The role of the health and social care worker Essay


1. 1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship. There are important differences in a working relationship and the sort of personal relationships you may hold with your friends or household. A working relationship is different because of: specific aims and intent ; professional boundaries ( bounds that tell you what you can and can non make in your occupation function ) ; professional codifications of behavior ; employer policies and processs ; clip bounds ; being in some instances a one-way relationship. Personal relationships are based on emotions and are informal. In personal relationships you frequently portion support between each other and feelings and ideas as you can be who you are with household or friends. Personal relationships involve making things together outside of work.

1. 2 Describe different working relationships in wellness and societal attention scenes. There are different working relationships in the Health and Social Care puting. These include. work co-workers such as nurses. hca. housekeeper. ward clerk. domestic. hostess. directors. physicians. For each person you develop a different type of working relationship and some will be more formal than others. But they are non the lone relationships that we can work with in our ain administration. we have other relationships with co-workers in other administrations. The staff have to larn to acquire along with each other. that may be been moved to a new squad that will work otherwise from the last topographic point we worked.

However. some land regulations to do certain that we can work good with others can be used in most state of affairss. – happen out the ways in which determinations are reached and the squad members who should be included. ; – ever inquire for advice and clear up anything you are non certain about. ; – do non presume that everything is the same in every workplace. ; – recognize that every squad member. regardless of their function and position. has an indispensable part to do. ; – value the input of all co-workers and acknowledge its importance. ; – do certain that the manner we your is non increasing the work load of others or impeding them in transporting out their work.


2. 1 Describe why it is of import to adhere to the agreed range of the occupation function.

There are many different functions within societal attention. and your occupation should hold a clear occupation description so that we know the countries for which we are responsible. The occupation description will organize portion of our contract with our employer and is likely to include information about: the duties of the function

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where the work is to be done
who will oversee the work
who the line director is for the work
any staff you will be responsible for.

It will besides state me the rate of wage and the hours i will necessitate to work. The occupation description will change depending on the employer. The range of our occupation function is the amount of everything we have to make to acquire our occupation done. It describes what activities you need to make. how. when. where and who with. It´s of import that one work within the range of our occupation function because if we don´t. we may endanger the wellness. safety and good – being of many people.

2. 2 Access full and up-to-date inside informations of in agreement ways of working. Agree ways of working include:

formal processs. which are prescribed. stiff ways of working that we are lawfully obliged to follow precisely as written. less formal processs. which allow for flexibleness of working in state of affairss where stiff processs will non run into single demands. Agreed ways of working with the people we care for and back up demand to be updated often. to take history of alterations in. for illustration. their wellness and societal attention demands. medical progresss and statute law.

1. Example of one of our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours work activities.

Where could i happen a in agreement manner of working how to travel or assist a patient from bed to chair. will happen in Moving and Handling Risk Assessment. We have full entree to a attention program. all hazard appraisals and demand appraisals besides policies and processs. We need to up to day of the month any agreed ways of working. in everytime there are a alteration of a processs or information sing with the patients.

2. 3 Implement agreed ways of working.

We have a legal and a moral responsabilitiy to follow in agreement ways of working. as a failure to make so could endanger the wellness. safety and good – being of everyone concerned. For the same ground. we must ne’er transport out any activity that has non been agreed and written into my occupation function. Policies and processs are an of import manner of cognizing that we are working in the manner that our employer requires.

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3. 1 Explain why it is of import to work in partnership with others. To work in partnerships with others it is really of import. it enables people with different accomplishments and qualities to come together to run into all of an individual´s ( patients ) needs. Effective partnership are about good teamwork. and in order to work good. they require some basic land regulations. These need to include understandings on:

functions and duties
determination devising
deciding struggles
sharing information.

It is really of import that you work in partnership with your co-workers and all other people. This will include carers. households. physicians. nurses. occupational healers. other wellness professionals. societal workers. voluntary administrations and other people. We work in partnership with others so we can give patients the best possible attention. to acquire aid and support. to supply effectual pattern and to hold a happy squad with who you work with. For illustration. on many occasions the nurses contact the physician to discourse medicine or any other wellness issues ; with physio therapist we contact them to cognize any alterations or how to travel and manage a patients ; occupational healer will allow us cognize if the patient is ready with their place environment. nearing a undertaking otherwise. utilizing equipment. accommodating their life environment. and happening schemes to make their ends. Communication is really of import whilst working in partnership.

By working together and organizing good working partnerships. the more the single patient or client will profit and the better their attention will be. It could besides be a manner of safe-guarding against errors and misinterpretations that could be damaging to all involved. 3. 2 Demonstrate ways of working that can assist better partnership working. Partnership working in wellness and societal attention requires persons from different organisagions to work together with the people they care for and back up to present a holistic attention bundle. a combination of services put together to run into all of a person´s ( patients ) demands.

On a personal degree. different people may hold differnt thoughts and attacks. which can be really helpful at times but. if non managed decently. can take to dissensions. ” I had an experience with an bureau nurse. who i worked with in two bays. when finished all the personal attention of the patients. the bureau nurse asked me if we do the 4º hourly Ob. I said yes. so i started making my 4º hourly Ob. for me its more of import. so the bureau nurse came to see me once more and asked me where is the staff room to travel for her interruption. one told her that we still necessitate to make the 4º hourly obs on the other bay. she walked out. believing that she gone and do it. but no. I saw her traveling for her interruption. lucky a pupil nurse done the Ob. ” I shared information with her sing about the function and duty of the manner of working.

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3. 3 Identify accomplishments and attacks needed for deciding struggles. There are ways of deciding struggles but the chief accomplishments and attacks are to: happen out precisely what caused the confict and how people feel ; remain composures. listen carefully and esteem everyone´s positions explore different solutions ; different people have different thoughts about how to decide a struggle attempt the in agreement solution. If that doesnt work. seek another.

3. 4 Demonstrate how and when to entree support and advice about:

• partnership working

I done a dark displacement. early forenoon we do all the bends. sit up patients to be ready for their breakfast. observations and blood sugars. So. that forenoon I was working with an bureau nurse. that she decided to make her notes. alternatively of assisting me to make our occupation. so one done the bends and the Ob. so one merely had to make the blood sugars. so one spoke to her and i asked if she could make the blood sugar. she turn to me and said no. I buzzword. I have notes to make. upset with her. I told her that I done everything and im merely inquiring for a little favour to make the blood sugars. So the Sister heard me speaking and one sound like disturbance and she asked me what go on. so one told her. she gave me a clinch and said to quiet down. When the bureau nurse saw the Sister speaking to me. she decided to make the blood sugars.

• deciding struggles.

The Sister asked me to quiet down while she was listen carefully my struggle with the bureau nurse. and the Sister told me. if there is anything you want to speak about. delight come to see me.