The Principle Of Social Marketing Social Policy Essay

There have long been applied of selling rules into public service in peculiar, wellness and instruction. Scheme of selling has been developed in response to public service organisation. “ The linguistic communication of market cleavage, market place and the market mix has become platitude, as strategic and concern programs are developed ” ( Walsh, 1994, p.64 ) . It is believed that utilizing selling scheme will take societal runs communicate more efficaciously. Recently, societal selling is now having widespread and has been extremely influential in public run, such as household planning and HIV/AIDS bar run in several states ( Buchanan, 1994 ) .

It can be seen that “ The alone characteristic of societal selling is that it takes larning from the commercial sector and applies it to the declaration of societal and wellness jobs ” ( Stead, 2007, p.189 ) . In this run, hence, will concentrate on HIV/AIDS undertaking refering to state of affairs in the South of Thailand. The selling schemes will be applied into the run such as, placing plan focal point, utilizing SWOT analysis, puting the mark audience, end and nonsubjective, making the message for the run, planing the service and merchandise, using behavior alteration communicating scheme, developing execution program, monitoring and evaluating.

What societal selling is / is non?

The inquiry has remained whether societal selling is really more utile than other be aftering construct or non. It, nevertheless, is a controversial subject that farther treatment is needed to be challenged. Concentrating on this essay merely, before traveling to the run, it is necessary to concern what societal selling is / is non? by utilizing the tabular array below ; ( Collaborative, 2000 )

Justification/ Background

Although Reproductive Health Policy of Thailand has been launched since July 1997, the execution of such policy is non yet in topographic point countrywide. Adolescent and young person history for about 20 per centum of the entire 63 million population of Thailand in 2009 [ 1 ] . Thirty-five per centum of them are school-dropout after completing mandatory instruction. The grounds of sexual and generative wellness jobs such as HIV/STD infection and unwanted gestation be given to be increasing at a really high rate among adolescent/youth in Thailand and about 50 per centum of the reported AIDS clients are the young persons. It is besides observed that the deficiency of gender equity in people ‘s consciousness in both HIV bar and preventive services leads to the increasing Numberss of female septic clients and unwanted gestations.

States in Southern Thailand – such as Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, where the force state of affairs has been happened few old ages ago – contain a high per centum ( about 80 per cent ) of Muslim people who represent about 8 per cent of the entire population of Thailand [ 2 ] . Most individuals in these states are engaged in fishing and related industries and agribusiness. In general, this population group is under-served, has a low income and high unemployment ( particularly among young person ) and does non hold easy entree to instruction and information on wellness in general and generative wellness specifically. Traditional spiritual beliefs, limitations and the cultural system besides to a great extent act upon the people ‘s manner of life. Many Muslim young person have misconceptions about the generative system and procedure, gestation, contraceptive method and HIV/AIDS. Their generative wellness position is besides below criterion particularly in the country of household planning.

Specific jobs found among the young person in southern Muslim community in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwas are about 1/3 of immature misss are married at immature ages which is lower than 20 old ages by agreement of their parents. The young person in southern Muslim communities have troubles in pass oning with foreigners because they use “ Yawi ” which is specific local idiom. Therefore they have really limited chance for employment besides working on plantation, piscary and little concern in the local countries. The young person in the southern countries largely finish merely mandatory instruction. Most of them go to Islamic school, which chiefly provide Islamic instruction. The Provincial Islamic Council recommended that information and instruction on sexual and generative wellness should non be provided in public. Promotion of rubbers and preventives for household planning should be carefully conducted among the grownups for maternal and child wellness. Sexual activity among the young person is non acceptable behaviour. Thus instruction plan on safe sex and bar of STD/HIV and unplanned gestation is non good accepted by the populace. [ 3 ]


The end of the undertaking aims to lend to the accomplishment of higher quality of life through improve generative wellness and greater balance between population kineticss and development.


