The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker Essay Sample

Normally the attention program. The purpose of the attention program is to measure the demands and hazards of the individual concerned and do appropriate programs Reviewing/ Evaluating Skills
Is a continual procedure as people’s demands and wants alteration. You will be able to look into / step that the attention program aims are being met by puting mark day of the months to measure what the individual has been able to accomplish and what needs to be adapted in the attention program and objectives Listening Skills

Listening is an of import portion of pass oning with others. To listen implies that the hearer hears. wages attending to and responds to the individual. Negotiating Skills
The intent of dialogue is to decide state of affairss where struggles have arisen. The purpose of a win-win dialogue is to happen a solution that is acceptable to both parties and leaves all involved feeling that they have won – in some manner – one time the dialogue has finished. It is of import that the most vocal do non ever have their manner. Recording Skills

Making notes. composing studies. electronic mails.
Effective Communication
Most communicating is non-verbal. Peoples can read ocular hints and trust on replete even if you say the opposite. so if a service user asks you a inquiry. be honorable – your organic structure linguistic communication will uncover the truth. Team Work

Team work is indispensable in societal and wellness work pattern. No 1 can back up person efficaciously without others. There is no ‘I’ in squad Technical Skills
These can run from utilizing computing machines to craft work. Work pattern can change. you need to be flexible and invariably willing to larn Research Skills
These accomplishments are progressively of import. You will necessitate them to continually develop your larning Organisational Skills
A disorganized individual may be originative but will non acquire really far if they miss the deadline ( and see clip ) or do non finish the work Personal Presentation
Peoples do justice by first visual aspects! Always frock suitably for work and be clean and tidy

4222-206/1 – Understand working relationships in Health and Social Care

The working relationships between attention staff and the people who they provide attention for is critical for their wellness and wellbeing – Relationships semen in really different forms and sizes. There are relationships between friends. household members. co-workers in outside administrations and the professional relationship between co-workers and service users. The relationship between a worker and a service user should be a supportive professional relationship. What does this mean?

What are the differences between the personal relationships you have with close personal friends & A ; household and those relationships you have with those people you provide care for and other professionals you work with.

In some cases the relationships can be rather similar in that they involve helpfulness and working together. In a professional relationship you have a task/goal ( i. e. supplying personal attention etc. ) that you are working together to finish and accomplish. In a personal relationship the ultimate end is happiness and edifice that religious connexion between yourself and your important other.

This is a subject you should discourse with others and relates chiefly to what can be seen as the boundaries that you should non traverse. The codifications of pattern for Social Care workers provides a list of statements that describes the criterions of professional behavior and pattern required for societal attention workers as they go about their day-to-day work:

Social Care workers must:

Protect the rights and promote the involvements of service users and carers Strive to set up and keep the trust and assurance of service users and carers Promote the independency of service users whilst seeking to guarantee that their behavior does non harm themselves or other people Uphold public trust and assurance in societal attention services ; and Be accountable for the quality of their work and take duty for keeping and bettering their cognition and accomplishments.

Developing Relationships

The first measure in developing effectual working relationships is placing those people who you are dependent on to acquire your work done and those who are dependent on you. Where you are dependent on each other this is called mutuality. Working on these relationships will give you a large return as there is the likeliness that support provided will be reciprocated.

Developing good working relationships relies on a figure of things

Good effectual communicating – an ability and willingness to speak and to listen with an unfastened head. what another individual says if by and large what they believe to be true. if you disagree ask inquiries to clear up Trust – This is important in developing long term relationships. how far do you swear the other individual and what will necessitate to go on or non go on for this to be developed? Common Expectations – What are the outlooks each individual has about the relationship. what common ends and marks does each individual have?

4222-206/2 – Work in ways that are agreed with the employer

In order to guarantee that your employer is able to present the service they have agreed with the service user it is of import that you understand what is expected of you. At grounds mention 2 you are asked to reexamine your function and duties and the policies and processs which you need to run by. Your employer is expected to:

Provide flexible. personalised and antiphonal service
Put people at the Centre of everything you do
Have high degrees of specializer expertness and client satisfaction Invest clip in enrolling the right people for the right occupations Provide extended staff preparation and support.

