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In the book. The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore. there are issues of institutionalised subjugation. internalized subjugation. power and privilege. race. human rights. societal justness and economic justness. All throughout this book each and every one of these subjects were portrayed at one point or another. These issues shaped the two Wes Moore’s every bit good as their household and friends which made them into the people they are today.

Oppression normally comes from persons that are portion of a group that portion features. These features could be either race. category. gender. gender. age. ability. nationality. or ethnicity. Each and every one of these groups have specific properties. stereotypes. and norms that go along with them But. we need to maintain in head that these groups most of the clip are non entered voluntary by the person. Most of the clip. they merely go on because of the people they are associated with. No affair their colour. age. race or gender.

There are five different signifiers of subjugation. These include. development. marginalisation. impotence. cultural laterality and force. Exploitation is the usage or use. particularly for net income ( dictionary. com ) . Exploitation creates unfair power dealingss. This occurs when workers’ energies and capacities are controlled by and appropriated for the benefit of other people. Exploitation interferes with category. race. and gender ( Hinson & A ; Bradley ) .

Marginalization has to make with take parting in the labour market on a day-to-day footing. This means that some persons do non hold the accomplishments that are needed that employers are seeking for an employment chance ( Hinson & A ; Bradley ) . These persons may besides non possess certain features or attributes that the employer is seeking. Some of these persons can include but are non limited to. the physically and mentally handicapped. mentally ill. aged. and persons that have missed out on instruction and occupational skills-development. This so leads to them being shut out of the work force but involuntarily ( Hinson & A ; Bradley ) . These are the chief groups of people that are sing marginalisation foremost manus. Many persons that are shut out of the work force can be considered to non be productive or to depend on others in society. This leads to them being treated as second-class citizens. when in world. most of the clip this is non their mistake ( Hinson & A ; Bradley ) .

Powerlessness plays a major function when it comes to subjugation. It brings about the of import dimension of position. Status and category work together manus in manus ( Hinson & A ; Bradley ) . When people feel like they don’t have power. it can impact their lives greatly. For illustration. at a occupation if an single can’t aid do determinations about something of import this can go an issue. Whether it be because that individual is a different gender or race. When it comes to females. and people of a different race. reputability plays a major function. Unfortunately these groups have to gain regard. it isn’t merely given to them. By and large. a white adult male more than probably is easy granted regard. This translates into the white male having more power than other groups in society ( Hinson & A ; Bradley ) .

Cultural laterality is a term that refers to the manner that a group experiences. cultural looks and history are defined as superior to all other groups’ experiences and histories ( Hinson & A ; Bradley ) . If certain persons are from a group where they are non deemed “normal” because of certain things that their civilization patterns. it could do them experience different. This causes certain groups and persons to fight with stereotypes that are placed on them ( Hinson & A ; Bradley ) . In one portion of the book it discussed how Wesley’s vicinity was going worse with drugs as clip went on. It was stating how constabularies were handling black folks otherwise and they were get downing to check down on the drug traders. packs and cleft caputs.

Violence plays a major function in society. Several people live with the fright of being attacked merely because they are members of a certain societal group. This has happened many times in the yesteryear. particularly with racial segregation. A few illustrations are onslaughts on Muslims after 9/11. This happens because now people perceive them to all be terrorists irrespective if they are US citizens or non. There are several hate offenses against homosexuals. tribades. and transgendered people that happen everyday. Not because these persons did anything incorrect. merely because certain people in society have a job with it and experience they are inferior for being a different race. Those are merely two illustrations of hideous offenses that happens mundane merely because of the societal group that these persons belong to.

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Both Wes and Wesley saw and experienced force throughout their lives. One portion from the book that sticks out to me the most is when Wes was with that miss that he met at his house. It was 1 o’clock in the forenoon and she was traveling to go forth and her fellow. Ray was outside oppugning why she was at that place. Ray spotted Wes and started crushing him mercifully. Wes eventually got up went inside and got a gun and started trailing with it. Then. while he was trailing the cat. his spouse in his drug operation joined in to assist.

It said. “when he saw Wes standing in the dark air. face bloodied. with a gun in manus. he had his cue to fall in the fight” ( pg. 104 ) . Ray was shot by one of the male childs but neither of them knew who was the 1 that hit him. This is a first manus experience that Wes had to see in his life. It shows how normal force was in his vicinity and people knew to hold each others back. If one of them fought entirely. person else joined in and helped.

