Timeline and 5 Stages Essay Sample

1. Review the timeline that links nursing theory to pattern on page 34. table 2-3 in your McEwen & A ; Wills Text. Sum up your perceptual experiences of this timeline with regard to the parts of important events in theory development in nursing. The timeline of important events in Nursing Theory Development on page 34 is animating. As I read down the list I couldn’t aid but experience that the profession was “growing” right before my eyes. I am really aroused to be portion of a profession that has grown so powerful so fast. Reading the timeline truly helps set the important events and theories into position. The lone thing I am left to inquire approximately. that the timeline doesn’t show. is when the ‘explosive growth’ or ramification of the profession began to go on. For illustration. when a tree grows it starts out directly or additive and at some point braches begin to look. For me. I’m as funny about the beginning or additive growing of the nursing profession as I am the ramification of the profession into what it is today.

2. Review the five phases in the development of nursing theory and doctrine.
Silent Knowledge
Received Knowledge
Subjective Knowledge
Procedural Knowledge
Constructed Knowledge
Reading about the different theories is really interesting because if you’re old plenty. I am. so you can follow these thoughts and attacks to nursing. Overall. I think the information presented in the book is really good written and enlightening and I’m basking it vastly.

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