  1. To better generative wellness accomplishments including HIV/AIDS bar and unwanted gestation for young person in the country through airing.
  2. To better entree to gender sensitive generative wellness services for striplings and young persons through proviso of information, equal guidance, rubbers and unwritten preventives, and referral of clients to allow generative wellness service topographic point
  3. To raise consciousness among high degree officers and decision makers of concerned GOs/NGOs every bit good as promoting their engagement and support on the execution of HIV/AIDS and STDs bar and unwanted gestation activities.
  4. To beef up concerned organisations, spiritual leaders, community, parents every bit good as adolescent/youth leaders in information and cognition airing about HIV/AIDS and STDs bar, adolescent gestation, drug maltreatment and gender equality to adolescents/youths in the country.
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Campaign S W O T Analysis

Strength: Previous experience, good will of organisation Weakness: Limited ability in pass oning ( different linguistic communication, civilization, tradition ) Opportunity: Strong community and leader, Cooperation with other bureaus, Support from authorities Menace: Religious value that non let female engagement, Security state of affairs

Target Audience

Young Muslim ( 15-24 old ages old ) in the southern of Thailand including Pattani, Yala and Narathiwas. Furthermore, the high degree officers and decision makers of concerned GOs/NGOs, spiritual leaders and parents besides are involved.

It is important to cognize the audience and set them in the centre of every determination the run make. Social selling Begins and ends with the mark audience. In order to understand why the audience is non making what the run want them to make, it is of import to understand what barriers are acquiring in their manner. ( Collaborative, 2000 ) The anterior sections should be prioritized and ranked for its effectivity. Harmonizing to Kotler and Armstrong, there are three attacks for societal selling to see as below ; ( Kotler, 2002, p.129 )

“ Undifferentiated Selling ” – The organisation decides to utilize the same scheme for all sections. Concentrating on what is “ the common demand of all clients instead than on difference ” .

“ Differentiated Selling ” – The organisation develops different schemes for different audiences. This attack frequently includes apportioning more resources to precedence sections. In this run, hence, uses “ differentiated ” attack in order to develop different schemes to different mark group. For illustration ;

  • Young Muslim group
  • Religious leaders group
  • Parents group
  • The officers and decision makers of concerned GOs/NGOs, and other societal service suppliers.

Concentrating on young person, they will be provided generative wellness instruction to raise their consciousness and prevent themselves meanwhile, protagonism scheme will be raised on the spiritual leader or parents

“ Concentrated Selling ” – This refers to as niche selling, some section are eliminated. The resources and attempts frequently concentrate on developing the thought scheme for on or merely a few cardinal sections.

Products/ Services: Planing the offering

Harmonizing to UNAIDS study ( 2000 ) , “ societal selling makes the merchandise accessible and low-cost while associating it to a communications run ” . In add-on, “ the merchandise that will be sold for societal run is desired behaviour and the associated benefits of the behaviour including, touchable object and services that developed to back up and ease the mark audience ‘s behavior alteration ” ( Kotler, 2002, p.195 ) Therefore, the merchandises of this run are divided in two groups as follow ;

The touchable merchandises

  • Condom
  • Oral preventive

The services

  • Family be aftering
  • Reding
  • Generative wellness instruction such as HIV/AIDS, STDs bar, adolescent gestation, drug maltreatment, gender equality and guidance technique.

Political campaign Activities

Activities 1

  • Organize National and Provincial Seminar on Gender Adolescent Reproductive Health Promotion in order to make the working cooperation web in the mark countries and set up apprehension among concerned people such as spiritual leaders, community leaders, GOs/NGOs officer and other societal service suppliers.
  • Produce media plans and wireless plans by cooperation with mass media in community.

The activity 1 purposes to protagonism in support generative wellness and sex instruction for young person every bit good as clear up the run end and nonsubjective. In add-on, it besides intends to raise the consciousness of these individuals with respect to the on-going HIV/AIDS state of affairs.

Activities 2.

  1. Form a workshop for resource individuals, who involved in generative wellness instruction preparation in order to develop preparation course of study and media stuffs for youth leader.
  2. Form preparation for voluntary pedagogues, recruited from concerned organisations, spiritual leaders, community pedagogues and adolescent/youth leaders in mark countries on Reproductive Health instruction about HIV/AIDS and STDs bar, adolescent gestation, drug maltreatment, gender equality and guidance technique.
  3. Support the sequel activities for adolescent/youth in mark countries by voluntary pedagogues.

