The Roman Empire Full Of Power History Essay

The Roman Empire was a great power full and influence imperium that traditions civilization and Language are still seen today possibly in different signifiers but still seen today like Latin and the Roman jurisprudence system. Besides the white house because it was made in a Roman manner. The Roman Empire lasted so long due to its roads, trade, progresss and conquest.

Roads, trade, progresss and conquest held the imperium together over a period off clip because roads kept the imperium unified. It besides held the imperium together bye increasing trade, which boost the economic system and set Rome into the Pax Romana. Roads were besides responsible for connect the imperium with a military strength to set down rebellions and if the military travels on the roads and that encouragement trade. So it all ties together. Roadss are n’t merely something that held the imperium together it helped the imperium thrive because it allow speedy transit so that public plants could be built to maintain the people happy and an imperium with happy people makes the imperium thrive and last thirster. If Rome did n’t hold roads Rome would hold fallen really fast because like the Persian Empire Rome was immense and need a manner to halt invades and travel its military around and roads allow the armed forces to travel faster and more efficient. This is of import because if there were n’t roads so that Rome ‘s armed forces could n’t travel freely the Germanic encroachers would hold taking Rome really early.

Conquest helps the imperium last because it boost economic system and the power and influence off an imperium. Rome could hold lasted so long because off its military power so it could spread out and boom because big imperium ever last longer than a colony or a little metropolis. Conquest besides helped Rome spread its power and strength. If Rome would hold ne’er conquered anything through conquering it would hold ne’er grow to great power and it would hold stayed a little metropolis that would fall to Germanic invasions early on in its history.

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Trade besides help maintain Rome together because trade encouragement economic system and keeps people happy trade besides causes Rome to last because without trade Rome would hold ne’er grow in size because you need money to back up the demands off a turning imperium and without trade there would be no money so Rome could n’t turn. Some Roman progresss are like concrete, which built Hadrian ‘s Wall, which protected the Roman Empire from encroachers, which allowed the imperium to last invasions and last thirster. Concrete besides help built public plants and that maintain the people happy it besides helps construct roads, which was earlier explained why they are aid.

Some other things that might be considered to maintain Rome lasting was aqueduct and public plants but none off theses truly helped Rome last longer it merely made the people off Rome to dependent on it. Aqueducts did non do Rome last longer it merely helped back up Rome ‘s big population and public works merely do the Roman people entertained and they grow to dependent on thing like bathing machines and H2O.

The most of import was the roads because without the other one the imperium would hold fallen truly but without roads the imperium would hold ne’er truly even lasted because roads connect everything together like trade economic system and the ground forces which makes it like the cardinal portion of the system like the encephalon. So it is the most of import because it allows everything to work to its full potency and it has its ain utilizations to.

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So all off these things make Rome one off the universe strongest and most powerful imperiums off all clip but Rome came to an terminal dues to some off these and non other but it is common for clip to past and for imperiums to lift and fall and Rome was one off the greatest and one off the most powerful imperiums to lift. Rome fell dues to encroachers and corruptness in authorities. It besides fell because off a deficiency off H2O due to the aqueduct being destroyed and besides to take toxic condition in the H2O system. But it is merely a rhythm were everything rises to the top the crumble when it clip comes about. But Rome is merely one off the great to fall and for the following centuries to come the medieval ages will come with the dark ages and the lone thing that hold different parts off it together is Christianity which start in Rome and will last for centuries to come as make other Rome illustration off life.