The Value of Digital Privacy in an Information Technology Age Essay Sample

1 ) List and describe at least three ( 3 ) engineerings that allow an person to research citizens’ private informations.

The first engineering that is looked into is cloud calculating. Cloud calculating in General is for anything that involves presenting hosted services over the cyberspace. These services are loosely divided into three classs: Infrastructure-as-a Service ( IaaS ) . Platforn-as-a Service ( Paas ) and Software-as-a Service ( SaaS ) . The name cloud computer science was inspired by the cloud symbol that’s frequently used to stand for the cyberspace flow charts and diagrams. ( Search Cloud Computing by Margaret Rouse: Dec 2010 )

A 2nd signifier of engineering that has been about is Facial Recognition engineering. Facial acknowledgment has been around for three decennaries. But nomadic and societal revolutions are quickly driving the field frontward. as digital exposure proliferate. cloud calculating powers accelerate and package capablenesss progress. Tech giants including Google. Apple. Microsoft. and Yahoo besides employ facial acknowledgment engineering in exposure. picture and gambling merchandises. as do a smattering of lesser known nomadic application companies. Facial acknowledgment is a computing machine application for automatically placing of verifying a individual from digital image or a picture frame from a picture beginning. One of the ways to make this is by comparing selected facial characteristics rom the image and a facial database.

The 3rd signifier of engineering that is being used is called Detective Mode. The Federal Trade Commission ( FTC ) said “a package company called DesignWare sold a

2 ) Plan that helped rent-to-own shops path and recover rented computing machines. The package contained a plan known as “Detective Mode” that tracked tenant locations and collected payments from them if the computing machine was non returned” . the FTC said. The plan could log users cardinal shots gaining control screen shootings and to take exposure utilizing a computer’s webcam. the committee alleged. The spyware. which had been installed on about 420. 000 computing machines worldwide. could roll up a broad assortment of sensitive informations. including usernames and watchwords. Social Security Numbers. medical records. private electronic mails to physicians. back and recognition card statements. and web Cam images of kids. partly undressed persons and “intimate activities at home” . harmonizing to the FTC.

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2 ) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of public entree to this information. both for the researches and those who are being “investigated. “

The first advantage of utilizing public entree with this new engineering is the uniqueness and it besides the chief feature. which allows biometries engineering to go more and more of import in our lives. A opportunity of two users holding the same designation in the biometries security is about nothing. Second. the extremely unafraid manner of placing users make this engineering less proven for users to portion entree to extremely sensitive informations. A noticeable disadvantage is if the biometries system users fingerprints to place its users and an accident causes the user to lose his/her finger so it can be a job during the confirmation procedure.

3 ) Determine what measures citizens can take to protect private information or information they do non desire to be disclosed.

The steps citizens could take to protect of import information they do non desire to be disclosed can be done by making the followers: 1 ) Install a firewall and virus look intoing on your computing machines. 2 ) Protect your computing machine by downloading the latest spots or security updates. which should cover exposures. 3 ) Encrypt any personal information held electronically that would do harm or hurt if it were stolen or lost. 4 ) Securely take all personal information before disposing of old computing machines. 5 ) Make certain that your operating system is set up to have automatic updates. Take regular back-ups of the information on your computing machine system and maintain them in a separate topographic point so that if you lose your computing machines you don’t lose the information. ( Information Commissioner’s Office ( ICO ) Website. What Security Measures Should I take To Protect the Personal Data I Hold? )

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4 ) Discuss a federal jurisprudence that grants that federal authorities the legal right to do private information on U. S. citizens available to the populace. and whether or non you agree with this jurisprudence.

The federal jurisprudence which has come along after 9/11 that makes private information on U. S. citizens public or that may be the cupboard is the United and Strengthening America by Supplying Appropriate Tools Required to stop and Obstruct terrorist act Act of 2001 ( USA Patriot Act ) is an act of the U. S. Congress signed into jurisprudence by President George W. Bush on Oct. 26. 2001.

Basically. it serves as a agency of cutting down on restrictions that law- enforcement groups were saddled with as they applied to seeking telephone. e-mail communications. medical. fiscal. and other records as it applies to persons suspected of being involved in terrorist act. Furthermore. it added onto the bing authorization of the Secretary of Treasury in how they could modulate fiscal limitations. Finally. it gave in-migration governments more power to confine and behave immigrants who were suspected of plotting of being portion of terrorist activities. Peoples who are in favour of the Patriot Act. like that it allows law-enforcement to utilize surveillance against suspected terrorists. behavior probes without outside intervention and the ability to seek concern records in the national security instances without a mountain of ruddy tape.

The steadfast oppositions of the Act. nevertheless. hatred that it gives the FBI apparently limitless power over “any touchable thing” that it absolves the governments from holding to hold likely cause and that is expands the government’s right to seek private belongings of proprietors without notice to the proprietor. ( Opposing Views Website Patriot Act: Professionals and Cons by Alex Groberman copyright May 30. 2011 ) I am opposed to the Patriot Act. The ground is it gives bureaus such as the FBI and CIA manner excessively much power to look into whoever and wherever they see fit. These organisations over a period of clip are known to hold some signifier of corruptness. If this sort of power gets in the incorrect custodies. the effects would be lay waste toing. Not merely for the citizens. but the unity of those same law-enforcement bureaus that are sworn to protect us will be earnestly compromised.

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5 ) Determine whether there are “electronic privateness laws” that can forestall Others from holding entree to “private information” every bit good as how effectual they are.

The Electronic Communications Privacy Act ( 1986 ) Congress passed the Electronic Privacy Act ( ECA ) to spread out the range of bing federal wiretap Torahs. such as the Wiretap Act. to include protection for electronic communications. ECPA expanded the privateness protections of the Wiretap Act in five important ways:

1 ) ECPA broadened the range of privileged communications to include all signifiers of electronic transmittals. including picture. text. sound. and informations. 2 ) ECPA eliminated the demand that communications be transmitted via common bearer to have legal protection. 3 ) ECPA maintained limitations on the interception messages in transmittal and adds a prohibition on entree to hive away electronic communications. 4 ) ECPA responded to the Supreme Court’s opinion in Smith v. Maryland ( June 1979 ) that telephone toll records are non private and restricts law-enforcement entree to dealing information refering to users of electronic communicating services. 5 ) ECA broadened the range of the Wiretap Act by curtailing both authorities and private entree to communications. ( EPIC. Org ( Electronic Privacy Information Center )


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