Internalized subjugation does the most harm as a subconscious belief in negative stereotypes about one’s group. It besides causes persons to subconsciously act in a manner that fulfills the stereotype every bit good as projecting stereotypes onto other members of one’s group. I feel like throughout the book. internalized subjugation played a major function. Particularly in the vicinities that both households grew up in. Wesley grew up in the Bronx where the bulls were ever seeking to acquire people in problem.

Institutionalized subjugation comes in a few different signifiers. These signifiers include. racism. sexism. classism. agism. adultism. heterosexism. ablism and ethnocentrism. Throughout the book about every individual one of these signifiers was portrayed in one of the Wes’ life. These signifiers of subjugation and how these persons were treated shaped what happened to these persons subsequently in their lives.

Adultism is one of the first signifiers of subjugation that all people experience throughout their life-time ( Harris & A ; Holdt. 1997 ) . This comes into drama when parents take charge of their kids and their relationship with their kids. This is besides one of the really first signifiers of subjugation that we see in the book in both of the Wes Moore’s narratives. They are both really involved with their female parents and afraid of them because they were rigorous and told them what they can and can non make. Unfortunately both of their male parents weren’t about. Wes’ male parent was an alcoholic and ne’er cared to hold a relationship with him. Even the few times Wes did see his male parent. he merely laid at that place passed out rummy. One clip Wes saw him at his grandmas house and Wes went up to him and he woke up and said “Who are you? ” . This shows that Wes and his male parent had perfectly no relationship because his ain male parent didn’t even cognize who he was. Sadly. this wasn’t Wes’s mistake. it was his male parents.

Mary did all she could to seek and forestall Wes from populating the life he ended up life. she was ever at that place censuring him when he did something wrong. For illustration. the clip when she found all of the drugs stashed in his room. she flushed it down the lavatory and told him she ne’er wanted to see it once more. Unfortunately. that didn’t halt Wes from go oning to sell these drugs. Even though adultism is the relationship between a kid and their parent. I feel that Wes’s brother was a father-figure in his life. When Tony. Wes’s brother found all of the Nike boxes in his room he knew that something had to be traveling on in his life. He confronted Wes by stating “Dude. I am traveling to inquire you one more clip. Where did you acquire the money from” ( pg. 69 ) . After Tony continuously asked and Wes continued to lie to him he eventually cocked back and punched him right in his face. Tony told him clip and clip once more to non sell drugs because he was involved in that and didn’t desire his small brother to be involved in it. It is really unfortunate that Wes didn’t listen to Tony.

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Wesley’s male parent died when he was really immature. But. even when Wesley was a kid. he ever remembered his male parent being his goto cat. When his female parent would acquire angry and cry at him he knew his male parent would protect him. Wesley’s female parent was really austere with him and by directing him to military school she helped to maintain him safe and out of gaol. Even though Wesley was wholly against traveling to military school and hated it. if he didn’t travel. his life would likely non hold ended up the manner it did.

Another portion where adultism played a function in this book is when Wesley’s female parent had to make up one’s mind where to direct her kids to school. She didn’t want Wesley. Shani. or Nikki traveling to public school because she was afraid. She used to go to these schools and when she came back and saw them. she saw how much they have changed. They were run down. pigment was faded and it merely 50 per centum of pupils made it out of that school in four old ages. She had to do the determination as a parent to direct her kids to a school where she felt they had a better opportunity at graduating and wining. Even though she had to work several occupations in order to back up her household. she did all she could in her power to give her kids the best life she could supply to them.

Power and privilege played a major function in this book every bit good. Power is the ownership of resources and/or a place in the societal order that enables an single todo something independently or to exert influence and control over others. Privilege is the unearned advantage that comes from one’s place in the societal construction. frequently unconscious. non seeable to favor. In the beginning of the book it discusses how Wes’ female parent. Mary would no longer be able to go to college because the federal budget for Basic Educational Opportunity Grants besides known as Pell Grants were being taken manner from her.

This was go oning because Ronald Reagan was cutting instruction Budges in half during his eight old ages in office. I think that this occurrence shows the deficiency of privilege that Mary had to populate with. Since she didn’t have the privilege to afford college herself and depended on this grant. since it was taken away she was unable to complete school and alumnus. This was really disconcerting to her because she was the lone individual in her household to of all time even try to travel to college and now it was ripped off from her.

