The Role Of Information Security Policy Essay Sample

“An Information Security Policy is the basis of an Information Security Program. It should reflect the organization’s aims for security and the agreed upon direction scheme for procuring information” ( Bayuk. 2009 ) . Finding out how direction positions security is the first measure in composing a security policy. The human component is the biggest security exposure for any organisation. Policies. criterions and preparation are the best ways to extenuate the human component hazard. Employees need to be educated and trained on the dangers and hazards associated with information security. Roles of Employees

“Roles and duties are the descriptions of security duties executed by sections other than the security group” ( Bayuk. 2009 ) . Human factors must be included in the organisations security policies and an attempt must be made to inform employees about the policies. criterions. processs and guidelines. In any organization’s security program people are the weakest nexus. Employees must be alert against societal technology and phishing efforts. every bit good as other efforts like physical security and other human-oriented invasion efforts. There are serious effects for the organisation and employees for any information via medias and employees must cognize and understand this. Different degrees of security

“In a universe of viruses. malware. and hackers. information security is a large trade. One individual method of IT security can non see protection of mission-critical informations. In the endeavor IT environment. layering multiple tactics and security procedures can assist shut all of the gaps” ( Wikibon Blog. 2010 ) . The first degree would be for the organisation to make a hazard appraisal analysis. Second a security policy is written which may include an acceptable usage policy which is a policy that a user agrees to follow in order to be granted entree to a web. besides an account of how security measurings will be carried out and enforced. Third. logging. monitoring and reporting-management regularly proctors public presentation consequences and every bit good as establishes and paperss public presentation prosodies. Forth. practical perimeters-authentication is reintroduced into personal computing machines as the systems grow and go more powerful.

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Fifth. environmental and physical information-mainframes. waiters and routers are housed in an unafraid country that protects the devices from fire. detonations. man-made or natural catastrophes and physical entree. Sixth. platform security-a theoretical account used to protect and procure the platform and the full span of the package on the platform. It besides provides an increased degree of unity. Seventh. information assurance-manages hazards that can be related to utilize. storage. processing of information or information. Eighth. individuality and entree privilege management-each topic is unambiguously identified and given entree to the lowest degree of privileges. This limits harm that can ensue from mistake or unauthorised usage. Authentication/authorization system can be every bit simple as a watchword disputing system. Polices and Standards

“Policies outlines security functions and duties. defines the range of information to be protected. and provides a high degree description of the controls that must be in topographic point to protect information. Standards aid to guarantee security consistence across the concern and normally contain security controls associating to the execution of specific engineering. hardware or software” ( P. 2009 ) . Microsoft’s ends are “to operate our services with the security and privateness you expect from Microsoft. and to give you accurate confidences about our security and privateness patterns.

We have implemented and will keep appropriate proficient and organisational steps. internal controls. and information security modus operandis intended to protect client informations against inadvertent loss. devastation. or change ; unauthorised revelation or entree ; or improper destruction” ( Microsoft. 2015 ) . Microsoft have a batch of policies. criterions. audits and enfranchisements that cover both their united provinces clients and international clients. Besides every twelvemonth they audit all of the 3rd party organisations associated with them. The security direction service director map guides leaders through issues that should be considered for developing an effectual security policy. The SMF reviews tactics and patterns to increase staff consciousness and betterment. Pull offing different degrees of security

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Security clearances for the differing forces is a great manner to pull off the different degrees of security required for differing degrees of forces. This goes back to the 8th degree of Information security which is individuality and entree privileges. Depending on the degree of the forces determines what degree of security and what informations of the organisation the employee can entree. For illustration in the armed forces there are I think two degrees of security. secret and top secret. Both require an in deepness background and recognition cheque. Making this ensures that informations is non seen or given to forces who does non hold right degree of security.


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