The Scientific Method and Observation & Measurement Essay Sample

Please respond to the followers: Describe each measure of the scientific method. Assess the function of duplicability. coaction. and peer reappraisal as portion of scientific enquiry.

1. Explicating a problem- knowing what you want to look into. like taking a certain field to work in

2. Observation and experiment- this is done with great attention. facts of nature are like constructing blocks of scientific discipline and its consequences. Making certain things are as accurate and nonsubjective informations that sets science apart from other manners.

3. Interpreting the data- to account for what has been found on how nature works. A scientific reading is normally called hypotheses.

4. Testing the interpretation- this is a portion of doing new observations to see whether the reading is traveling to correctly predict the consequences. By farther observation and experiment to look into it’s anticipations.

Theories ensuing from Scientific and Observation & A ; Measurement done by yourself or one group needs to be validated by farther survey. Reproducing of the scientific method to prove the theory once more and once more additions assurance that the theory is right. but still may hold defects because the trial conditions may be excessively narrow validate the theory. Therefore proving by others by coaction with others can assist to add more point of views on the theory and others who collaborate may run scientific method at other locations and with other conditions to farther confirm and/or refine the theory. Peer reappraisal allows for others within the scientific community to see the theory and happen flaws or suggest other proving or polishs that are necessary. Peer reappraisal may besides take to coaction with scientist who can run extra testing and may hold entree to more resources for proving ( better equipment. more work force. research support. etc ) .

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Use the Internet or the Strayer Library to research articles on a recent scientific claim that you believe may or may non stand up to scientific testing. Be prepared to discourse. Watch the picture titled “Launchpad: Methane on Mars” ( 5 min 40 sec ) . Be prepared to discourse.

Video Source: NASA e-Clip
( 2009. October 21 ) . Launching pad: Methane on Mars [ Video file ] . Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. gov/audience/foreducators/nasaeclips/launchpad/exploration. hypertext markup language.