The way we dress Essay

The manner we dress has an impact on how we are viewed upon or categorized in society. Whether we are at work. school. the promenade. or merely taking a amble in the park. we are judged merely because of our vesture. We are a society quick to justice because of the “outside” which denies us the chance to truly cognize a individual at times from the “inside. ” The fact of the affair is. vesture plays a cardinal function in how we live our lives in many ways and in how we will be portrayed or even treated. From being judged on how we dress on certain occasions or in an ambiance that is dainty and proper to being judged by the colourss we wear. Clothing could even consequence a individual emotionally. in which the statement “you are what you wear” could decidedly keep true. Whatever the instance may be. vesture is of import in our society and we are shortly to happen out why.

If a individual attends a nuptials in sweat pantss and a lacerate jersey. how would this individual be judged? While many would hold their ain sentiments. most likely this individual would be portrayed as cheap. hapless. dirty. disrespectful and holding no category whatsoever. A immature lady go toing a nuptials in an highly telling outfit might be portrayed as promiscuous. disrespectful. blowsy. or even unsavory. others might see her as beautiful. sexy. or “easy. ” The individual who walks into a schoolroom have oning name trade name vesture might be judged as a individual of wealth when those apparels are non even his. A immature adult male go toing a occupation interview for a major jurisprudence house in ripped denims and a shirt will non be taken earnestly even though he does measure up.

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In our society we have to seek to show ourselves in a mode in which we are ready for other people to judge us because we ourselves judge others. Traveling into a large jurisprudence house in ripped denims and a shirt should non do a individual wonder why they did non acquire the occupation. Same as a mendicant on a street corner should non inquire why cipher is giving him money if he’s dressed in nice khaki bloomerss and orderly shirt. You have to dress the portion if you want to acquire what you want in our society.

Not merely are we judged by what we wear but besides by the colour of our vesture. Wearing certain colourss could categorise a group or an single as a certain manner. For case. a individual who is under no fortunes involved in a pack could be easy shot at because of their pick of colourss. Traveling on a certain street corner with certain colourss could do an tumult in the country. Those colourss could do the pack or group assume the individual have oning these colourss wants to “start something. ” Even though their pick of colourss was periodically chosen that twenty-four hours. he pays the monetary value because he either “stole the pack member’s colors” or they are against a certain group that represents those colourss.

However. non merely are colourss viewed as an association with packs. but pureness every bit good. A lady acquiring married who wears any colour but white could be seen as impure. Because the colour white symbolizes pureness. her gown of colour leads many to believe she is impure. Wearing all black portrays a individual as being sad or person died. Wearing all yellow could be seen as a really happy individual. It goes to demo that even by the colour of dressing a individual wears. you are judged either as an person or group. Whether the judgement is true or non may or may non be known.

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There are decidedly yearss where the statement “you are what you wear” holds true for many people. If a individual wears certain apparels that conveying out their characteristics or fits them right. they feel good about themselves. Because the individual is confident in himself or herself it portrays them as a confident individual. If have oning a large ugly jacket makes one feel uncomfortable and insecure. the personality becomes merely every bit bad as the jacket. If you spot a individual have oning perspiration bloomerss and a sweatshirt. you know they are comfy and want to loosen up. Merely by what you wear and how you carry yourself. it’s astonishing how people make their premises on how a individual is experiencing.

Apparels should non do the individual. but in many instances it does. Being uncomfortable about job countries like thighs. hips. natess. and weaponries could be covered by the vesture you wear. In bend. these countries are concealed and do a individual more intimate that “their denims make their but look smaller. ” However. apparels non merely cover a person’s job countries. but besides create jobs every bit good. While some people might non hold the money to purchase the apparels. they might be denied chances in their lives because of the apparels they lack. Sometimes the manner a individual frocks could suppress a individual from holding friends. relationships. and even a all-around occupation. Clothes topographic point judgements upon people in many different ways. but every bit long as every individual knows their “true self” merely their personal judgement is the 1 that matters!

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