The Peaceful Democratic And Resource Marketing Essay


The peaceable democratic and resource rich state of Zambia has been identified as one of Africa ‘s most promising economic systems. Social and political stableness, financial subject and a healthy macroeconomic environment have laid the foundation for farther growing and development.

Directory Publishers of Zambia, is Private Company which has its ‘ central office in South Africa which is known as Brabys in South Africa. It has over 40 old ages experience in the publication and advertisement industries. It is a publication and advertisement agent for Business Directories, Calendars, Diaries and Maps of Zambia.

DPZ is the official publishing house of the chief Zambia Telephone Directory for both the white pages and xanthous pages. It works in partnership with Zambia Telecommunication Company which is the biggest telecommunication company in Zambia.

Its ‘ chief merchandises include printing and updating:

Zambia Telephone Book both white and xanthous page

The Zambia reappraisal which is a booklet magazine which is really enlightening, feasible, rich on its contents

Zambia Trade Directory which chiefly focuses on companies to publicize their merchandise and services. This publication has been really popular in that most concerns want to be known and hence happen it really profitable to look in this publication as they are guaranteed to be able to sell their services or merchandise.

Maps of Zambia which is first-class for tourers and local people who want to derive cognition about the different countries in the state. It is a really comprehensive map as companies are given slots around the maps to publicize themselves.

Zambia Accomodation Guide which fundamentally gives up to day of the month information about available adjustment in Zambia for sale, long rental, short rental, rent etc.

DBZ are proud to be the first administration in Zambia to establish an on-line version of the Zambia Telephone Directory. With this new service, it makes it easy for clients to entree any company or concern they require to be in touch with in Zambia.


SWOT Analysis:

In fixing this SWOT Analysis about DPZ, I intend to sketch the company ‘s Strengths, Weaknesses, possible Opportunities and Threats. This will assist to make strategic concern schemes on how to run the company. The Strengths and Weaknesses are the Internal Envirnoment whereas the Opportunities and Threats are the External Envirnoment.


SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method for undertakings and concern projects. It is a valuable model for measuring the place of an administration in relation to its environment. It is of import that the SWOT Analysis is used to make thoughts and is non merely seen as a inactive statement of place. It is hence of import that administrations attempt to calculate their environment, nevertheless hard this may turn out. ( Strategic Management by John Thompson. Page 202 ) .

In an administration, we shall recognize that there are external ( Opportunities and Threats ) and internal ( strengths and failings ) environment which need to be analysed in order to do and transport out appropriate strategic determinations which should better the public presentation and effectivity of an administration.


Thingss that the administration and its ‘ staff are good at, do good in and are effectual at ; that they are good known for, that make money ; that generate assurance and apprehension in the market topographic point ; that cause clients to come back for repetition concern ; that cause other administrations to seek to larn from them ; those affairs on which the administration has built it ‘s past.


These are the things that the administration is bad at and does severely ; that are uneffective ; that the administration is ill-famed for. It besides includes consideration of those elements that cause it to do losingss ; that cause hardships, differences, grudges and ailments ; that should bring forth concern but do non ; and the elevation and elucidation of issues that have caused concern to be lost and elements of a bad repute to be gained.


These are the waies which the administration could productively take for the hereafter that may originate because of strengths or the riddance of failings. This involves a consideration of the environment from the widest and most originative possible point of view.


These arise from rivals, work stoppages and differences, resource and gross losingss, neglecting to maximize chances or construct on successes. They besides arise from complacence organizational and strategic deficiency of cogency and the eroding of borders due, for illustration to lifting cost degrees.

( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats taken from: Contemporary Strategic Management by Peter Pettinger, page 78-79 ) .



DPZ is in itself a strong trade name name as most administrations and companies are cognizant about their concern and they are unbeatable and they have a antic repute ( intangible resources ) , which makes them hold a variable client base.

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Their core-competences as the lone publication company of this nature make them really strong.

They are the leaders in this concern and barely have challengers which gives them competitory advantage and they can find the monetary values for the services as they wish.

DPZ staff are extremely skilled and they get regular intensive preparation Sessionss to heighten their merchandising accomplishments.

They offer really attractive committees on the gross revenues that are made by their gross revenues squad. They have great inducements for staff who make great gross revenues by giving them certifications of accomplishments, wagess and gifts. At the terminal of the twelvemonth, they have a large award for the best gross revenues individual. This motivates the staff as they have something to look frontward to.

DPZ offers its staff really flexible working hours, one can work nevertheless they feel every bit long as they bring in reports/figures on Fridays.

DPZ has Unique Selling Proposition as the service they provide is: valued by the clients, can non be replicated by another company in the short term and no 1 can supply this service.

Financially they are stable as they have been market leaders for a long clip which has made them venture into new markets.


