To Be or Not to Be; My CNA Story Essay Sample

CNA. or Certified Nursing Assistant. work is really ambitious. It discovered how hard CNA work truly is I decided to take a CNA class at the local college during the summer of 2012. My parents and close friends told me I would do a great CNA and their sentiment of the work was it would non be that hard or backbreaking. My school counsellor recommended that I sign up for the class because she thought I had great possible. I took her advice and registered at Rend Lake College and started categories in July. The category was a zephyr and I was holding a great trade of merriment until last two hebdomads of category. During the concluding two hebdomads of category. I was required to work as a CNA in a local nursing place to fulfill my needed clinical hours. During these hours I would take attention of multiple occupants of the place while being assisted by the on-duty CNAs and being monitored by my teacher. The teacher would review me on my accomplishments while I completed my undertakings. My undertakings included feeding. bathing. dressing. and other dashing undertakings that the occupants could non make themselves. I did non understand at the clip. but now I realize that working as a CNA is a demanding calling.

Working as a CNA requires much physical labour. CNA work is non a set down occupation by all agencies. I was expected to supply attention to every bit many as eight occupants during my clinical hours. Many of these occupants were wholly dependent on me to assist them dress. utilize the public toilet. and switch in bed. These undertakings were highly hard and proved to be strenuous on my dorsum and legs. I was invariably on my pess and traveling. and many times I came place from clinicals to happen that my pess were sore and swollen. I. with the aid of another CNA pupil. would hold to raise a occupant from their wheelchair to their bed or toilet. Many occupants were contentious so I had to cover with acquiring beaten. spot. and tongue on. If I would non hold been witting of my milieus I could hold really easy gotten into a hard state of affairs or caused physical harm to the occupant or myself. The doctrine in the calling is that I. the CNA. will mend but the occupant may non retrieve so. I ever had my physical good being on the line. CNA work is non merely physically disputing but it is mentally demanding every bit good.

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The mental facet of a CNA calling is tough. I had to cover with multiple jobs that required me to utilize critical thought and analytical judgement. I was in charge of eight occupant during my displacement. This meant that I had to pull off my agenda carefully. I had three to four baths to work into my agenda while besides doing certain that everyone of my residents’ demands were being met. This programming was nerve-racking. I besides had to endure the maltreatment of occupants utilizing foul and coarse linguistic communication at me and doing petroleum and sexual comments about my visual aspect. Detecting some of my residents’ wellness diminution besides took an consequence on me. Taking attention of person for eight hours a twenty-four hours for five yearss a hebdomad and seeing them bit by bit pass on isn’t something that I could cover with easy. I cared about the occupants and making post-mortem attention on them about ever involved my emotions catching me.

While CNA category was truly fun. I learned a batch about my ego during the experience. I learned what occupation accomplishments I had and what skills I needed to work on and that everyone has different understanding. I took the perceptual experiences of others on a calling that I though would be exciting and applied them to my life. In the terminal I found out that their perceptual experiences of being a CNA were non the same as my perceptual experiences. I deemed that CNA work is really demanding and that the work takes a particular individual to carry through and digest it. I am happy I took the CNA category because it was a good acquisition experience for me. I learned that a CNA calling is non my affinity. Even though CNA work is non my preferable pick of work. I grew a deep regard for the people that can make this strenuous labour. I farther learned that it is a honoring occupation if you can cover with the physical and mental emphasiss that accompany the disputing calling as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

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