The Woody Manufacturing Company Essay Sample

Aim: To use the constructs learned about construction and legerity at the person. group. and organisational degrees in planing the Woody Manufacturing Company.

TEAM ASSIGNMENT: Get together with your squad and develop a proposal for Mr. Woody that. if followed. would assist him carry through his vision.

Planing a New Furniture Company Mr. Woody. the owner/operator of a little furniture company specialising in the industry of high-quality saloon stools. has experienced a enormous growing in demand for his merchandises. He has standing orders for $ 750. 000. Consequently. Mr. Woody has decided to spread out his organisation and assail the market sharply. His declared mission is “to industry world-class merchandises that are competitory in the universe market in quality. dependability. public presentation. and profitableness. ” He would wish to make a civilization where “pride. ownership. employment security. and trust” are a manner of life. He merely finished a set of interviews. and he has hired 32 new workers with the undermentioned accomplishments:

Four skilled craftspeople. Ten people with some woodworking experience. Twelve people with no old woodworking experience or other accomplishments. One nurse. One school teacher. One bookkeeper. Three people with some managerial experience in nonmanufacturing scenes.

Mr. Woody ( with your aid ) must now make up one’s mind how to plan his new organisation. This design will include the direction construction. wage system. and the allotment of work to persons and groups. The saloon stool–making procedure has 15 stairss:

1. Wood is selected. 2. Wood is cut to size. 3. Defects are removed. 4. Wood is planed to demand specifications. 5. Joints are cut. 6. Tops are glued and assembled. 7. Legs/bases are prepared. 8. Legs/bases are attached to tops. 9. Bar stools are sanded. 10. Stain is applied. 11. Varnish is applied. 12. Bar stools are sanded. 13. Varnish is reapplied. 14. Bar stools are packaged. 15. Bar stools are delivered to the client.

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Mr. Woody presently manufactures three sorts of saloon stools ( pedestal. four-legged corner. and four-legged recessed ) . There is no difference in the trouble of doing the three types of saloon stools. Major cost fluctuations have been associated with faulty wood. imprecise cuts. and late bringings to clients. Mr. Woody must make up one’s mind how to form his company to keep high quality and net incomes. He has thought about several options. He could hold some persons perform the first measure for all types of saloon stools ; he could hold an single perform several stairss for one type of saloon stool ; or he could hold a squad execute some combination of stairss for one or more saloon stools.

He wonders whether how he organized would impact quality or costs. He’s besides aware that while the demands for all types of saloon stools has been approximately equal over the long tally. there were short periods where one type of saloon stool was in greater demand than the others. Because Mr. Woody wants to utilize his people efficaciously. he has committed an expert in work design to assist him put up an optimum organisation.


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