The activity 2 purposes to construct capacity of involved individual above in supplying generative wellness instruction peculiarly, in Islamic context to young persons. Furthermore, it aims to develop sex instruction course of study specifically for Thai – Muslim young person.

Activities 3

  1. Set up Youth-friendly RH centre in each state.
  2. Form preparation for Youth-friendly RH centre commissions on gender sensitive generative wellness particularly promote male ‘s engagement in and duties for bar of HIV/AIDS/ STDs infection, adolescent gestation and functional their centres.
  3. Support media activities by Youth-friendly RH centre commissions.
  • Small group treatment.
  • Community run such as “ condom design competition for young person ” , “ World AIDSs twenty-four hours ”
  • Exhibition and measure board.
  • Support income-generating activities in Youth-friendly RH centres to gain excess income for sustainability of their centres by supplying vocational preparation for young person.
  • The activity 3 purposes to put up the generative wellness centre locally for the run sustainability and being the friendly topographic point for young person.

    Activities 4.

    1. Provide preventive ( pill, rubber )
    2. Provide guidance services on gender sensitive generative wellness for adolescent/ young person by trained forces and equal pedagogues.
    3. Provide referral services to the wellness centre of both authorities and private sectors, such as ; infirmary and clinics in the mark countries.
    4. The activity 4 purposes to supply merchandise and services for young person through guidance and other supports.

    Choosing Media Channels

    The communicating schemes used to direct cardinal message to raise young person ‘s consciousness refering to reproductive wellness in this run are:

    1. “ Digital multimedia film ” – It was made to be short film utilizing colourful exposures and slides to accommodate the young person perceptual experience easy. The cardinal message purposes to raise their consciousness refering to safe sexual behaviour that prevent HIV/AIDS, STDs and unwanted gestation etc. It will be broadcasted through school and in communities of mark countries. However, this film will be shown in little focal point group before utilizing officially as it can be improved or corrected if it has any job.
    2. “ Play IT SAFE ” posting – They were designed into 2 types and will be distributed to youth in mark countries through school and community because many immature Moslems in mark countries deficiency of opportunity to analyze in formal school.
    3. “ Play IT SAFE ” door hanger – This is besides will be distributed same as above. It aims to raise their consciousness when they are traveling out to protect and forestall themselves from unwanted diseases.
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    All of media were produced to be understood easy and merely as it is believed that young person will be cognizant of the cardinal message rapidly.

    Campaign Strategy: Behavior alteration communicating

    Behavior Change Communication

    ( BCC ) is An synergistic procedure with communities ( as integrated with an overall plan ) to develop trim messages and attacks utilizing a assortment of communicating channels to develop positive behaviours ; promote and prolong single, community and social behaviour alteration ; and keep appropriate behaviours ( FHI, 2002, p.3 ) .

    BCC is a communicating procedure that aims to act upon or convert the communicating opposite number, the receiving system of the message or mark audience, to alter their unwanted behaviours and follow expected positive behaviours ( PPAT, 2005, p.1 )

    The functions of BCC [ 4 ]

    BCC is the method usage to pass on with the mark groups in the run. The functions of BCC in this undertaking are:

    • To increase cognition on generative wellness, HIV/AIDS and gender issues among mark audiences.
    • To increase consciousness in the communities, on the current state of affairs of generative wellness and HIV/AIDS among youth. This consciousness may assist promote immature people to appreciate diverse sexual under local civilization and traditions, sexual and generative wellness, gender issues, and HIV/AIDS.
    • To make the right attitude among the mark audience about sexual hygiene, generative wellness, and HIV/AIDS, and to bring on sustained positive behaviour alterations in sexual and generative wellness
    • To advance attention and support for the mark groups with jobs in generative wellness, or HIV/AIDS
    • To advance and supervise the alteration in behaviours, and supply moral support to assist the mark groups to derive assurance in making so

    Behavior alteration procedure ( PPAT, 2005, p.6 )

    Naturally, it can be really hard for anyone to alter his/her behaviours or wonts overnight and sustains the new behaviours. Behavior alteration happens step-by-step, come oning through different phases described below.


