The White Slavery Essay Sample

Annie Besant describes the conditions of the London Match Workers as a sort of white Slavery. but does their status truly fit those of the slaves brought to the Americas? The conditions of both reflect societal arguments of their times. where human existences were treated as belongings. I see both analogues and differences between the conditions of Londons working category and the African slaves brought to the AmericasBeginning with the physical conditions of the labour each had to execute. many analogues exist between the difficult labour of the British mill workers and plantation slaves. Annie Besant says. One miss was fined 1s. for allowing the web turn around the machine in an enterprise to salvage her fingers from being cut. and was aggressively told to take attention of the machine. ne’er mind your fingers. The slaves besides faced similar rough conditions. but in some respects may hold been treated better merely because of their value as belongings. With small developing necessary at their occupations. the proprietors faced small economic deterrence if a miss was injured or had to be replaced.

Following are the analogues between the manner the mill workers and the slaves were viewed by the upper category and the authorities. Annie Bessant says. Born in slums. driven to work while still kids. undersized because ill-fed. oppressed because helpless. flung aside every bit shortly as worked out. who cares if the dice or travel on the streets. provided merely that Bryant and May stockholders get their 23 per centum. This is the position from the working category ; they feel as if are treated like refuse. We do non see this sentiment from the mill proprietors or the authorities. The authorities did little at first to advance just intervention and rewards for the kids or grownup mill workers. Many. like Thomas Babington Macaulay. argued that without the mills the misss would hold no occupations ensuing in even worse poorness. We see the same instance made earlier for the black slaves. James Froude claims that the British system is good for the former slaves in the West Indies. in his article The English in the West Indies.

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The opinion category will reason that the system in topographic point is good for the people. But if the system was really good for the people would riots be in the West Indies? Would factory misss cut their weaponries and pour their blood in protest? But there were besides profound differences in the upper-classes position of the mill workers and the slaves. The mill workers were still viewed as people. And as we saw in the slide show. many people fought for their rights. The mill workers ne’er faced the stigma that the slaves faced. Although the slaves were freed and conditions grew better. a century of difficult contending for equality was still to come.

Besides the outlook of the mill workers and the slaves was non the same. The mill workers. although trapped by circumstance. were ever free. For illustration. the misss did non desire to come in late or take a twenty-four hours off from work because they would lose rewards. Slaves did non confront the same pay cut downing penalties. It was worse ; they could be beaten or switched to hard labour. The outlook of the slaves was a call for freedom. non an terminal to the work.

Analogues exist between the white Bondage and the bondage that the British. Spanish and Lusitanian imposed on the African slaves in the Americas. Both white and black slaves faced difficult labour. less-than human position in society and impossible to get away fortunes. However. the historical position and the revolutions for freedom occurred in different ways because of colour and the positions from the upper category.

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