The Value of Taking Risks and Making Mistakes Essay Sample

On the telecasting show “The Magic School Bus. ” Miss Frizzle. the over-eccentric. adventuresome instructor. ever says. “Take opportunities. do errors. and acquire mussy! ” She is emphasizing that non taking hazards and. in bend. non doing errors is about tantamount to non larning. If one wants to populate a thrilling and. more significantly. fulfilled life. they need to take hazards. Furthermore. if one wants to go educated. they need to do errors.

Alexander Smith one time said. “Everything is sweetened by hazard. ” Risk teaches us to weigh our options and make up one’s mind which of those options is the most appealing. if non a good pick. Of class. sometimes the chosen pick requires us to go forth our alleged “comfort bubble” in favour of an escapade. A cautious life – that is. one where the options selected are non brave or good – is a deadening life. Sometimes. we need to halt devising regulations. start our ain comfort bubbles and get down interrupting the regulations that we set in rock.

This is furthered by the fact that most chances come from. and are rewarded by. taking hazards. We merely can non wait for the chance to catch us by the manus and drag us to the wages. Alternatively. we need to take a running start and catch the opportunity’s manus on the manner to the wages. That is being an effectual risk-taker every bit good as a human with plentifulness of enterprise.

Sometimes. when we take a hazard. we make a error. Quite honestly. I believe that doing errors is really more advantageous than simply larning a topic. George Elliot said. “A twine of errors is really a twine of memoirs. ” We learn and retain information better when we make a error. It is a eldritch construct. but it besides makes sense when you look at it from another angle. When I make a error ( and swear me. I make many ) . I figure out what I did incorrectly. and I figure out how to make it the proper manner. This is explained by the quotation mark “to err is human. to forgive Godhead. ” We make an mistake. and we are forgiven by calculating out the right reply. Again. it is an eldritch construct. but when one dissects it. it makes perfect sense.

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Making a error is non ever a atrocious thing. In fact. worlds utilize a figure of innovations now on a day-to-day footing that were the result of an experiment gone incorrect. Some of the more humourous 1s include the Frisbee ( which originated from pie Sns ) . potato french friess ( cuisine gone “horribly right” ) . Post-It notes ( the ill-famed “sticky solution” ) . and cheese ( go forthing milk in a pouch made of carnal tummy caused it to curd up ) . Furthermore. some of the most of import innovations of all clip came from errors every bit good. Included in this list are tyres and penicillin. To believe. without some of these innovations. life may non be the manner it is today.

Although taking hazards and doing errors may sound like the incorrect things to make. they are. in existent world. the lone manner to populate life to the fullest. Therefore. to anyone who wants to tickle pink their lives: take the hazard. detect the chance waiting for person to catch it. and larn from your errors – because sometimes. the finest things come from the most unexpected of topographic points.