Three Types Of Social Structure Theories Essay

Society is composed of persons with ain set of personalities that is grouped together to populate in one society. Differences may be seen in physical facets. personalities. and idiosyncrasies. The treatments of three different societal constructions in the society will be explained in this paper.

Social Disorganization Theory

Social disorganisation theory refers to the failure of societal establishments or societal establishments like the academia. concern constitutions. existent estate and others in peculiar communities. The theory originates from ecological surveies which examines relationships between an being and its environment. In ecology. the societal disorganisation theory is described as an attack in construct or a “school” . In criminology. it is described as a theory applied to depict societal constructions. In the ecological position. the theory is promoted by a group of professors in the University of Chicago which is referred to as the Chicago School Sociology. Several professors were able to lend to this theory as a school in ecology. ( Thabit. 2005 )

William Isaac Thomas and Florian Znaniecki in 1918-1920 started to establish the societal disorganisation theory in which the thought of attitudes is non unconditioned from the person. they are a merchandise of the procedure of socialization. A person’s subjugation to an act is constructed from interactions between the individual’s behaviour and the state of affairs. Robert Ezra Park and Ernest W. Burgess in 1925 developed a theory of urban ecology which characterized that metropoliss are environment governed by many social forces.

As society becomes populated. the demand for urban infinite will subject people to ecological force per unit areas. Both micro and macro degree of the society is assumed to be operated by a superorganism wherein alteration is a natural facet in its procedure of growing. neither helter-skelter nor disorderly. The organized country is invaded by new elements and hence consequences to local competition among the people. A sequence or an

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