If you feel that any of the above is non in topographic point which is suppressing you making your occupation you should speak to your employer to discourse how betterments can be made. Once set of guidelines that we can follow to steer the manner we work is our values:

Valuess steer your work. relationships and life.

Valuess are a person’s rules. beliefs or criterions by which they live. They would see these to be precedences for them in their lives. e. g. disbursement clip with people. being honest. being punctual. being painstaking. helping people who are in troubles etc. Everyone has different and attitudes which will be of import to them depending on their background and upbringing.

We are non born with values/attitudes but get them throughout our childhood. i. e. through school. friends. household equal group etc. Through our life experiences we are more than probably to alter our values. For illustration. we may hold been brought up in a rigorous spiritual family taking on those values but as we grow and mature and think about those peculiar values we may non desire them for our lives in the hereafter and take on other values. On the other manus we may prefer to populate by those peculiar values – We all have to do these kinds of picks / determinations for our lives.

Enabling service users to do a pick for their lives means seting the Health and Social Care Values into action. As workers everything we do is influenced by our ain values. There are a figure of Health and Social Care Values detailed below which you must adhere to. if any of your ain values conflict with these it is of import that you do non let these to act upon how you work. If you have conflicting values take an chance to speak to you director and / or co-workers to happen out how these can be reconciled.

Health and Social Care Values

What this means
Needs of service users should be tailored specifically for their fortunes / needs / wants / dreams / aspirations. for illustration. if a individual requires a peculiar repast associated with their beliefs these should be provided. However do non do premises ever check. Identity

Recognise that service users have their ain sentiments / ideas / positions about things. They will hold had many life experiences and these should be acknowledged and valued Rights and Duties

Each service user has rights for illustration to go to their ain topographic point of worship. merely because it may be ‘inconvenient’ is non a ground why we shouldn’t run into their rights. They besides have rights to alter their head about something. Workers need to promote them to exert these rights and promote duty to move within the jurisprudence and moral duties. Choice

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There needs to be acknowledgment of the service users ‘right to do their ain choices’ . to show and choose what they want and the benefits of this. That everyone is entitled to be given full and thorough information in order to do an ‘informed choice’ as to what they want / demand. Privacy

Every worker needs to understand how to avoid invasion such as the demand for permission to come in the room of a service user and to protect their personal infinite. If visitants arrive at the residential / nursing place they do non hold the right to see the resident’s room without permission from the service user – it is their place. Inclusion

Bing portion of the mainstream of society is something most of us take for granted. We go to work. look after our households. see the general practician / tooth doctor. usage conveyance. and travel to the swimming pool or film. Inclusion means enabling and promoting the service users to make the ordinary mundane things in life. doing usage of the mainstream services and for them to be to the full included in the local community. Independence

Recognition that the service user should be encouraged and enabled to make things for themselves. This will enable them to experience involved and go on to pattern their accomplishments. The consequence of this would give them a feeling of being involved. If everything is done for the individual they lose their accomplishments. assurance and sense of ego Dignity

Every worker needs to hold an apprehension of importance of continuing the service users dignity particularly when intimate undertakings are being provided. Dignity is closely connected to a person’s sense of dignity. For illustration. if person is being assisted to hold a bath so the bathroom door should non be left unfastened and every bit shortly as the individual is out of the bath. towels need to be put around them so they are non left feeling vulnerable. Respect

Every service user of whatever age. disablement. race. gender. category. sexual orientation. belief system. etc. demands to be treated with regard. equity and self-respect. for illustration. showing to the individual that they are really of import and that you value them. This means that they are spoken to as an grownup with a sort and thoughtful attack. Working in Partnership

It is really of import to work in partnership with the service user. their household / friends and with relevant bureaus. Every worker needs to take on board the wants of the individual they are back uping. their household / friends and other bureaus but the wants of the service user is the most of import. Citizenship

The authorities is committed to enforceable civil rights for everyone in society in order to eliminate favoritism in society. Everyone has a right to a nice instruction. to turn up to vote. to get married and hold a household and to show their sentiments with the aid and support to make so where necessary.

