Touch Football Participation Sociology Essay Sample


The chief degree of unfairness. after using Figueroa’s five degree model of equity. and analyzing the study information. all facets of the model were found to impact the engagement. but the chief degree being the institutional degree.


Touch is fast and adept game pulling participants of all forms and sizes. genders and backgrounds. Touch began as a preparation game for the two rugger codifications during the 1950’s and 60’s it was ne’er seen as a athletics in its ain right.

Today touch enjoys a healthy degree of engagement both on a national forepart. with World Cups and Trans Tasman competitions as portion of the representative calendar.

Despite the popularity of the athletics throughout Australia. ILC has struggled to entice important pupil Numberss to their school squads. This study endeavours to place the major sociological rates at ILC.

Sociologist Figueroa developed a model. which allows for geographic expedition and a greater apprehension of equality issues. which exist in society and for the intent of this study. those that are promoted in the ILC community. These degrees are cultural. structural. Institutional. interpersonal and single.

This model has formed the footing of this study whereby the major equity issues. which influence the engagement in touch at ILC. will be identified and exhaustively discussed.

Methods of research

Research for the study was targeted at the facet of unfairness between the engagement of Touch football interior of Immanuel Lutheran College ( ILC ) . Gathered informations or statistics was traveling to be an indispensable factor. so a study was created for parent’s. managers. instructors and pupils that are associated with the school. The study was limited. though because the pupils who did the study consisted of merely grade 11’s. A scope of cyberspace sites and press releases from category were besides used.


Touch. or as it is officially known as Touch Football. comes from two Rugby codifications. Rugby League and Rugby Union. and was ideally used for preparation. Even though the accomplishments of Touch are close to those of these two athleticss. there is no organic structure contact at all. The game is by and large focused on running and legerity. with manus passing and catching as chief accomplishments. Touch is played with the purpose of traveling the ball towards the oppositions score line by running and go throughing the ball backwards to your teammates. The Rugby tackle has been replaced with a simple ‘touch’ by the guardian followed by a drama the ball action ( a roll- ball ) . Because there is no unsmooth drama. acquiring dirty on the land or likely hurts to happen. touch is a great assorted athletics ideal for both male childs and misss.

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So why is there so small engagement in the game touch at ILC?

To reply this inquiry we must take a measure back and have a expression at Figueroa’s five degrees of unfairness:

1. Cultural

2. Structural

3. Institutional

4. Interpersonal

5. Individual

In these five degrees we will be able to place the chief contributing factors for the deficiency of engagement inside the ILC community.

Cultural Level

“The cultural degree refers to the socially shared sets of premises. beliefs values and behavioral norms. linked to constructs such as race and gender’ ( Kirk et al 1999 p. 130 )

The difficult. tough life of the early yearss of white colony fostered a difficult. tough civilization that’s still current today. The great Australian stereotyped cultural individuality is recognised as a tough battling state. where the males are bred strong. aggressive and unsmooth. and the females are brought up to be delicate. reasonably and emotional.

This gender stereotype has certain effects on the certain athleticss male and females play. For males. Rugby Union. League or AFL are recognised athleticss. as they involve physical contact and strength. whereas misss are expected to play athleticss. which require less coordination and small physical contact. This is confirmed from statistics in the study. where over half of the per centum from pupils. instructor. managers. and parents encourage males to play Rugby Union. and merely under half for netball for females.

Surely. Touch being a non-contact athletics demoing no facets of rough. aggressive behavior. is seen. by the bulk. as non a really suited athletics for males to play. and a game affecting a football is seen as non an appropriate game for misss.


“The structural degree is concerned with the factors such as resources. wagess. societal place and power” ( Kirk et al. 1999 p. 130 )

Major Rugby Union playing states are Australia. England. France. Ireland. Italy. New Zealand. Scotland. South Africa and Wales.

The minor states include Argentina. Canada. Fiji. Georgia. Japan. Namibia. Romania. Samoa. Spain. Tonga. United States. Uruguay.

( hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Rugby_football )

Because the of immense international media screen. Rugby League is a extremely popular game both in the ILC institute. ( See appendix Graph 1 ) and internationally.

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Players of this extremely popular game are in bend regarded to hold high societal place.

Whereas Touch. now played in 23 states across the Earth. including Great Britain. USA. Japan. NZ. and Canada

( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. aussport. com. au/sponsorship/touchsa. htm ) . has about no media coverage. giving it a low societal placing. Players of Major Rugby Union besides get generous wagess ( nines paying them to play ) . whereas major touch nine participants get no money.


” This degree refers to the manner society and establishments advantage and disadvantage peculiar group due to their regular and everyday practices” . ( Kirk et al. 1999 p. 131 )

Within the ILC environment. the college states it strives to supply all pupils with equal chances academically. culturally and on the clean field. From general cognition. it is obvious that this statement is wrong. The institute provides particular resources to assist advance the game Rugby Union. such as Rugby New Jersey. Particular flood lamps enabling rugger lucifers to be played at dark and a extremely expensive trip overseas to Canada. Where as there isn’t even a squad unfastened to play in for touch. giving no chance to play at all. In the study people were asked “which Interschool squad athletics do you believe has the highest engagement Numberss. and the greatest support from the staff and pupil organic structure at ILC? ” Here was the consequence. ( See graph 1 )


“This degree refers to the interactions and forms of dealingss between people” ( Kirk et al. 1999 p. 131 )

Because of Australia’s cultural background. peoples ain sentiment can act upon a person’s pick of activities. Because of the institute’s publicity of the game Rugby Union. it has influenced pupils to play. which in bend can act upon the single determination. This is to a great extent because of equals ; if your friends play you are influenced. particularly if they think its cool. This can happen the other manner around besides. if your equals sentiment is that a certain athletics is uninteresting or a ‘girls sport’ this can besides hold a large influence on an person. In the study grounds was found that rugger was the most favoured athletics in involvement rankings. ( See table 1 )

Surveyed Interest Ranking

Students Rugby 1 – Touch 3

Teachers Rugby 1 – Touch 4

Coaches Rugby 1 – Touch 2

Parents Rugby 1 – Touch 5

( Table 1 )


“This degree is concerned with the attitudes and frequently stereotyped beliefs each of us hold as individuals” ( Kirk et al. 1999 p. 131 )

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Many households have strong stereotyped beliefs ( which is normally similar to their cultural beliefs ) . which normally succumb to girls remaining place with the female parent. while the male parent and boy go out and kick the football about. This at an interpersonal degree can pull strings the single degree. giving the single their set of beliefs and attitudes. For confirmation of this. mention to the study is below.


From the analysis of surveyed informations. a finding of fact to place the major sociological factors lending the current position of engagement in the ILC community is found. And the consequence is a disadvantage from all degrees of Figueroa’s model of equity. but chiefly. in my sentiment. the institutional degree.

The college shows a certain fancy for Rugby Union. giving them certain privileges. such as the flood lamps installed. New Jerseies. abroad trips etc. . which in bend gives the athletics a publicity and advantage over engagement.

Australia. as a whole has presently 250. 000 registered Touch participants with about 500. 000 school kids playing the athletics. This grounds confirms that Immanuel Lutheran College is non supplying satisfactory equal chances on the clean field. particularly if 41 % of people who did the study would play Touch Football if given the opportunity. ( See Graph 3 )


Touch Football is a merriment. exciting. cheap. safe. adept and gratifying game all-round. and should hold more precedence in the institute of ILC. The college should remain true to its policy “Ideally within the College environment we strive to supply all pupils with equal chances academically. culturally and on the athleticss field” and alter the unfairness by opening up a squad and providing equal resources as other athleticss.


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