an ambulance would be called instantly. and if competent to make so. a trained first aider would execute CPR on the service user whilst waiting for the paramedics to get.

3. 3 Explain why it is of import for exigency foremost assistance undertakings merely to be carried out by qualified first aiders. First Aid is the aid given to any individual enduring from a sudden unwellness or hurt. with attention provided to continue life. forestall the status from declining. and/or promote recovery. Person non adequately trained to execute first assistance could potentially do more harm. although with the best of purpose. if they do non cognize the right process for CPR. for illustration. It besides complies with wellness and safety criterions and statute law. which will fall under the policies and processs of the place.

3. 4 Explain the effects of neglecting to follow exigency foremost assistance. Failing to follow the exigency foremost aid process can ensue in the patient enduring terrible complications. worse hurts. or even decease before the paramedics can acquire to the scene. Besides. in the workplace. a designated first aider who refuses to assist person ( unless it is insecure to make so ) can hold the effect of a disciplinary. or even legal charges for carelessness.

4. 1 Describe the paths by which an infection can acquire into the organic structure. Possible paths of infection acquiring into the organic structure include:
Breathing ( respiratory )
Drinking or feeding ( consuming )
Broken tegument
Insect bites
Although it seems like there are merely 4 ways. there are many fluctuations and methods of how infection can happen through each path. like take a breathing for illustration. there could be an infection of course happening in the air or pollen. or person else could sneeze or cough around you reassigning their infection. or there could be unsafe pollutants in the air such as harmful sprays or pigment exhausts etc. 4. 2 Explain the following bar methods:

Hand rinsing
Hand lavation is considered to be the most of import step to forestall the spread of infection. You can distribute certain “germs” and infections by casually touching another individual. You can besides catch these “germs” and infections by touching contaminated objects or surfaces and so touch your face ( eyes. oral cavity and olfactory organ ) . “Good” manus rinsing techniques include utilizing an equal sum of soap. rubbing your custodies together palm to handle. so right manus over the left. intertwining fingers so frailty versa. dorsums of fingers to handle with fingers interlocked. rotational friction of both pollexs and carpuss. so rinsing with H2O. It is best to dry custodies with a paper towel as these will transport less “germs” than a fabric towel. Hand rinsing should be carried out earlier and after transporting out any process which has involved contact with a individual. or with any organic structure fluids. dirty linen or clinical waste. You must rinse your custodies even if you have worn baseball mitts and baseball mitts should ne’er be used as an option to manus rinsing. You must besides rinse your custodies before you start and after you complete your displacement. before and after eating. after utilizing the lavatory and after coughing. sneezing or blowing your olfactory organ. Own personal hygiene

Your ain personal hygiene refers to the comprehensive cleansing of and caring for your organic structure. Keeping good personal hygiene includes bathing. rinsing your custodies. brushing your dentitions and have oning clean vesture. Implementing good hygiene besides has both wellness and societal benefits. A wellness benefit of keeping good personal hygiene is that it can battle and forestall unwellness. and societal benefits can include a decrease in organic structure smell. an betterment in your personal visual aspect which can besides hold a positive consequence on your ain ego image. Promoting the individual’s personal hygiene

Supplying information to the person about personal hygiene. explicating the wellness benefits and besides the societal benefits may promote them to keep a good criterion of personal hygiene. Prompts to finish personal attention undertakings may be necessary. every bit good as support to make so on occasions.

4. 3 Evaluate different types of personal protective equipment and how they can forestall the spread of infection Personal protective equipment Acts of the Apostless as a barrier between infective stuffs and your tegument. oral cavity. nose. or eyes. Baseball gloves can cut down the figure of sources transmitted to the custodies. nevertheless. sources can sometimes acquire through latex. Baseball gloves should non be used as a replacement to rinse your custodies. If baseball mitts become dirty. you should interchange these for cleans 1s to forestall the hazard of cross taint. Aprons or gowns should be worn to protect vesture for any process that involves bodily contact or is likely to cover with organic structure waste of fluids. These can forestall infection acquiring onto your vesture and distributing to the following individual that you come into contact with. Aprons and gowns should be disposable and thrown off at the terminal of each process. Face masks can be used when coming into contact with another person who is transporting an infection that can be transferred through the respiratory system such as MRSA or grippe. These can besides be used if you have a common cold in order to forestall distributing the infection to other individual’s.

