The Slave Community Essay Sample

Book Review: The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South by John W. Blassingame


The pages of human history daubed in bloodshed relating to World War I & A ; II. struggles in the name of faith. cultural clangs. rebellions of the inkinesss against the Whites. Nanking slaughter. desolation unleashed by atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. inquire the shouting inquiry. How to do this Planet Earth heaven-like? The reply is simple and direct.

Eyes full of understanding. Black Marias full of love and the life that refuses conflicts-enough. these entirely are adequate. The establishment of bondage in USA. and the attendant development of the unarmed. miserable black community is worst than any war. The unparallel inhuman treatment on black kids. adult females and work forces continued for centuries. for the economic aggrandisement of the white adult male.How the white plantation proprietors succeeded in fostering the system of bondage in America and how the inkinesss fought against the subjugation by forming protests on the lines of hawkish trade brotherhoods of the modern epoch?

The book by Blassingame explains in item the distinctive feature of the Black experience in America. This is a all right debut to the American bondage. how the system was created. nurtured. and consistently developed to repress the black community at every phase. without Lashkar-e-Taiba up. Even the most barbarous character in a suspense thriller. would decline to believe the adversities of the life of inkinesss and the agony they underwent from the minute of their gaining control. till their decease.

Blassingame writes. “The procedure of captivity was about incredibly painful and perplexing for the Africans. Wholly cut off from their native land. they were frightened by the artefacts of the white man’s civilisation and terrified by his inhuman treatment until they learned that they were merely expected to work for him as they had been accustomed to making in their native land. ” ( p. 4 ) The slave labour system is wholly different from the normal labour system. The later has many right and duties. the former has no rights ; merely the duties to be carried out in the cruelest of working conditions.

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To exemplify by an illustration. a medical practician may order medical specialties. but his prescription will non detail the mental conditions and torment of the agony of the patient. Similarly the history of bondage. largely documented by the white historiographers. has non been able to capture the bosom and mind of the black community. One among this community should be in a place to make justness to the issue. John Wesley Blassingame ( 23-3-1940-13-2-2000 ) is eminently suited to compose on the topic.

He is the former Chairman of the Afro-american Studies plan at Yale University. He is the innovator in the survey of American bondage. He has profound cognition of American bondage. He is a celebrated black bookman. historian and author. The tools used by the writer for crafting the book are slave interviews. journals and memories of slaves and slave holders. common people vocals. fleeting wanted postings and the similar. They provide reliable image of the life on the plantation. The African words. numbers and the vocabulary of the former slaves create a real-life state of affairs in the description provided in the book.

This is no ordinary attempt by Blassingame. The historical analysis of an establishment that has been in being for a long clip and base on ballss through different phases is a tough undertaking to papers. The tendencies in comparative establishments need to be studied to get at decisions. The necessities need to be sifted from the non-essentials. The historian by disposition demands to be he impartial perceiver and shall compose without prejudice. if it has to be true history. Basssingame has done justness to the topic. He has shown the penetration of a professional trade brotherhood leader when he describes how plantation proprietors maintained jurisprudence and order in their farms and how the slaves fought against the system. He neither sides the inkinesss nor condemns the white.

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He tenders the relevant information. facts and figures and allow the reader pull his ain decisions. But the nonvoluntary way which the slaves were compelled to step. before being forced to the assimilation procedure in America. was non the easiest experience for any black to bury. He writes. “After their gaining control. the Africans were tied together by a rope and so marched 100s of stat mis while enduring from thirst. hungriness. and exhaustion. Consequently. many either died along the manner or were reduced to a really weak and bony status by the clip they reached the seashore. ” ( p. 6 )

Blassingame reaches out to broad canvass of the facets of the enslaved life. to enable the reader to understand the topic of bondage in its proper position. He takes the topic of socialization by comparing how enslaved Europeans in African. in South America. in North America acculturated. He besides tackles the frequently ignored country of impact of slavery-how southern Whites acculturated to African American civilization. He observes. “In imitation of slaves. the white man’s circle of friends expanded. ” ( p. 103-104 ) .

He inside informations the household life of the slaves. and its harrowing worlds. He succeeds in giving the reliable image of the real-life civilization of the black slave in the Antebellum South. Blassingame is non willing bracket all types of bondage in one class. He gives description of the assorted types of slaves. depending upon the local conditions and the master-servant resonance established by some subdivisions of the slaves.


Blassingame has helped to look into the cultural misunderstanding by the Whites as for assorted signifiers of bondage. He makes mention to the combination of African and American elements that led “to the development of alone wooing patterns in the slave quarters. ” ( p. 158 ) Black Preachers are the strongest links between African and Afro-american societies.

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The quite surprising observation nevertheless is. notwithstanding the fact that both pattern the same faith in some countries. the ill-will between the two communities still persisted.This goes to turn out that to set up Christ in the bosom is more of import than dangle cross on the cervix.The love-hate relationship between the white Masterss and their black subsidiaries continued for a long clip. till such clip the inkinesss were lawfully liberated by the commissariats of the American Constitution. after the Civil War.



Blassingame. John W. The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South

Paperback book: 432 pages

Publisher: Oxford University Press. USA ; 2 Edition ( November 1. 1979 )

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0195025636

ISBN-13: 978-0195025637