Transiting Liberal Hong Kong to Liberal Absolutistic China Essay Sample

Colonization is an facet that affected many states in the yesteryear. It consequences from foreign persons seeking to settle in a new state or seeking to seek and take districts of a certain state. Among the provinces affected by colonisation was Hong Kong before it was freed to People’s Republic of China. Hong Kong went through two faces of colonisation. first with the British and the 2nd 1 with China. Although the first colonisation gave the state democracy and freedom. the Chinese colonisation was more marked with more privileges that marked a new stage of life. From the two different colonising states. Hong Kong attained freedom of democracy. security promotion. medical developments. and improved the economic criterions and came up with a new criterion of opinion. Hong Kong was under the influence of colonisation by the British for more than 155 old ages before it was handed to the Chinese sovereignty in 1997 ( Lee. 2005 p. 1 ) . This marked a new stage for Hong Kong because it was to be ruled under one rule that is ; one state two systems ( Wong. 2012 p. 2 ) . The regulation of one rule implicated that China was to maintain its custodies off Hong Kong’s independent personal businesss.

The freedom and democracy in Hong Kong was still apparent under Briton colonisation where the state participated in a direct election in 1991 where assorted leaders were elected to regulate the province. The United Kingdom was loath to go forth Hong Kong to China but due to administrative issues such as security and supports of the people and developments of substructures. the Briton had to go forth the state to Chinese disposal. During the British regulation. Hong Kong was governed by their Torahs and the political. economic and societal system were steered by their authorities. However. the administration proved hard as people’s supports deteriorated and offense increased therefore go forthing the island to be governed by Chinese in 1997. Furthermore. Hong Kong enacted some of its Torahs under UK administrations such as passage of the measure of human rights in 1991. Although the move saw the developments of Hong Kong authorities under the regulation of UK. the authorities was unwilling to implement the measure therefore implicating the UK as the state that influenced its political system. Other Torahs were enacted on security steps that were aimed at assisting the state to better its administration but unwilling authorities led to failure of the systems. which proved hard to Briton and therefore its deliberate action to go forth Hong Kong to Chinese administration.

From 1997 after the United Kingdom accepted Hong Kong to be under the administration of China. there have been security developments in assorted facets like wellness. freedom of citizens and criminalism and legal power. Most of these security developments are based on the pattern of one state two systems. The policy of two systems led to establishment of people liberation ground forces ( PLA ) in Hong Kong disposal part to take charge of the defence personal businesss ; this indicated that Hong Kong’s prosperity and stableness care was being taken attention of. This enabled China to support the female parent land. safeguard people’s peace and strive to function them. There was constitution of basic Torahs ( Swanson. 2014. p. 1 ) which guaranteed Hong Kong’s citizens pattern of democracy ( The Independent. 2014. 1 ) that led to freedom of address. association and assembly. spiritual beliefs and many other things. Hence. the security was enhanced and the state economic patterns started to stabilise. The system of one state two ways of governing led to the basic Spender instance a Chinese condemnable justness procedure ( Wong. 2012. p. 5 ) that offered alone chance to research contrasting images of jurisprudence. order and justness.

The basic Spender was based on the basic Torahs that were established for the interest of Hong Kong’s rights. In China when it came to instance induction harmonizing to the large Spender. it was the duty of citizens and constabularies to describe offenses and give grounds while in Hong Kong victims and public had no duty to make so. Although the large Spender was the first to prove condemnable legal power boundary between the people of democracy of China and Hong Kong. ( Wong. 2012. p. 3 ) I argue that Hong Kong lost some of its difficult earned political independency and its public assurance when it chose to manus over Cheung Tse Keung without contending back ( Wong. 2012 p. 37 ) . This shows that the handover of Hong Kong to china did non tag the terminal of colonisation but it was like switching it to a Chinese metropolis. This is subsequently shown when footings used on text books by pupils were changed from mainland China and Taiwan to inland China and Taiwan state ( Bray. 2005. p. 170 ) .

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China subsequently on established the people liberation ground forces ( PLA ) in Hong Kong to take charge of the defence personal businesss ( China National Defence. 2014. p. 1 ) . This indicates that care of the long term prosperity and stableness of Hong Kong was under control. There was besides the national defence building that led to china continuing the Communist party of China which implemented the strategic rule of active defence to stress on quality ground forces to construct and back up economic building ( China National Defence. 2014 n. p. ) . The rise of offense rate among immature people after 1997 led to the rise of societal public assistance development and NGO by Hong Kong to assist immature wrongdoers outside juvenile tribunals by utilizing renewing schemes ( Can. Sun and Hebenton. 2013. p. 305 ) . They opened the clinics in public infirmaries and community based guidance centres for psychotropic drug maltreaters. in order to run into the increasing demand for reding services for drug maltreaters. The constabulary superintendent’s Discretionary Scheme in coaction ( PSDS ) with the coaction of the household conference besides came up with a manner to maintain records of immature wrongdoers by the Hong Kong constabularies alternatively by the tribunal until one reaches 18 old ages. This helped in deviating young person out of justness procedure if they behaved good.

When it comes to political administration Hong Kong was ruled under the province concern confederation. The province concern confederation was a solution for Hong Kong’s administration. After China pickings over it was eroded because there was a major political job for station colonial province ( Brian. 2014. p. 1 ) . The devastation of province concern confederation enabled China to enrich and broaden the bing literature on Hong Kong’s public administration in the mainland. by projecting a new visible radiation on the districts of Hong Kong’s political developments. This changed the political system in Hong Kong’s people wholly. Apart from the security of offenses mentioned. wellness is portion of national security that affected Hong Kong manner of life. The security of the province depends on the security of its single citizens ( Curley and Thomas. 2004. p. 1 ) . This implies that if the province is under heath pandemics its belongings and economic betterments will worsen. The transmittal of terrible acute respiratory syndrome virus from China mainland to Hong Kong led to a major menace to its stableness and prosperity. This was non the lone pandemic that affected Hong Kong ; there were other viruses such as influenza virus ( Hong Kong preparedness’ for grippe. 2007 ) and HIV virus ( sociology of wellness. 2009. p. 1 ) .