As the central office is in another state, sometimes it takes long for determinations to be made rapidly as the higher governments have to be contacted and a response is waited, whereas it would be much more efficient if all determinations were made in Zambia as that would rush up concern trades.

DBZ offers recognition installations to its ‘ clients but in some instances you find that the work has been done for the client and when the gross revenues individual returns to roll up the payment for the occupation, the company has closed down or they merely do non hold the money to pay. Agreements have to be made which in bend affects the committee to be paid to the staff.

Staffs have to travel physically from concern to concern and can be really frustrating in bad conditions conditions and when gross revenues are made to wait long hours for the responsible individual who has to subscribe the contract.

Staff need preparation as it may impact a sale if they do non hold cognition of the service or merchandise that they are selling, as the client would non desire to hold the service, which may ensue in loss of concern.

There happens to be a batch of paper work to be done when gross revenues are made which could sometimes be humdrum as there is excessively much written information and if non placed in the right topographic points it can take to incorrect work design.

There is high volume of written work, which needs client provender back for illustration on cogent evidence, for images, graphics are non sent to them on clip for cogent evidence reading hence sometimes causes panic among the staff as to what procedures to take as they approach deadlines.

Most of the staff are non computing machine literate.

Limited figure of computing machines in the company hence even staff who are computing machine literate are unable to entree the computing machine.


DPZ has competitory advantage as it is the lone company in the whole state that is good known for its alone services and merchandises. These Unique resources have given the company strong competitory advantage hence taking to gap of a subdivision in another portion of the state and directing gross revenues representatives to other towns in the state where they do non hold offices but are able to acquire clients.

DPZ recruits staff from all over the state and because of their flexibleness, staff attempt to be the best.

Staff do non hold to describe to work every twenty-four hours, merely one time a hebdomad to do studies of their gross revenues.

There are no international trade barriers therefore DPZ can open subdivisions for concern anyplace in the universe. It already operates as Brabys ‘ in most Southern and Eastern Countries of Africa and even produces the SADC Directory which is a esteemed Southern African Directory and has really valuable information about these states.


A few little concerns, rivals are covering in the same concern.

The entryway of new rivals, slow market growing, increased dickering power of cardinal purchasers or providers, technological alterations and new or revised ordinances could stand for menaces to a house ‘s success. ( Strategic Management, by Pearce II John A, page 172 ) .

Recent recession has made some companies near therefore seting a menace on DPZ as they rely wholly on companies.

More and more companies are on-line therefore no demand for companies to travel in paper directories as engineering, computing machines have taken over hence leting companies to publicize themselves straight online with lower limit or no charges at all.

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In this concern, I found it necessary to look at the PEST Analysis which is the

Political, Economic, Social and Technogical facets of the concern. I find it of import to look at these issues as they could impact the concern as expanded below.


Zambia is one of the safest and most rewarding finishs for investings as being among the most peaceable and tolerant states in Africa. It has been a parliamentary democracy since 1991 with one governing party and several other political parties. It is really much stable politically and this makes it really suited for investing


Zambia ‘s positive investing clime is characterised by macroeconomics stableness and the creative activity of an enabling environment for private sector activity and industrial growing. The state boasts one of the most unfastened economic systems in Africa. Zambia has worked to advance a broad market economic system through the denationalization of province endeavors, commercialization and remotion of unneeded controls.

With authorities prioritizing economic development and poorness decrease through occupation and wealth creative activity in the industrial, commercial and trade sectors, the investing clime has improved enormously during the last 17 old ages, with the United Kingdom soon representing Zambia ‘s largest individual foreign investor followed by South Africa, ( who own DPZ ) and so China.


Zambia is a Christian state though there are besides autochthonal beliefs every bit good as faiths such as Islam, Buddhismand, Hinduism although these are in the minority. Over merely over a 3rd of its population live in the urban countries most of the people being black African.

Both work forces and adult females in the urban countries go out for work in order to do a life. There are both the highly rich people and the hapless.

Peoples in Zambia ever think that merchandises and services from peculiar states are of great value and will therefore travel for the concern and back up them.

The life anticipation is 60-65 old ages though older people are able to make all kinds of concerns to do a life.

Zambians are by and large really low and peaceable people therefore they have a good societal life.


The rapid addition of engineering of all sorts particularly in the communicating industry has lead to the mass growing of concern hence increasing the market portion of most concern and administrations. New technological substructure are pulling private sector investing.

Porters FIVE Forces

In any concern it is of import to cognize the market in which you are traveling to run or are already runing in. You have to hold cognition of your rivals, how they are placed in the market and the competition that you will confront with them. Porters Five Forces explains the “ forces ” in item and will take you on the right rail to that peculiar concern.

Menaces of New Entrants:

Barriers of entry are factors that need to be overcome by new entrants if they are to vie successfully. ( Researching Corporate Strategy by Gerry Johnson, page 61 ) .

