The Pursuit of happyness and The Great Gatsby Essay Sample

Readers see that conventions can be manipulated for specific effects. Both texts Pursuit of Happiness directed by Gabriele Muccino and Death of a salesman written by Arthur Miller efficaciously implement conventions in attempt to derive a response from the audience. Muccino’s play movie Pursuit of felicity is an American biographical movie based on the true lift narrative of Chris Gardner and his about one twelvemonth battle with homelessness. Gardner is under the changeless strain of fiscal force per unit area. and his want to supply for his household. causes the female parent of his kid to go forth.

Gardner continues to prosecute felicity in accomplishing the American dream. entirely for the security of his boy. Miller’s play drama Death of a salesman was written in the 1940’s about a self-involved salesman. Willy Loman. whose battle for success in prosecuting the American dream ‘drives’ him to perpetrate a fearful self-destruction. Both texts manipulate duologue and secret plan in researching household values and male stereotypes. These conventions are efficaciously used in accomplishing a specific response from the audience.

Through the executing of duologue. household values are portrayed. deriving different responses from the audience. In the Pursuit of felicity. Gardner seeks a common bond with his boy. Christopher. and exerts to do certain his boy knows he will ever be loyal to him. Gardner ensures his boy he is loyal in procuring him when he says “You got ta trust me. alright? ” “I trust you” “Good! Cause I’m gon na acquire a better occupation! ” His confidence in his tone depicts his avidity and will to persist in this promise he has made. It conduces the audience to understand that Gardner is a supportive male parent who values his son’s sentiment and confirms his trust in him to protect him. This entreaties to the audience’s values due to seeing trust and trueness as indispensable household qualities. It besides causes them to side with Gardner and confide their ain trust in him to win throughout the movie.

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However Death of a salesman on the other manus. shows that Willy betrays his household and does non keep them in such high respect. When Willie’s boy Biff discovers his male parent is holding an matter he lashes out into cryings with “You’re a sham! You phony small bogus! ” showing his heartache and ardent feelings of forsaking. Willy lone responds with “She’s nil to me. Biff. I was lonely. I was awfully lonely. ” Alternatively of seeking for forgiveness from his boy. and cognizing he has caused huge harm. Willy merely justified his actions and non a individual apology for his disloyalty and treachery was made.

This affects the reader with a feeling of hatred toward Willy. How can a male parent betray his boy in this manner and without apologising? This clearly does non appeal to the reader’s values due to the deficiency of trust and trueness being demonstrated and they side with Biff in sing Willy as lowly. Through the effectual use of duologue. both texts explore household values in footings of trust and trueness wheedling the audience to side with the victim that entreaties to these qualities.

Through the powerful building of secret plan. the typical male stereotype of being the household supplier is explored. In the Pursuit of Happiness Gardner’s married woman expects more from him in footings of fiscal costs and supplying for the household. but due to his trouble in making so. she reluctantly leaves him. Linda expects more from Gardner. inquiring him to be the 1 with the solution. She says “Do you remember our rent is due following hebdomad? Probably non. we’re already 2 months behind Chris! Just sell that contract and acquire us out of this concern! ” All of the force per unit area is put on Gardner to supply for the household when it is a common thing.

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Her tone is really demanding when she says this and her manus gestures indicate she is incapacitated and defeated. Linda blames Gardner for their disruptive troubles with fiscal costs and this reinforces the male stereotype of compulsorily being the household supplier. The audience further sides with Gardner as the supporter and feels that Linda is being excessively rough and anticipating excessively much from him as a regular male. They respond sympathetically toward Gardner and to his unstable state of affairs.

Death of a salesman besides does this through the scene where Linda is depicting his difficult work. Linda sympathetically describes all of Willy’s struggles as a salesman to back up them financially when she says “He used to be able to do six. seven calls a twenty-four hours in Boston. Now he has to travel to Charley and borrow fifty dollars a hebdomad and make-believe to me that it’s his wage? How long can that travel on? ” Although Linda is unfeignedly disquieted about him and her tone is sympathetic. she is non doing an attempt to assist back up the fiscal financess herself. It is expected of Willy to supply for the household
and this reinforces the male stereotype. The audience does non specifically recognize the sarcasm in Linda’s calls and this causes them to sympathise with her. leaping onto the bandwagon of the stereotype. It manipulates the audience into believing Linda was incapable and all the force per unit area was on Willy to back up the household. Personally. I disagree with this stereotype and I think it is wholly unfair due to modern social values of gender equality.

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Both texts Pursuit of Happiness directed by Gabriele Muccino and Death of a salesman written by Arthur Miller. efficaciously use secret plan and duologue to derive a specific response from the reader. Family values are explored through duologue showing trueness or on the contrary. treachery. This either entreaties to the audience’s values of trust or challenges them if it is involved with treachery. The typical male stereotype of being the household supplier is portrayed through secret plan. which subliminally affects the audience into sympathising with the females instead than seeing the sarcasm in their ain deficiency of attempt. In both texts. the audience responds supportively to the side appealing to their values and attitudes. in peculiar household. Through the effectual manipultion of secret plan and duologue. household and male stereotypes are explored contributing the audience into reacting favorably to what they can associate to and what they value.