4. 4 Explain ain function in back uping others to follow patterns that cut down the spread of infection I support the individual’s that I work with by promoting them to rinse their custodies at the right times and utilizing the right method. to lavish or bathe on a regular footing. to wear clean vesture and back up them to utilize the right method of washing dirty linen or vesture. When back uping an single utilizing the kitchen country. I make them aware of the right chopping boards to utilize for different nutrients that they are utilizing. to have on an apron to protect their vesture and to bind their hair up if necessary.

5. 1 Describe the chief points of statute law that relates to traveling and managing The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 ( amended 2002 ) require employees to avoid all manual handling where there is a hazard of hurt so far as it is moderately practical. The chief points of statute law in relation to this are ; Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 ( PUWER ) which states that all equipment used in the workplace should be suited for the intended usage and conditions in which it is used. safe for usage. maintained in a safe status and inspected so that it remains safe for usage. used merely by people who have received equal preparation and direction. and accompanied by suited safety steps. for illustration. protective devices. markers. and warnings. Raising Operationss and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1992 ( LOLER ) states that employees do non hold any duties under LOLER. but under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. employees have to duty to guarantee that they take sensible attention of themselves and others who may be affected by the actions that they undertake. They must guarantee that all equipment provided for usage at work is sufficiently strong and stable for the peculiar usage and marked to bespeak safe working tonss. positioned and installed to understate any hazards. and used safely.

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5. 2 Explain how undermentioned rules for safe moving and managing protects those in the societal attention puting from hurt or injury There must be risk appraisals and processs in topographic point to cut down the hazard of hurt or injury to employees. which could affect guaranting that sufficient staff are available to raise or manage person safely. or it may necessitate the proviso of specific equipment in order that the move can take topographic point safely for all concerned. Failing to follow the hazard appraisals. guidelines and rules in topographic point could ensue in hurt either to the employee or the individual being handled.

5. 3 Explain state of affairss that may necessitate extra supports necessary for safer moving and managing There may be times when extra support is needed in order for traveling and managing to be practiced every bit safely as possible. A hoist may be used if needed. every bit good as extra staff to utilize the equipment ; this may be due to cramped infinite or possibly the size of the person. and their capableness of traveling themselves. Extra staff may be needed in the case of traveling objects that are big or heavy and unable to be moved safely by one individual.

5. 4 Explain why it is of import for traveling and managing undertakings to be carried out following specializer developing Poor traveling and managing pattern can take to: Back hurting or musculoskeletal upsets which can ensue in the inability to work Moving and managing accidents which can wound or harm both the employee and the single being handled Discomfort and deficiency of self-respect for the individual being moved

By following the right processs for traveling and managing after having equal preparation will guarantee that it is done in the safest and most comfy manner possible in order to cut down the hazard of possible injury caused to anybody.

6. 1 Explain why it is of import to hold specialist preparation before helping and traveling an single Specialist preparation is really of import when helping or traveling an person as without it you may non be able to run into their demands and penchants. which leads to you being unable to work to a criterion that meets the in agreement ways of working. Without specialist preparation you may non be following with the policies and processs of the place. every bit good as ordinances environing traveling and managing.

6. 2 Explain the possible effects of helping and traveling an person without specialist preparation By helping and traveling an person without the right specializer preparation is neglecting to follow with statute law and ordinances which are in topographic point. You could potentially be interrupting the jurisprudence if you were to travel an person in the incorrect manner. such as “the under arm” technique. which has been against the jurisprudence for several old ages now. If you were to go on to help and travel individual’s without the right preparation. you could do harm to the individual if it was performed in the wrong manner. This could so take to the disciplinary procedure. dismissal. or legal action taken against yourself or the place on behalf of the person in inquiry.

6. 3 Explain the effects of non following and individual’s attention program or to the full prosecuting with them when helping and traveling A attention program is a papers in which elaborate information is held about each person. which can include basic contact information. counsel on how to work with them. their medical history and medicine demands. their likes and disfavors. information about their behaviors and reactive schemes to utilize. and a general background of the person. Following an individual’s attention program ensures that their demands and penchants are understood. and met wherever possible. By following the attention program and right process when helping and traveling reduces the hazard of any injury or hurt caused to the person. yourself. or others. Failing to follow the counsel in a attention program can take to disciplinary process. and in more terrible instances. dismissal. By working together with the person and explicating the procedure to them step by measure will besides cut down the hazard of any injury or hurt. as they will cognize precisely what to anticipate and what is expected of them throughout. By making this it besides promotes active engagement as the person is included during the procedure of helping and traveling.

