Transcendental themes in the movie “Dead Poets Society” Essay Sample

The film “The Dead Poets Society” is about a group of private school male childs in the North East. They encounter a instructor. Mr. Keating. whom is a small different than most instructors. He wanted to transfuse the motive to look past what society was stating them to make instead than learn the normal course of study. He used Thoreau’s thoughts on transcendental philosophy by demoing them to exceed or travel beyond the regulations that society airss and make their ain independency. Mr. Keating succeeded in his attempts by learning them to believe for themselves.

Director Peter Weir illustrates that the film “Dead Poet’s Society” echoes Transcendentalist impressions in content in that autonomy and individuality must outweigh external authorization and blind conformance to custom or tradition. intuition is superior to consider intellectualism and reason and in construction through the thought that one can happen truth and beauty in nature.

One of the chief thoughts of Transcendentalism is that one’s ain sentiments should predominate over calculated conformance. Emerson wrote refering that impression stating. “Whoso would be a adult male. must be a Nonconformist. ” Emerson tightly relates one’s being with nonconformity. hence exemplifying that one who does conform to society’s wants is less of a adult male. or yet a existent adult male at all. stating. “Imitation is suicide. ” He declares conformance is the same as throwing one’s ain thoughts. individuality. and soul off. which is the tantamount to stoping one’s life. Henry David Thoreau has beliefs similar to Emerson on the subject of conformance. saying. “If a adult male does non maintain gait with his comrades. possibly it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears. nevertheless measured or far off. ” To hear a “different drummer” insinuates to believe or move otherwise from the common consensus. Thoreau asserts that it is wholly right to believe or move in this “different” mode. as abstract from the common as it may be.

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“Dead Poet’s Society” relates the thought of autonomy through its content. Mr. Keating urgently wants the male childs to hear something different from what other grownups are stating them by stating the pupils. “Don’t be lemmings. happen your ain walk! ” and. “Don’t conform ; do it for yourself. ” Mr. Keating wants them to withstand the familiar values and follow their Black Marias alternatively. All of his lessons have the common thematic thought of non-conformity. which are the remarkable most of import facets of his instructions. On the first twenty-four hours of category Mr. Keating persuades the immature work forces to stand on their desks. “I base upon my desk to remind you that we must invariably look at things in a different manner. ” Standing on the desk symbolizes individuality. while everyone who simply sits in his or her desk is merely conforming to the typical outlook.

The most blazing case of the battle against conformance in “Dead Poet’s Society” is the circumstance environing Neal Perry’s self-destruction. After Mr. Perry saw his fantastic public presentation in “A Midsummer’s Night Dream. ” he brings his boy place and approximately Tells him. “We’re seeking really hard to understand why it is that you insist on withstanding us. Whatever the ground. we’re non traveling to allow you destroy your life. Tomorrow I’m retreating you from Welton and inscribing you in Braden Military School. You’re traveling to Harvard and you’re traveling to be a physician. ” This is non Neal’s dream or want ; he wants to be an histrion. After this brush. Neal commits suicide. Neal displays that he wants more out of life than what his household was coercing him to make. but the battle with conformance was excessively great for him. In Neal’s state of affairs imitation is literally suicide. While Neal is the free spirit who chooses to look deeper than expected. Mr. Perry. whom Neal was contending. is the prototype of conformance. Mr. Perry neatly places his slippers in the same topographic point every dark. His action asserts the unneeded construction of conformance. He does this because it is the “proper” and “correct” manner and he does non care to dispute it.

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Transcendentalists non merely believe that it is necessary to look into one’s bosom to happen a personal naming. but they besides believe that single penetration is superior to turn out idea. Emerson takes the political orientation and puts it into striking poesy pronouncing. “No jurisprudence can be sacred to me but that of my nature. ” The student’s instructor. Mr. Keating. believes that intuition is untouchable compared to intellectualism. and he tries to portion his cognition with his pupils. After Mr. Keating asks Neal to read an essay by Mr. J. Evans Pritchard that informs how to rate the illustriousness of poesy on an x. Y axis. Mr. Keating jumps out of his chair and cries. “Armies of faculty members traveling frontward. mensurating poesy. No. we will non hold that here. No more of Mr. J. Evans Pritchard. Now in my category you will larn to believe for yourselves once more. You will larn to enjoy words and linguistic communication. No affair what anybody tells you. words and thoughts can alter the universe. “

Mr. Keating wholly disregards Pritchard’s thought and encourages the male childs to non mensurate the poesy by a heartless graph. which is calculated intellectualism. but to believe for themselves.

The thoughts of elegance and cognition of nature are evident throughout the construction of the “Dead Poet’s Society” . Peaceful images of nature at its best were ever revealed between assorted scenes of the film. These placid shootings of nature remind the spectator that nature is calm and fantastic. and it is at that place that true wisdom is found. “The Dead Poet’s Society” did non run into in a residence hall room or munificent meeting hall. but in a dark. moist cave deep in the forests. The scene of their meetings emphasizes the subject of their conversation. nonnatural poesy. The immature work forces of the society are populating out their beliefs by trying to happen inspiration at that place. During the dramatic proceedingss before Neal’s suicide the camera reveals really symbolic points. First. snow is pictured outside when Neal opens the window. Neal opens the window because he wants to be comforted by the white. glistening. snow-clad nature. Then. a close up of the Crown of irritants that he wore in the production “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” comes into focal point. The Crown that Neal easy puts on his caput confirms that he thinks that nature led him to the right reply in his quandary. Throughout the film the nonnatural thought of beauty within nature is exuded through camera angles and the scene.

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Overall. Dead Poet’s Society exhibits three peculiar features of the nonnatural doctrine: the strong belief that the universe should non conform to society. rational intellectualism is shoddier than inherent aptitude. and world and comeliness are located in nature. Thoreau and Emerson would hold loved this movie!