4222-206/3 – Work in partnership with others

One of the Health and Social attention Values is ‘Working in Partnership’ which means that workers need to work in partnership and signifier effectual working relationships with service users. carers. family/friends. advocators. colleagues/manager and staff from other bureaus.

‘Unpaid carers’ refers to household members who support a relation. ‘Significant others’ means anyone who is important to the service user they are back uping.

Every worker needs to take on board the wants of the individual they are working with. their household and other bureaus but the wants of the individual they are back uping should be the most of import.

It is really of import that the service user maintains contact with their friends/family. advocators who may talk on their behalf and important others. If the service user is in residential/nursing place care/hostel etc. so regular contact should be encouraged.

The service user needs to cognize they are still portion of a household. hold friends and have non been abandoned. e. g. the demand to belong ( Maslow ) . The household may desire to be involved in the support of the service user. i. e. personal attention such as bathing or taking the individual shopping. church etc. It is deserving researching with the service user and household members/friends about how they would wish to be involved and promote this.

Workers should help the service users in any manner possible to keep these relationships by supplying. for case. a warm welcome and refreshments when visitants arrive etc. This will ensue in the service users experiencing valued. every bit good as their visitants and besides assisting to keep the relationships.

Resources / Further Reading
There are tonss of resources that can assist you to research

Learning Outcomes & A ; Assessment Criteria Mapping

The inquiries below mark the undermentioned appraisal standards:
Learning Outcome
Assessment Criteria the scholar can
4222-206 ( Diploma ) Outcome 1. Understand Working Relationships in Health & A ;
Social Care 1. 1. Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship 3. 4

1. 2. Describe different relationships in Health and Social Care Settings 4
4229-206 ( Tech Cert ) Understand working relationships in Social Care Settings 1. 1. Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship 3. 4

1. 2. Describe different relationships in Health and Social Care Settings 4
CIS Outcome 1. 1. Duties and bounds
1. 1. 1 Know your chief duties to an person you support ( extra: an single refers to anyone accessing attention or support ; it will normally intend the individual or people supported by the worker. 1. 2

1. 1. 2 Be cognizant of ways in which your relationship with an single must be different from other relationships. 3. 4
4222-206 ( Diploma ) Outcome 2. Work in Ways that are agreed with the Employer 2. 1. Describe why it is of import to adhere to the agreed range of the occupation function 6

2. 2. Access full and up to day of the month inside informations of in agreement ways of working 7

2. 3. Implement agreed ways of working

4229-206 ( Tech Cert ) Understand the importance of working in ways that are agreed with the employer 2. 1. Describe why it is of import to adhere to the agreed range of the occupation function 6

2. 2. Access full and up to day of the month inside informations of in agreement ways of working 7

2. 3. Explain the importance of full and up to day of the month inside informations of in agreement ways of working. 6
CIS Outcome 1. 2. Duties and bounds
1. 2. 1 Be cognizant of the purposes. aims and values of the service in which you work. 5

1. 2. 2 Understand why it is of import to work in ways that are agreed with your employer 6

1. 2. 3 Know how to entree full and up to day of the month inside informations of in agreement ways of working relevant to your function ( Extra: Agreed ways of working include policies and processs where these exist ; they may be less officially documented among micro-employers and the freelance ) 7

4222-206 Outcome 3. Work in Partnership With Others
3. 1. Explain why it is of import to work in partnership with others 9

3. 2. Demonstrate ways of working that can assist better partnership working 9

3. 3. Identify accomplishments and attacks needed for deciding struggles 9

3. 4. Show how and when to entree support and advice about: a ) Partnership Working B ) Deciding Conflict 13
4229-206 Outcome 3. Understand the importance of working in partnership with others 3. 1. Explain why it is of import to work in partnership with others 9

3. 2. Identify ways of working that can assist better working relationships 9

3. 3. Identify accomplishments and attacks needed for deciding struggles 9

3. 4. Explain how and when to entree support and advice about: a ) Partnership Working B ) Deciding Conflict 13
CIS Outcome 1. 3. The importance of working partnerships with others 1. 3. 1 Understand why it is of import to work in partnership with carers. households. advocators and others who are important to an person ( Extra: Others e. g. ain co-workers. other professionals across wellness and societal attention. 10

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1. 3. 2 Recognise why it is of import to work in squads and in partnership with
others 11

1. 3. 3 Be cognizant of attitudes and ways of working that aid better partnership with others 12


Researching Working Relationships

Q1. What tasks do you transport out to back up service users
Guidance: SCILS Hand-out 3 “Roles and duties of the Worker” will assist you with this inquiry every bit good as looking at your occupation description.

