The Science Investigatory Project Essay Sample

The Science Investigatory undertaking determines the possibility of the assortment of the interior banana Peel and ipil-ipil foliages as shoe Polish. This assortment of banana desquamation compared to other sorts of bananas in peculiar to the sort of banana called Lacatan is tested to be the most effectual sort. Lapp as the ipil-ipil foliages that become effectual because of the belongingss it has.

Then we compared it to a commercial shoe Polish in footings of effectivity our merchandise did a similar consequence on the black leather places. Then this trial resulted that the scraped banana Peel. grinded ipil-ipil foliages. and the pounded wood coal assorted together had no important difference to the commercial shoe Polish.

The process used in the experiment was lb the ipil ipil palant. Boil the Banana Peel and acquire the infusion. Pound the wood coal into little pieces. Mix the infusion of the ipil ipil works. banana Peel infusion and the lb wood coal.

The research workers therefore conclude that banana Peel of the Lacatan banana. ipil-ipil foliages. and baby oil mixed together by the process seen in the Appendix A and Methodology. the research workers showed a possible merchandise for an alternate shoe gloss for black leather places.

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