There is No Hope of Doing Perfect Research Essay Sample

Obviously put. the word research merely means seeking once more. In a command to explicate farther. research can be defined as a systematic and organized survey with the purpose of bring forthing new facts. On the other manus. the word perfect is an adjectival used to indicate out a complete province and without defect. With this apprehension. we can therefore define ‘perfect research’ as one that achieves positive consequences upon decision taking to no farther survey. In this respect. I wholly concur with Griffiths ( 1998. pg97 ) statement that ‘there is no hope of making a perfect research’ . This statement is right in the context of Clinical Research ( Shah. 24 ) . Human needs maintain on altering invariably with clip. Therefore. this calls for the demand to maintain on researching to happen out new ways to fulfill these demands. This means that what we already have is non adequate and hence “if perfect research ( s ) did truly be so there would be no demand for farther betterment. For illustration. the first computing machine to be invented was the developed by J. H. Muller in 1786. If at all this contented people. so there would be no demand for Charles Babbage to develop a more sophisticated computing machine ‘the difference engine’ that could utilize the denary Numberss system.

This could subsequently be developed to what we have today as the modern computing machine. There are two types of research viz. basic and scientific research. Basic research is non straight related to a demand but to help in the development of cognition exciting the believing capacity of human existences. Basic research forms the footing for scientific research ( Mehra. 20 ) . Contrary. scientific research is based on the demand to happen a solution to an at hand job. Either inductive or deductive. mistakes during research procedures are inevitable. an indicant that there will ne’er be perfect research every bit long as human logic and thought will go on to do these mistakes during experimentation procedures. Furthermore. a perfect research procedure is based on the flawlessness grade of the coveted consequences ( Shah. 27 ) . Therefore. the demand for farther research and development is depended on the current fortunes. Almost all of today’s research workers depend on bing researches. This means that earlier researches were non perfect hence the demand to research more.

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For case. a recent study published by Saint Matthews Medical Associates. Louisville. showed that vitamin D addendums had negative effects on bone quality and strength. This study contradicted earlier consequences in the medical pattern that sensible addendums of Vitamin D and Calcium are effectual in keeping good bone wellness ( Yassine. 1 ) . The consequences of the survey harmonizing to Yassine ( 2010 ) indicated that “excessive ingestion of Vitamin D addendums D could do toxicity. taking to hypercalcemia or hypercalciuria” ( 1 ) . With clip. this could take to increased bone desorption. Physicians and research workers need to research more on the benefits of vitamin D addendums and malignance ( Yassine. 2 ) . The populace has to be made cognizant on the best beginnings of vitamin D ; either from addendums or through the natural manner which is nutrient and Sun. She calls out the demand for farther research to decide this issue.

Besides. a research conducted by the US National Institute of Health to set up whether low Calories consumption could decelerate down the aging procedure besides gave beliing consequences. Consequences from this survey indicated that lower Calorie ingestion merely could take to a decrease of insulin degree by 25 per centum ; a true indicant that lower Calorie ingestion could truly assist forestall the aging procedure ( NIA. 97 ) . However. there followed beliing statements on the same with similar researches saying that for Calorie restriction to bring forth positive consequences. assorted factors like environment. nutrient type and types of exercisings performed are the lone aging influencers. In decision. I wholly agree with Griffiths statement that there is no hope of a perfect research ( 1998. pg97 ) . The hope for a perfect research does non truly be and researches are merely aimed at bettering what has already being done. Therefore. new researches can merely be encouraged to develop new thoughts by bettering the bing 1s as there is no perfect research yet.

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