The Sociological Perspective Essay Sample

1. Explain the sociological position. Why is it of import to utilize the sociological position when we study society and socail issue? ( 20 point ) The sociological position is a peculiar manner of nearing a phenomenon common in sociology. It involves keeping objectiveness. non by depriving oneself of values. but by critically measuring and proving thoughts. and accepting what may be surprising or even displeasing based on the grounds.

The sociological position frequently assumes that “official” accounts are uncomplete or self-seeking. It involves a witting attempt to travel beyond the obvious and inquiry what is accepted as true or common sense. This is of import because common-sense premises are normally based on really limited observation. Furthermore. the premises on which common-sense premises are based are rarely examined. While sociological research might corroborate common-sense observation. its broader observation base and theoretical rational supply a stronger footing for decisions. The sociological is of import to utilize the sociological position when we study society and societal issues because the sociological position helps us to see general societal forms in the behavior of peculiar persons and offers penetrations about the societal universe that extend far beyond accounts that rely on single oddities and personalities. Essential to the sociological position is the sociological imaginativeness.

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