The Roots of American Slavery Essay Sample

Question 1: Why was a child’s legal position dependant on the position of the female parent? How did this challenge traditional English heritage patterns? What implications does this hold for the kids of free black work forces and enslaved black adult females?

The child’s legal position was dependent on the position of the female parent to forestall possible addition of free black people at that clip. If the kid of Englishmen on a Negro would claim the position of their male parents. there would certainly be an addition in the figure of free black people. The racialist society at that clip was wary of the increasing figure of free black people. fearing that it would rule the local population.

This challenged the English heritage patterns because it follows consequently to the father’s position or place in the society. If the position of the kids were based on the female parents. so the position of Englishmans were held useless at that clip. The deductions on the kids of black twosome would be great impacting them by decreasing the opportunity of their kids to be free. Most of the adult females are slaves at that clip. therefore more and more black kids will be given the position of slaves.

Question 2: How did the Virginia authorities discourage interracial matrimonies? What happened to the kids of these brotherhoods? Were work forces and adult females every bit punished in an interracial brotherhood? Why or why non? The Virginia authorities discouraged interracial matrimonies by penalizing interracial sexual dealingss. even among free work forces and adult females. This is to forestall the detestable mixture and specious issue that could increase in that country.

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The penalty would be everlastingly ostracism from the country. for both work forces and adult females who had relationships with Negroes. Mulattoes. and Indians. The kids of these brotherhoods would be given to the Church wardens of the parish. and turn as their slaves. There are some points that work forces and adult females have equal penalties. like ostracizing them from the country everlastingly. If in instance a female parent bears a bogus kid of a Negro or a Mulatto. so she has to pay 15 lbs sterling. If she can’t wage. so she will be taken into the ownership of the said Church for five old ages. at the disposal of the Church wardens.

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