To command the grippe virus the Chinese collaborated with the universe wellness organisation ( WHO ) to alarm serious virus and exigencies ( Curley and Thomas. p. 1 ) . The authorities besides introduced the readiness program for influenza pandemic to forestall it from distributing ( Preparedness program for grippe. 2014. p. 1 ) . As to the HIV virus China established comprehensive Aids response ( CARES ) undertaking to cover with human-centered demands of Aids crisis. It engaged in partnership with the Global Fund to contend Aids and other disease like malaria and TB ( Freeman. 2009. p. 16 ) and besides introduced the free AIDSs intervention plan. China’s response to HIV virus provides a window into how the state has strengthened its response to infective disease. There attempt to forestall and handle HIV/AIDS by backing many best patterns and advancing it by senior leading explains on their great attempt to maintain the mainland secure.

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When it comes to the traveling and economic convergence. Hong Kong cooperated with the mainland by subscribing a Closer Economic engagement Agreement ( Pouille. 2012. p. 9 ) that helped fund roads so as to associate them to the mills of the South with the Hong Kong’s international airdrome. This helped to hike economic construction in Hong Kong and besides led to low revenue enhancement ( Pouille. 2012 ) . The industrialists who were encouraged by the closer economic partnership agreements ( CEPA ) besides took portion to hike gross revenues of Hong Kong merchandises in the Domestic market of China that helped to better the economic criterions of the fatherland. China’s influence on Hong Kong’ economic advancement shows that it has gained direct power over Hong Kong. This is apparent in the manner it implemented their private industry ( Pouille. 2012 p. 9 ) .

From my perspective both the UK and Chinese colonisation has negative and positive impacts on the administration and the life of citizens in Hong Kong. Under the positive side it led to the pattern of democracy. This is apparent in the manner Hong Kong exercise their freedom by protesting under the Chinese government ( The independent. 2014. p. 1 ) . Consequently. the freedom and democracy was apparent when the state election was carried on under the administration of the United Kingdom. There was rise of economic criterions and the decrease in revenue enhancement due to the economic influence by the Chinese. The Chinese came up with the great schemes to procure the wellness of the province which I think would hold ne’er happened under the British settlement. It established people release ground forces to take charge of the defence personal businesss to procure the mainland from the onslaughts. There was besides constitution of clinics in public infirmaries and community based centres that helped in guidance of drug nuts. The clinics were the footing for constitution of rehabilitation centres today that helps in work outing the issue of drug nuts. From the back-to-back colonisation. it was apparent that the life in Hong Kong has continued to better with promotion in security. economic system. and political systems. Possibly. colonisation played a major function in determining of the Hong Kong administration through constitution of assorted Torahs in different degree of authorities.

Under the negative side is that handover of Hong Kong to china sovereignty did non tag the terminal of colonisation but the beginning of new rule. This indicates that Hong Kong was a settlement of British but in world it was a settlement of China. The China executed one of the Hong Kong’s occupants under the pattern of two systems in one state. The fact that Hong Kong didn’t fight back explains that it had lost some of its difficult earned political independency and its political assurance to its new settlements. The debut of overseers discretional strategy ( PSDS ) . societal public assistance section and NGO’S to assist immature wrongdoers shows that Hong Kong did non hold with the Chinese authoritiess when covering with offenses of immature people ( Can. Sun and Hebenton. 2013. p. 305 ) . There was besides the eruption of many protests like the umbrella protests and the protest experienced by mainland to name for surrender of Hong Kong’s leader and head secretary in order to rectify the bogus democracy ( Swanson. 2014. p. 1 ) . Hong Kong’s occupants want existent democracy regulation based on jurisprudence and civil autonomies because they fear that their rights are gnawing easy as their mainland continue to exercise more concern influence. All of this shows the negativeness of China opinion.

The set uping some organisations to take charge of defence personal businesss to do certain that security of people is non at interest warrants the mainland protection. The rise of their economic criterions that enables their revenue enhancement rate to cut down shows how all their security jobs are handled good. Hong Kong being under the Chinese sovereignty has led to many betterments in the mainland. What I can state that a state does non necessitate to claim to be under colonisation if most all their jobs are being taken attention of. Hong Kong needs to do a wise determination and halt with their protests that do non convey any betterment to their state in any portion. The protests they conduct will destruct their state and lead to economic diminution since economic system is the most of import thing in every state. They need besides to understand that protests leads to insecurities and destroys many lives. What they need to make is that they should encompass any great chance that is on their manner to lighten up their state.

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It might be seen that China pickings over Hong Kong was like colonising them but what is left buttocks is the privileges they had and go on to bask for passing over itself to Chinese sovereignty. The privileges enjoyed by them are ; They enjoy the opinion of democracy that enables them to pattern their freedoms which they did non bask under Britain colonisation and China coming up with the best ways of contending wellness insecurity by collaborating with other organisations to procure their wellness gives them assurance of life without fright. In order for their economic development. Hong Kong need to capitalise on the chief advantages of the present condemnable justness system and drug bar system. by fall ining custodies with the mainland in order to relieve offense and drug jobs in their state beyond the confines of the local district. China besides need to give prioritization to the rights and demands of Hong Kong’s citizen and do certain there is equality to all sing the determinations of the province. This will take to them being successful.


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