    This is the phase of ignorance in which a individual has no cognition about the being of a peculiar topic. This is a common job found in about every mark group.


    At this phase, a individual knows, has heard or learned about, and understands peculiar topics.

    concerned, disquieted, Interested

    A individual is in this phase when he/she becomes interested, disquieted, or concerned about what happens, or can go on, to himself/herself, or those around him/her, or how their behaviours could take to unhealthy life. It besides includes those who want to larn more about any peculiar topics.

    Knowing and understand

    A individual is in this phase after holding been told, or holding gained right in-depth cognition and apprehension in peculiar topics. They can take attention of themselves decently and could assist forestalling or work outing jobs caused the deficiency of cognition or unknowingness in the earlier phases.

    Motivated to alter behaviour

    After holding cognition, there can be legion ways to actuate or influent a individual to alter his/her behaviour, or speed up his/her determination to change.There is two sorts of motive, a rational motive, and an emotional 1.

    Rational motive is based on logical thought or logical thinking. It can besides be supported by grounds or scientific confirmation, experiment, or a testimony by an expert or the individual with similar experience.

    Emotional motive on the other manus, does off with concluding but purposes to elicit the interior feeling of the mark audience. Likewise, the feeling or emotion can be either positive or negative.

    Accept and practising to alter behaviour

    At this phase, a individual accepts that he/she has unwanted behaviours and is willing to alter. However, the individual may experience loath to pattern the new behaviours. Even after following the new set of behaviours, some Oklahoman or subsequently discontinue all together. These drawbacks can be overcome by supports and encouragements from environing people, and positive environment.

    Sustain new behaviours

    After a period of test, practising the new behaviours will go natural to the individual and the alterations will be sustainable.

    Having been mentioned above, it can be seen the importance of BCC procedure which enables the audiences to increase consciousness and have desirable sexual behaviour. However, this procedure requires the rating phase in order to mensurate the exact consequence of run.

    Humor utilizing in run

    Another scheme that related to this run is “ utilizing wit in run ” . Recently, selling communicating has progressively used wit as the basic to carry. It is believed that wit is an effectual manner of persuasion. Nevertheless, wit may deflect the audience and cut down the cardinal message significance, audience features may confuse the consequence of wit etc. ( Sternthal, 1973, p.17 ) . Although there are many statements about this, the wit scheme is applied in this run through all medias because young person are extremely attracted to this character instead than reading full of information or texture in media. The of import factor is that all run medias have to be carefully produced and strongly focused on cardinal message.

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    Interestingly, the “ digital multimedia film ” was pre demonstrated in pilot focal point group category. Many utile remarks and advices were provided in order to better for a better version.

    Self mention standards

    Importantly, research on information, background and what is the demand of mark audience before get downing any run or undertaking is extremely important. However, there is a opportunity of prejudices such as, cultural, linguistic communication or environment prejudices which consequences in job of misunderstanding of informations. As Isobel ( 1994 ) said “ the phenomenon of cultural ego mention standard is cited as a possible causes of the misunderstanding of informations and can take to a systematic prejudice in the determination ” ( Isobel, 1994, p.133 ) .

    This construct is basically to this run as the run is organized in the South of Thailand that has different civilization, tradition, linguistic communication and environment to the remainder of state. [ 5 ] Therefore, this run will hold focus group for immature Muslim, spiritual leaders, parents and other concerned officers in mark countries by refering to the “ self mention standards ” which will take to effectual communicating between research worker and respondent.


    To reason, this run provides chance for population particularly immature Muslim in the mark countries by increasing entree to cultural sensitive and appropriate generative wellness information which promotes assurance among them that the cognition they receive are non against their spiritual learning therefore they can be ensured and pattern such cognition for their desirable behavior. Beside, the connexion between young person and other involved individuals such as spiritual leaders, parents, GOs/ NGOs staffs in country will be established which means more friendly entry points for young person to experience comfy to speak, consult and have services from generative wellness Centre in each local or territory infirmaries. Last, run links and promotes partnership between Provincial Public Health Office and Provincial Islamic Council which will be of good for both organic structures to farther cooperate in future activities for better wellness and wellbeing of the population in the country.


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