7. 1 Describe types of risky substances that may be found in the societal attention puting Some of the risky substances that may be found in a societal attention puting could include any cleaning stuffs. such as germicide that can easy do hurt to the tegument as most utile germicide is an irritant and should be stored in a locked closet under COSHH Regulations. Another risky substance that may be found is any type of medicine. which of class could do injury to an single if they were to devour the incorrect medicine. the incorrect dosage. or medicine that could do them to hold a reaction. Medication is stored in a locked cabinet in a room that lone staff are able to entree.

7. 2 Explain safe patterns for:
Storing risky substances
Safe patterns for hive awaying risky substances include holding them maintain in a lock closet where no unauthorized individual can entree them. doing certain that they are decently labelled with warnings. cautiousnesss. and instructions. Storing substances in the right conditions is besides of import as some substances province that they must be kept out of direct sunshine. stored at room temperature. or some medicines may necessitate to be kept chilled. so can be kept in a secure. locked medicine electric refrigerator.

Using risky substances
All risky substances should be handled with attention after reading the label before usage. ne’er blending different substances as this can be extremely unsafe and can do injury or hurt to you or anyone in close locality. PPE such as baseball mitts should be worn when covering with risky substances and custodies should be washed exhaustively after usage.

Disposing of risky substances
Care places and residential places should all hold COSHH guidelines on how to dispose of any risky substances that are kept in the constitution. such as clinical waste disposal put in marked. sealed yellow bags and used sharps such as acerate leafs placed in a xanthous sharps box. and any fresh. out of day of the month medicine should be collected or delivered to the druggist in order to dispose of decently and safely.

7. 3 Explain the dangers associated with non following these safe patterns If the above patterns are non followed so it could do injury or hurt to a service user. staff. or any others that enter the premises. for illustration. at my workplace. if person was to go forth a risky substance on the side after usage and non lock it back inside the COSHH closet. a peculiar service user may happen this and make up one’s mind to imbibe the contents. If staff do non follow right instructions on labeled merchandises. or mix merchandises. this could do an unwanted reaction and potentially put everyone in the house in danger.

8. 1 Explain processs to be followed in the societal attention puting to forestall Fire – Most things that can be done to forestall a fire are common sense. such as non go forthing a fire door propped unfastened. doing certain all stoppers and sockets are switched off if they are non in usage. non leting sockets and wires to be exposed to liquid. holding all electrical equipment PAT tested before usage etc. Having a designated smoke country external to the edifice is besides a large factor and helps to forestall fires. so long as the coffin nail bin gets emptied on a regular footing. and coffin nails and extinguished decently. There is normally a fire process in every place. so adhering to that besides helps. Gas leak –

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All gas contraptions should be used safely and right ; exchanging them off when non in usage. and holding cheques performed on them. Gas contraptions such as cookers should be professionally checked to guarantee that there are no seeable jobs. Floods –

Bing aware of where the chief H2O supply comes from and how to turn it off if necessary is indispensable in forestalling inundations. Common sense factors such as turning lights-outs off decently after usage is besides helpful. Intruding –

In order to forestall interlopers come ining the premises you can inquire for cogent evidence of designation before anyone enters the place and one time this has been checked they can so subscribe in as a visitant. entering their name. day of the month. clip and their intent of being at that place. Other things can be put in topographic point in order to cut down the hazard of interlopers on site. such as inundation visible radiations. a locked gate. or CCTV. Security breach –

A security breach is where information which is private and secure has been accessed intentionally by person who is unauthorised to make so. In order to assist forestall this. all personal information on service users should be kept in files and locked in the office to be unbroken private and confidential.

8. 2 Explain the processs to be followed in the societal attention puting in the event of: Fire
In the event of a fire. the dismay should be raised and name the exigency services instantly. A designated fire warden can try to turn up which zone of the belongings that the fire is in and inform the fire brigade on their reaching. Staff will promote the person that they are back uping to evacuate the edifice rapidly and safely with them to run into at the fire assembly point. When safe and possible. record this incident.

