The Relationship Between Authority Essay

AUTHORITY. FREEDOM AND DISCIPLNE IN SCHOOL INTRODUCTION Authority and discpline are really of import constructs of life. A related construct to the two which is besides of import is freedom. These constructs are portion of our civilization. Authority and subject are required to modulate the manner persons should act in relation to others. For illustration. idividuals as against the larger the society. persons in the household. the school or church etc. Again the two construct are needed to heighten the usage of freedom. AUTHORITY

The word authorization comes from the Latin “auctoritas” which means presence or bearing. It was used to depict the mode. behavior or demeanor of a dignitary. In ordinary linguistic communication. authorization is define as something that exercise a force or influence over as ( NASH 1966 ) . This implies the power to implement it. Authority gives the right to people to make up one’s mind. justice. order and to do dictums. Basically there are three types of governments viz. Charismatic Authority. Traditional Autority and Legal or Rational Authority. Besides authorization is the power or the right to give orders. do descisions and enforce obeisance. Last authorization can be established in:

Families. e. g Parental Authority
Intermediate administrations. e. g Schools. Churches. Armies etc The province or Society. e. g Political authorization
The word freedom comes from a Latin word “libertas” which means autonomy. freedom or independency. Besides freedom is the power or right to move. talk or believe as one wants without any hindrance or restraint. In broader sense. freedom can besides be the ability to execise or do descisions without external influence. Examples of freedom are ; Freedom to talk ( to show one position )

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Freedom to fall in any association
Freedom to school ( right to instruction )
The word subject was originally derive from the word ‘disciple’ which meant one who learnt or voluntarily follows a leader. Discipline is the systematic preparation in obeisance to regulations. ordinances and authorization. In other words subject can be term as the codification of behavior. utilizing penalty to rectify them. Basically there are two types of subject. These are ; External subject

Discipline in this sense means an external limitation or restraint on a scholar or a kid. It is an outside control of the individual through penalty. wagess and competions. Teachers and parents normally such controls to determine the behavior of kids. The purpose of external displine is to convey about true subject. which self-denial. This involves the procedure of preparation.

Self-discipline is the ability to command one’s ego. one’s ain desire. feelings etc. This subject comes from within the kid. This means that it is internal. True displine is self-discipline in which a scholar decides to set himself under a sort of order. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN AUTHORITY. FREEDOM AND

Authority and freedom can non be seperated every bit far as school subject is concerned. In fact. authorization. freedom and subject are really closely related. They can be conceptualized in triadic theoretical account as shown in Figure 1. 1 below.

Fig 1. 1 Authority. freedom and subject in a triadic theoretical account. Freedom and Authority relate to the right and previlages of the person as against the countenances of society. In the school. the Headmaster is the represntative of society and has authorization vested in him. He delegates his authorization to the instructors and defines what may or may non be done in the school. School subject relate to the extent to which status exist that permit the school to accomplish its sit down aims. Disciplined persons create healthy school clime. R. S Peters besides threw more visible radiations on the issues of the function authorization plays in school. He started that. a instructor is put in authorization to execute certain undertaking for the community and keep societal control at school at the same clip. In add-on. pupils freedom are limited by that of his collegues. That is. he or she enjoys in the context of societal norms. In this sense freedom in limited by authorization which is the norm of the school. Besides. to do pupils to bask their freedom. the authorization ( instructors ) brings penalty to bear on perverts to conform.

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A disciplined pupil is free penalty because he or she has absorbed the norms of the school which set him or her from such penalty. Furthermore. in the school. self-restraining pupils are less punished by authorization ( instructors ) and are free to purseue their acquisition more than the indisciplined pupils. For the pupils. self-displine is the footing of their freedom and the willingness to larn springs out of a self-restraining individual. Last. the extent of pupil’s freedom to do picks or to be restricted partially on how disciplined the pupil is and besides on personality or leading of the instructor in whom magnetic beginnings of authorization resides. For illustration. while a rigorous instructor allows pupils small freedom. a permissive instructor gives more of it. The usage or abuse of freedom depends on how disciplined the pupils are. WAYS BY WHICH AUTHORITY CAN IMPLEMENT FREEDOM AND DISCIPLINE IN SCHOOL First. for instructors command regard and wield authorization efficaciously. they should keep their didginty by non fighting with pupils ; they should be steadfast. consistent and just to all their pupils.

Besides. moral instruction and character preparation should be given. Students should be made to name and understand the principle of regulations and ordinances. Students may be invited to assist in doing regulations and regultaions. in choosing their leaders. and in taking measuring curricular ends and programmes. Furthermore. the channels of communicating should ever be unfastened for exchange of thoughts encouragement among pupils and staff. School council and others school commissions such as Parents and Teachers Association ( P. T. A ) could be used as agencies of promoting pupils to in presuming duty. Last. freedom should be allow with bounds to guarantee oderliness and effectual running of the school to accomplish academic excellence. Decision

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In decision. Authority. Freedom and Discipline are related constructs. In the school state of affairs pupils like to bask every bit much freedom as possible. However. the Headmaster. as a individual busying the place of authorization. determines the extent to which freedom can be enjoyed. Authority can be delegated but non freedom and subject. The staff exercising authorization on behalf of the Headmaster. In the school. pupils who are truly free are those who are disciplined. Peoples in authorization in the school must put good illustrations for the scholars to emulate. They should besides make conditons that will convey about self-discipline through student’s enjoyment of freedom and regard for authorization.