I carry out legion functions. these include doing certain all service users are up at the specified clip in the forenoon. back uping them with the forenoon modus operandi such as bathing inc hair rinsing and shaving ( work forces ) and assisting to acquire the apparels ready if needed. so back uping with breakfast. and the forenoon medicine. besides back uping service users with breakfast. and possibly in some fortunes assisting them do and pack a jammed tiffin.

If the service users has already made programs for the twenty-four hours so I would back up them for the afternoon. doing certain they are on clip and besides with any monies that are due for the afternoon out or for the activity. As I am merely down as portion clip contract 7 hours. I support a service user to recycling. which is an activity. I do all mentioned above acquiring him ready for the yearss activities. which are recycling where I support him to work for the twenty-four hours and really acquire him involved in the procedure of recycling composition board.

He and I will hold tiffin out for the twenty-four hours and this is besides in my function to back up him with the full yearss activities including his tiffin out with whoever is back uping him on that twenty-four hours. I do back up some other service users when asked to and some of these will necessitate different types of support. but chiefly holding medicine. which my contracted service user doesn’t. so with the service users who do so I would do certain they have their medicine at the times specified on the Marss sheet. evidently look intoing the medicine is right. some service users will besides be supported with their banking responsibilities on a Monday and so some will be supported shopping. for their hebdomadal shopping. for the coming hebdomad. I help the service users with all facets of supported life.

Q2. What support needs do service users have?
Guidance: SCILS Hand-out 1 “Maslow’s theory of human needs” and Hand-out 2 “Identifying needs/wants” will assist you with this inquiry. Besides look at service users’ attention programs for information.

1 ) Basic Physical needs. people will make what of all time they can to run into their physical basic demands. most people are able to these demands for granted. but if these demands are removed from them so they will make what is of all time necessary to fulfill those demands. for case if a individual is hungering so their precedence is to happen nutrient. all other basic demands will be forgotten when compared to demands like hungriness. thirst. heat. shelter.

2 ) Love and emotional demands. Peoples need love and seek for this. we need love and besides we need to love and to be loved back. people need to for near loving relationships. and besides to hold contact with other contact with friends co-workers neighbours. this may include working along side other people at work. people don’t like experiencing entirely because we as worlds need to construct relationships with other worlds. these lone become of import one time basic demands and safety and security have been met.

3 ) Self Esteem Needs: This is how people feel about them egos. its really of import so we all feel we have a valuable part to do in the society they live in. such as household. local community groups. or work topographic point. feeling good about yourself has a batch to make with our ain experience through life. and the type of assurance we were given turning up. Treat all service users with regard and aid to construct good ego regard.

4 ) Self satisfaction demands: we should all hold program and this is about making the full potency to make your program or ends. this may be through puting new ends or even run intoing new challenges. and developing bing endowments. Maslow suggested that if our other basic demands haven’t been met so this demand ( self esteem ) demands will ne’er be met. because people will necessitate to go on to seek and run into the demands lower down the Hierarchy.

Q3. What are the differences between a personal relationship with a friend and a professional relationship with a service user? Guidance: Should the relationships you have with friends and household be the same as the relationships you have with other professionals. service users. co-workers and others you come across at work. SCILS Hand-out “Elements of a Supportive professional relationship” will assist you with this inquiry.

No these relationships should non be the same. some facets of these relationships are similar. such as listening accomplishments and negotiating/recording accomplishments. but with work colleges are a more professional relationship. listed below are some illustrations of a supportive professional relationship. Listening. Enabling. Empowering. Making picks. Keeping privateness. Confidentiality. Advocacy. Promoting rights. Non Judgemental.

