Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna) – Essay Sample

Directed by Patricia Riggen. La Misma Luna or Under the Same Moon is a Spanish movie about the narrative of a male child who crosses the Mexican boundary line to meet his mother. La Misma Luna is rated PG-13 and was produced by Ligiah Villalobos and Gerrardo Barrera. The movie was produced in Mexico and was merely late released. When writing a movie review it is important to mention that it centres around an immature boy named Carlitos and his mother Rosario. In hopes of happening a better life for her boy. Rosario has been working illicitly in the United States, while her mother goes back to Mexico to care for Carlitos. He has been desiring to see his mother for a long clip, and when his grandma out of the blue dies. Carlitos can no longer wait, he decides to travel on an unbelievable journey to traverse the boundary line entirely to happen his mother in America, where she has been working to obtain American citizenship. However Carlitos’s journey is all but easy.

He faces several disputing obstructions on the manner and a chilling case at the boundary line where he is about caught. First Carlitos is smuggled in an SUV and hidden in the bole where a twosome effort to take him across the boundary line. However. he is about caught by the boundary line patrol who search the auto. Fortunately. Carlitos makes it across the boundary line but his problems don’t get any better. He shortly finds himself deserted when the lady finds her auto taken after traversing the boundary line. At a coach halt in Texas he about gets sold into child bondage. but he is rescued by a good adult female who takes attention of illegals. Before long. Carlitos about gets broken once more. this clip picking tomatoes with a group of illegal. on their manner to California. but fortunately he is rescued once more by an immigrant named Enrique. Rosario has been nescient of Carlitos’ adventures this full clip. but the film ends with a happy stoping as Carlitos reaches his female parent and they are reunited.

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I found this film to be really entertaining. and I besides thought it carried some valuable lessons. This film made me recognize how unfortunate some state of affairss are in Mexico. because Rosario has to go forth her boy and her female parent to come work illicitly in the United States so that her boy can hold a better life. This film made be grateful that I am non separated from my household and do non hold to travel to great lengths to unify with them. This film made me recognize how difficult it is for people to traverse the boundary line and do it into the United States. I notice Carlitos’ struggles when he was trying to traverse the boundary line and how despairing he was to unite with his female parent.

In add-on to being a narrative of Carlitos’s bond with his female parent and his finding to see her. I besides thought that the film carried a little political message. I think it might hold been seeking to carry the audience in the illegal in-migration argument. The film did an first-class occupation turn toing these existent jobs at manus and demoing the adversity illegal immigrants face. and at the same doing it an gratifying movie. I besides enjoyed the Mexican music that was played throughout the movie. Several words that I learned during the film include: “Luna” means moon. “Frontera” means border. “Ciudadania” means citizenship. “Tronco” means trunkBibliography. The Film ( La Misma Luna or Under the Same Moon ) 2. Dictionary. com for interlingual renditions