UCAS: My Personal Statement Essay Sample

I have ever been fascinated by young person work and how immature people respond to youth workers. This captivation is portion born out of wonder and portion down to the warm relationship I had with my young person worker who was indirectly my wise man. He was person I was close with and ever felt comfy with. together we would freely discourse life. its up’s and down’s.

As a hockey participant I was really good but academically I was non executing and so my wise man would happen ways to promote me and his continuity is what drives me to peruse a calling in Youth. Community and Social Work.

I have worked in different administration in the borough ; each one has had some from of contact with immature people. I have worked with the NIDA trust and their chief map is to organize educational trips. residentials. nine based activities and homework support categories. Presently I have been appointed as a pool young person worker for the LBTH Council Youth Community Service. Rapid Response Team. This peculiar function will affect working with really disputing immature people who are involved in pack and territorial struggle. I will utilize my communicating. networking. dialogue and teamwork accomplishments to back up immature people with one to one. group activities every bit good as taking immature people through accredited and larning results.

The National Occupational Standards ( NOS ) . which is governed by the National Youth Agency ( NYA ) . are acute to travel off from the pool and table tennis epoch of young person work to a more educational 1 that has intent and encourages youth workers to enter acquisition results and acquire immature people to derive more accreditation. The authorities Every Child Matters ( ECM ) green paper has farther strengthened the young person work docket. which stipulates a more structured manner of working. The recent RESPECT docket by the authorities will desire to see immature people toeing the line even more and a batch more ASBO’s and ABC’s will be issued making a raft of jobs.

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I am cognizant of the equal chance docket. and am to the full committed to anti-discriminatory pattern. I have had really bad experiences of racism within the work topographic point. this is unacceptable but there will ever be people who will desire to know apart and it is go oning in the work topographic point even whilst I write this statement. What will do a difference is to make persons who are determined to stomp out favoritism and have constabularies in topographic point to back up make a flat playing field.

I have ever worked under force per unit area and within deadlines but the YCSW class developing this accomplishment in me farther. I can utilize IT efficaciously for research on the Internet every bit good as for other intents i. e. purchasing and merchandising on line etc.

I have ever been willing to larn and develop my accomplishments and one that truly has benefited me is the brooding pattern that I am larning. This accomplishment makes me chew over on my errors. as I believe errors are my life experiences from which I learn the most.

I believe that by finishing a grade in Youth and Community Work. I will hold achieved my childhood dream. This will help my patterned advance into full-time employment and a agency to back uping immature people. I will move as a function modal for many immature people in the community who are trapped in a barbarous rhythm of offense and poorness.