Gas leak
In the event of a suspected gas leak. the gas should be turned off at the chief beginning if safe to make so. Staff and service users should evacuate the edifice rapidly and safely as person contacts the exigency services and informs the director of this incident. All staff and service users should stay at a safe distance off from the edifice until they are told it is safe to come in once more. When possible. record this incident. Floods

In the event of a inundation. the chief H2O supply should be turned off rapidly. no electrical contraptions or switched should be turned on or off. It would be the safest pattern to evacuate the edifice and inform the director or wellness and safety officer and record the incident. Intruding

In the event of an unwanted invasion. name the constabulary to describe this. and travel all staff and service users to a safe topographic point and remain at that place until farther direction is given. Inform the director of this incident. Security breach

In the event of a security breach. inform the constabulary and direction instantly. Follow any direction given by both constabularies and direction in order to maintain yourself and others safe.

8. 3 Explain how you would promote others to adhere to environmental safety processs. In order to promote others to adhere to environmental safety processs you can explicate the grounds why these are of import. and possibly direct them to the house policies and processs. Training can besides be provided. and postings can be displayed around the house to remind everybody of the correct procedures to follow. Further to this. staff can function pattern good pattern on a day-to-day footing.

8. 4 Explain the importance of holding an exigency program in topographic point to cover with unanticipated incidents. An exigency program would be developed in coaction with other bureaus such as the local authorization. fire and deliverance service etc. The program would follow with statute laws and workplace processs. Having an exigency program will cut down the hazard of serious danger. injury or hurt to you. persons and others. The program will advance apprehension of any exigency processs and guarantee that everybody is prepared for unanticipated incidents.

9. 1 Describe common marks and indexs of emphasis
Common marks and indexs of emphasis can include ; experiencing more sensitive and tearful. possibly anger. loss of motive. alterations to kiping form and alterations in appetency.

9. 2 Describe factors that tend to trip ain emphasis
Common factors than can trip stress include ; increased demand from others. alterations in working patterns or new on the job pattern. relationships. personal affairs. fiscal affairs. or possibly self regard and self image issues.

9. 3 Evaluate schemes for pull offing emphasis
Schemes that could assist you pull off your ain emphasis degrees can include ; speaking to your director about any outstanding issues. explicating how you feel and whether there is any extra support that you could utilize to cut down emphasis. utilizing some of your one-year leave entitlement to loosen up and take portion in loosen uping activities. possibly taking up yoga or speculation exercisings. or seeking support from your physician.

10. 1 Describe chief points of in agreement processs about managing medicine All medicine to be signed in by two members of staff.
All medicine to be kept in a locked cabinet. or electric refrigerator if necessary. All medicine stored in line with instructions given.
Medicine is transported from the cabinet to the person in a locked Sn. Unless stated. medicine to be administered by two members of staff. Follow the right disposal process by placing the person. medicine. dose. clip. and any other particulars required. Immediately sign the MARS book when the person has taken their medicine. or whether they were unavailable. refused. or on place leave etc.

10. 2 Explain why medicine must merely be handled following specializer developing Medication must merely be handled following specializer preparation in order to follow with statute law. and to guarantee that it is administered right and safely in line with the in-house medicine process.

10. 3 Explain the effects of managing medicine without specialist preparation Consequences can include ; serious hazard to the single e. g o.d.ing. under dosing. non recognizing inauspicious or side effects. it could do unwellness or lead to human deaths if the incorrect medicine was given to an person. and failure to follow with statute law and processs can take to disciplinary action or dismissal. If the incorrect medicine was given to an person. and this causes terrible unwellness or human death. legal action can be taken against the untrained individual who had handled the medicine.

11. 1 Describe the chief points of nutrient safety criterions in a societal attention puting
The chief points of nutrient safety criterions are ;
Storing all nutrient right e. g electric refrigerator and deep-freeze
Correct temperatures in nutrient storage
Correct nutrient temperatures when cookery and handling
Personal hygiene when covering with nutrient
Correct disposal of left over and out of day of the month nutrients

11. 2 Explain how to:
Shop nutrient
Ensure that all stored nutrient is covered. within its usage by day of the month. on the right shelf. at the right temperature before hive awaying. and labelled. Maximise hygiene when managing nutrient

Keep yourself clean. wear protective vesture e. g apron and baseball mitts. maintain the workplace clean. usage clean utensils and equipment. usage separate utensils for different nutrients. and regular thorough manus rinsing. Dispose of nutrient

Wipe all spillages rapidly. dispose of any unwanted left overs rapidly. and empty the bin often.

11. 3 Explain the possible effects of non following nutrient safety criterions By non following nutrient safety criterions you are seting all other persons at hazard by nutrient taint. taking to illness or human deaths from nutrient toxic condition. neglecting to follow with statute law and work topographic point processs.