Another portion of the book where power is shown in a different sense is when Wesley’s friend. Shea asked him if he wanted to graffiti the wall with him. Wesley said “I couldn’t say no. First off. Shea was one of the most well-thought-of immature streetwalkers in the neighborhood” ( pg. 80 ) . After Wesley “tagged” the wall. constabulary officers appeared and handcuffed him. By Shea holding power in the vicinity and being friends with Wesley. it caused Wesley to acquire into problem because he was afraid to state no to Shea. A batch of the clip. when an person in a vicinity has power it seems that the people around them are more afraid of them which causes them to make whatever it is that individual wants them to make.

Wesley’s grandparents immigrated from Jamaica and Cuba. This portion of the book showed power and privilege by populating in America. it stated “when my grandparents moved to the United States. their first precedence was to salvage adequate money to purchase this house on Paulding Avenue. To them a house meant much more than shelter ; it was a interest in their new state. America allowed them to make a life they couldn’t have dreamed of in their place states of Jamaica and Cuba” ( Pg. 39 ) . This portion shows how merely by populating in America you have power and privilege as opposed to populating in a 3rd universe state. Wesley’s grandparents knew that they would non be able to hold the life they wanted in their place states and America would carry through their dreams. Merely by them merely populating in America gives them power and privilege to win and hold a better life.

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There are so many different ways that a societal worker would hold an impact in this narrative. To get down of with. when Wesley was holding problem in school at a immature age and hated it. a societal worker could hold stepped in to discourse why he didn’t like it or why he was fighting with school and so they could hold taken it from at that place. That would hold been a better attack so doing Wesley hatred school because he felt he wasn’t good at it. When Wes foremost began his drug jobs and his female parent found out and all she did was blush them down the lavatory she could hold gotten a societal worker involved to assist him with drug reding alternatively of merely inquiring him to make convey it into her house once more. Another portion where a societal worker could hold helped would be with Wes’s male parent. I feel like he had a serious imbibing job and was an alcoholic.

I think that Wes’s grandma could hold helped by stepping in and mentioning him to a societal worker or to travel to AA meetings to assist with his job. When it comes to being culturally competent and mindful of these clients the societal worker would necessitate to step outside of the vicinity they come from. One of import construct to retrieve is to non be bias. Explicit prejudice is a witting penchant ( positive or negative ) for a societal class ( Marsh. 2009 ) . Implicit prejudice is a penchant ( positive or negative ) for a societal class that operates outside of consciousness ( Marsh. 2009 ) . Schemas are mental “maps” by which we process everyday information with small or no witting idea ( Marsh. 2009 ) . These are so of import to retrieve because if you automatically judge person from where they come from so it messes up your whole idea procedure when the chief ground you are there is to seek to do their issues better.

The current CSWE Educational Policy and Accreditation Stands identifies beginnings of client diverseness that societal work pupils should be cognizant of in pattern ( Schiele ) . These include. “preparing societal workers to pattern without favoritism. with regard. and with cognition and accomplishments related to the clients’ age. category. colour. civilization. disablement. ethnicity. household construction. gender. soldierly position. national beginning. race. faith. sex and sexual orientation” ( Schiele ) . These different beginnings are so important and in order for a societal worker to make their occupation. they have to stay by these regulations no affair what. Social workers besides need to maintain a close oculus on themselves and the positions that they use. Besides. that they don’t co-op by the occupations and privileges that they have been given in the non-profit industrial composite. When a societal worker goes to make their occupation everyday their head needs to be ready to assist whomever it is they encounter that needs aid. no affair what their penchant is on the state of affairs ( Kivel. 2006 ) .

There is no manner possible to pass over out merely one subjugation wholly. No 1 is free from subjugation every bit long as there is one individual oppressed in the universe ( Harris & A ; Holdt. 1997 ) . This book highlighted several different signifiers of subjugation and showed how bad it could genuinely be in existent life state of affairss for some persons. Even if they have an grownup figure turning up seeking to steer them to make the right things in life. non everyone stays on the right way or is able to remain out of problem. This is where the societal worker comes in. to assist steer the person off the negative way they might be on.

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