Teamwork is indispensable in societal attention. it is really hard to back up person without others. Technical accomplishments can run from utilizing a nomadic phone or laptop to craft work. work is varied and we need to be flexible and invariably willing. Research accomplishments. are really really of import. you will necessitate them to continually develop your ain acquisition. Organisational Skills A discouraged individual can be originative but will fight to travel far and they may lose dead lines or neglect to finish any work given. Personal Presentation people do justice by first visual aspects. please ever retrieve to dress suitably for work and the be clean and tidy.

Q4. What are the different working relationships you have in your work topographic point? Write down below the different people you work with and what information. support and support you provide for them Person/

What information counsel and support do they anticipate from you? Team members and co-workers I am expected to be able to make my occupation function decently. I am expected to compose down all information in the comms book that I have received on the twenty-four hours of my displacement. and to read the same book on get downing my displacement. we work as a squad so I would be expected to assist with all facets of attention and support with other service users with other demands whist at work. if im peculiar good at one facet of work so I would be expected to give counsel and support to the support worker. I would besides be expected to make full in all day-to-day logs for the individual I supported on the twenty-four hours. Other professionals

Whilst working with other professionals they would anticipate me to be every bit professional as they are with me. these could be Doctors or societal workers or in some instance even instructors from college. in those instances I would take notes from these professionals to subsequently reassign to the comms book back at the undertaking. and every bit good as go throughing on any of import information verbally foremost to the necessary support worker or director. I would be expected to take all relevant certification with me. including all medicine that the service user is taking. Persons who require support

Persons we support have changing grades of disablements some are verbal some are non verbal. some like to be left entirely and others like to be interacting with me. and bask me being in their infinite. we are able to be verbal with some. but others we use gestural. or images and manus gestures to pass on with persons. Families. friends. advocators or others who are of import to persons We besides work sometimes with the households and friends of the people we support. and in some instances Advocates. but we have to be really careful what we say to these people as certain things should non be disclosed. as the information may be on a demand to cognize footing.

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Understanding Your Job Role

Q5. List the purposes. aims and values of the service in which you work Guidance: you may happen these in your administrations handbook/brochure or written as a Mission Statement. if non inquire your director. Organisations Mission Statement / statement of Purpose

Mission Statement. Off the fcl web site? ?

We are a group of friends and relations of grownups with larning troubles who are supported by the charity of FYLDE COMMUNITY LINK based in Lytham Lancashire.

As friends of FYLDE COMMUNITY LINK. we are dedicated to raising money in every bit many ways as possible to enrich their lives by support ( those small supernumeraries ) which can do a immense difference. Administrations Stated Values ( besides look at H & A ; S Care Core Values )

To be a leader in invention ( seeking new things ) inclusiveness ( affecting everyone ) and transparence ( being unfastened and honest ) Everyone who is portion of Fylde Community Link therefore strives: To do available responsive ( to what people want. ) Flexible ( because people change ) and low-cost ( because money is limited. ) services for people who need them Organisations Core Aims and Aims

To get the better of challenges and so unrecorded the best life they can hold To force by low outlooks and so accomplish everything which is possible To equilibrate taking hazard with remaining safe and so hold rich experiences To hold a place which is safe and happy

To exert existent pick over their place environment
To populate where they want. with whom they want for every bit long as they want to

Q6. Describe why it is of import to adhere to the agreed range of the occupation function. You should add a transcript of your Job Description as grounds for this unit. In the boxes below write down what you feel are the chief responsibilities and duties which are portion of your function. You should discourse this with your director. Take into history the information that you have been given about Care Values and Policies and Procedures.

Key Duties
Is there a process to back up you?
( see below )
Is Development

Keeping a professional relationship

Ensure the safety of clients/visitors/and yourself. etc.
Promote independency and Dignity. regard. privateness
Work in an Holistic attack. Physical-mental-social demands are Holistic Y

Confidentiality. attention plans medical and personal inside informations are unbroken private. Y

Non Judgmental. Treat all persons the same. and with the same degree of attention. Y

Enabling. Helping clients to do their tea. and besides assisting them with their personal attention and hopefully learning them the rudimentss of personal attention. Y

Listening. Bing able to listen right to the clients to to the full understand what they want and need to carry through their demands and wants. Y

Write the Standards box above how you rate your cognition and experience 1 = Good Understanding and Performance 2 = Limited Knowledge and Experience 3 = Training Needed 0
Why is it of import to adhere to the occupation function detailed above?

