The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir Essay

I truly think the movie was interesting. It gives a batch of moral lessons particularly to the college misss ; those who have no thought what it’s like being a teenage ma and yet willing to take the hazard. The movie is really powerful. to believe that it was based on true narrative. Gaby Rodriguez. the chief character in the narrative who pretended to be pregnant for her undertaking. was smart and weather plenty to believe of something truly interesting and so make it. Based on the film. feigning to be pregnant is problematically difficult and torturing. It’s like the whole universe will turn back down on you and everything in your life will acquire ruined. Gaby’s ma was really supportive. Even though her ma knew that it was traveling to be difficult pretense to be pregnant. she still aided and assisted her. The minute she presented her undertaking in forepart of all the pupils during the general assembly. I felt nervous and dying as if I was truly at that place.

For me. I think the whole film was truly about the undertaking. how people would respond and to interrupt down the stereotypes. I have searched about the existent Gaby Rodriquez and I think she is a powerful adult female who had opened the eyes of the adolescent misss. I would kill merely to acquire a friend like her. I’m an optimistic individual and one of my dreams is to alter the bad things in the society. one spangle at a clip. I want to alter how some adolescents act. Let’s say. for illustration. some misss are more focussed on their fellows instead than concentrating on their surveies.

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Some are merely act uponing their friends to make bad things. Even I admit it. sometimes I focus on movie devising. picture redacting and sound entering when in fact. I should be analyzing and concentrating on acquiring high classs. But the difference between my state of affairs and the state of affairs in the film is that. I truly like what I have been making and I’m committed to it and besides. I know that I will profit a batch from it. Compare that to making a undertaking that would somewhat destroy your life. it’s truly different. right?

Life isn’t difficult. but populating a life is. The society has drastically changed. but non in a good manner. I personally think managers and authors should do more books and films about teenage issues. Someday. for certain. I will make a movie about altering the damaged society. Something formidable and dominant like The Pregnancy Project.