In the last 5 old ages, a few companies have entered the publication and advertisement market. But because of the high economic systems of graduated table and good repute that DPZ has, they have all failed to be market leaders, they are merely followings.

There are high barriers of entry in this industry hence the high profitableness in the concern which is presently the instance in DPZ.

Where barriers of entry are high we have to set into consideration the touchable ( Land-the environment, labour-the workers, capital-funds/finances ) and intangible ( repute of the company and good will ) .

Menaces of Substitute

Can cut down demand for a peculiar category of merchandises clients switch to options. ( Researching Corporate Strategy by Gerry Johnson, page 62 ) .

There have been other replacement to what DPZ does chiefly online advertisement, measure board advertisement, wireless, telecasting, newspapers, circulars, magazines and diaries therefore these being replacements to what DPZ provides.

The Power of Buyers

Buyers are the administrations immediate clients, non needfully the ultimate clients. ( Researching Corporate Strategy by Gerry Johnson, page 62 ) .

DPZ chief clients have been concerns both big and little who want to be recognised in their markets. DPZ has monopolised on monetary values they charge.

The Power of Suppliers

Supply the administration with what is required to bring forth the merchandise or service, and include labors and beginning of finance. ( Researching Corporate Strategy by Gerry Johnson, page 63 ) .

Expertness in work force, the extremely skilled staff at DPZ has brought net incomes to the company which already has a solid fundss which has made their concern florish.

Competitive Rivals

These are administrations with similar merchandises and services aimed at the same client group. ( Researching Corporate Strategy by Gerry Johnson, page 64 ) .

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DPZ does non worry much about their challengers as they are really few and at low graduated table most of them with low economic systems of graduated table.


The value concatenation theoretical account is a utile agencies of tracking the flow of motion from inputs to end product ( Strategic Operations Management by Steve Brown, page 14 ) .

Each activity adds value to the merchandise and service.

In the instance of DPZ, the information that is collected from clients by the gross revenues representatives is of high value and importance as this will find how in the terminal the advertised information about the client is published in the needed publication. It is really critical to hold relevant information which should be primary informations as this will be accurate and up to day of the month.

In any concern to win, there must be inputs, processes-which attention deficit disorder great value to the concern map as this involves Research and development, production, selling and gross revenues ( which in DPZ is one of the most of import facets ) , client service, human resource ( which is besides really critical in DPZ as they are the people conveying in the concern ) , information systems, material direction, company substructure conveying this to end product. Merely so can we state the value concatenation is complete.


Directory Publishers of Zambia has Unique Selling Propositions as the service they provide is:

Valued by the client: we see this as clients normally renew their contracts with DPZ every twelvemonth so that they can look in the latest editions of their publications.

Can non be replicated by another company in the short term: some upcoming companies have tried to print similar publications but they have non managed to acquire the market portion that DPZ has attained.

Service that no 1 can supply: It is really clear that DPZ are the lone company that provide such alone services in the whole state as they are the chosen company to bring forth the National Telephone Directory and other of import and valuable publications.


I found it really utile to do usage of AIDA Model as it is fundamentally the theoretical account that a company uses when they want to:

A-AWARENESS: when a company or administration want to hold their merchandises or services known. DPZ are really good at that as they have qualified work force that trade in doing other administrations and companies be cognizant of what they provide.

I-INTEREST: when a company or administration want their prospective clients to be interested in their merchandise or services. They go door to door doing clients cognizant of their services and merchandises and state them the benefits so as to do them interested.

D-DESIRE: when a company or administration have the desire to travel for the merchandise or service which has been introduced to them. DPZ makes clients want to publicize their concerns with them by the positive attack they have, stating them the benefits of advertisement with them.

A-ACTION: when the company or administration decide what measure to take either to make the concern or non. In the instance of DPZ the action that the client will take is subscribing up a contract with them and cognizing that their concern will be good advertised.


As I have intensively looked at the different facets of what the SWOT Analysis, that is the Positive which are:

STRENGTHS which are facets of what we do, how we do it, how we are constructions, who we are? in the Internal environment and the

OPPORTUNITIES which would be our environment, our company, our market, our place compared to that of our rivals? in the External environment.

The negative which are:

WEAKNESSES what we need to make, how we do it, how we are constructions, who we are? in the Internal environment and are:

Menace in our environment, in our company, in our market, our place compared to that of our rivals? in the External environment.

With all these factors I find that Directory Publishers of Zambia has great potency in the Zambian market and will go on to turn and go on to be market leaders.

Therefore Directory Publishers of Zambia has great possible in this industry and will be so for a long clip. It will take a strong company with great accomplishments

in different countries to be able to take over the current market which DPZ are leaders.

Their employees are loyal and rate of turnover of staff is really low as there is occupation satisfaction.

The political and economic stableness has besides made a positive impact on the concern as explained in the debut. Therefore DPZ is a really profitable company.