The occupation role’s and processs are their to be followed and this will protect the clients and besides the staff. these are put in topographic point to give the clients demands are respected and to assist give them the best possible result to populate their life.

Policies and Procedures

Access full and up to day of the month inside informations of in agreement ways of working and Implement agreed ways of working In the exercising shown above you should hold identified a figure of policies and processs that support the function that you do. In the boxes below reappraisal all the values. policies and processs applicable to you and your service users and how you apply them in your work. You should so talk to your director to corroborate whether you need any farther preparation and development.

Q7. Name 5 policies and processs that you must follow in your workplace: Guidance: Handouts 9a and 9b “Policies and procedures” could assist you with this inquiries Policy / Procedure
What information / support is available on this policy
Training Required
Master of educations policy and processs.
Policies and processs are at all undertakings. this information helps the client and besides the support worker to follow the policies and processs to be carried out right. and to give assurance to both the worker and client.

Health/safety processs
Health and safety processs are at all undertakings we work at. and are kept in the office.

Infection/control process
Infection/control processs are at all undertakings we work at. and are kept in the office.

Food hygiene
Food Hygiene certification at all undertaking. and once more on the FCL intranet/different colored chopping boards for different nutrient types at all undertakings N

Q8. Where are these policies and processs located?
Guidance: Ask your director or convey this issue up at a squad meeting.

On the F. C. L. Intranet/ and in the office at the undertaking we are working at.

Manager Remarks
Ask your director to notice below on how effectual you are at working in line with the ‘agreed ways of working’ shown supra. You and your director should hold if any preparation in this country is required.

# Wherever possible grounds should be left in the topographic point of work and signposted instead than included in the portfolio. Is the Evidence Provided Valid. Authentic. Reliable. Realistic. Current. Consistent and Sufficient?

Working in Partnership With Others

Q9. Explain why it is of import to work in partnership with others. In subdivision 1. 2 above you have identified a figure of of import relationships and the information counsel and support you provide them. Fill in the boxes below. Guidance: SCILS Hand-out Person/

How can you better your working relationship?
How would you cover with struggle in this relationship
* Where would you derive support and advice
Team members and co-workers
Better communication/
Working as a squad
Supporting one and other
Line manager/talk.
Speak to the individual involved
Support Sessionss
Regular squad meetings
Policies and processs
Staff manus book / Directors
Other professionals
Bing professional
Directly to the individual or individuals involved.
Written communicating
Care and quality committee
Persons who require support
Good communicating
Work as a squad
Support each other
Speak straight to the individual involved.
Regular Team meetings
Support Sessionss
Families. friends. advocators or others who are of import to persons Communication
Working as a squad
Support one and other
Bing professional
Speak straight to the individual involved.
Written communicating

Q10. Why is it of import that you work in partnership with these ‘significant people? ’ Guidance: Discuss with director or raise this issue in the following workshop or work squad meeting

To guarantee clients accomplish the best possible result.

Q11. Whose demands can be best met by you working as a ‘team’ and in partnership with others? Guidance: SCILS Hand-out 6 and notes at the start of this faculty “Health and Social Care Values” will assist you with this inquiry

The clients/service user demands need to be tailored the their circumstances/needs/wants/dreams and asperations. recognizing that the service user has their ain needs/opinions/thoughts and should be encouraged to give their ain sentiments and positions.

Q12. What does the words ‘Prejudice’ and ‘Discrimination’ intend? Guidance: Use a lexicon to assist you with these inquiries. Besides discuss this with your director and workshop leader.

PREJUDICE means. Preconceived sentiment that is non based on ground or existent experience.

Discrimination means: The Unjust or Prejudicial intervention of different classs of Peoples.

Q13. Supply an illustration of where you accessed support and advice about partnership working and deciding struggles

Tax assessor:



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